Oct. 1st, 2010

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Tell me, folks...just how "business casual" is an office when they make a point of advising you to wear the "nicest business suit that you own" for an interview?

And how likely am I to not get the job if I show up in say, black twill pants, a nice shirt and black flats? Because, y'know, I don't own a freakin' business suit, nevermind more than one to be able to pick "the nicest one".

Oh, but if you don't own one, just pick the most profesional-looking outfit that you own, it will be fine. *pat, pat*


But hey, I have an interview on Tuesday.

Wait...looking over the dress code that's been sent to me and I've been told that I should adhere to for the interview...what the fuck? Pants "must be able to hold a crease????

Um...my pants aren't gonna be creased. Is it okay that they're merely capable of holding one without actually having one? Or holy fuck, do I have to go out and buy a pair of pants for this interview so I can have a fucking crease? Looking over this...IF I get hired, I'm going to need a whole new wardrobe. Shoes must have a visible heel? I've got a pair of flats. I need to buy ANOTHER pair of shoes for this interview?

Fingernails must be cleaned and well-trimmed? My fingernails are clean but I guess this means that if I pass everything else, they will probably turn me down seeing as I'm a lifelong nail-biter.

I don't know what to do here about the clothing issue, but I'm NOT getting fake nails.

ETA: I'm really, seriously questioning if I should even go to this job interview. I posted asking about the place over on [livejournal.com profile] eugenecommunity and the one person who's commented so far led me to google a bit and found this: http://www.failingenterprise.com/forums/

So this is for an Enterprise Car Rentals call center.

The thing is...my unemployment runs out in February and on one hand...it could be a job, and I could look for something else. On the other hand...do I want to deal with a really unpleasant environment, people who are going to freak out at the exact fabric content of my pants, and what sounds like a whole lot of illegal practices for a job that pays me less than what I'm currently getting on unemployment?

ETA: If one more person tells me to make sure my fingernails are clean for the interview, there is going to be violence.


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