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I FINALLY decided that I'm going to go back and start working on ADF's initiate's program. Going to start with the trance segment...Gavin's got a copy here of one of the books on the list (Diana Paxson's Trance-Portation) and a group of folks over on The Cauldron forum are starting a discussion thread to work through it and discuss it, so it seems like a good place to start. I'll probably also start with some of the Bardic stuff since some of things I've written in the last year fall under that, as well as bits of mythology and divination.
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If you actually read this post (and I won't blame you at all if you don't), please, I beg of you, do not try to address my issue of figuring out the ADF stuff with respect to what's going on in my own brain, that's not what I'm writing about here, and for reasons you will see below, I am liable to knee-jerk and rip your head off. Nothing personal but people have really aggravated me today.

In reference to this post:

So recently, in my attempts to figure out why I'm waffling so much on ADF and the IP for the last year, it finally dawned on me how much my experience with getting my DP approved has bothered me. I know I bitched about it plenty. I know I've said it made me mad, but I don't think I've really realized just how much until now. There is another person on my friends list, who shall remain anonymous unless he chooses to identify himself, who has been having communications issues with the clergy training program and has been writing about it on occasion. I've followed these writings wit interest. And after knowing other people who have had issues in the higher study programs too, one of the big issues in my mind is that I pretty much know that it's going to be the DP over again and on a grander scale- since the DP was one big submission, but the IP is multiple segments submitted separately. It's a lot more writing, so a lot more potential for repeat performances.

Finally, last night I got it in my head to make a post to [ profile] adf. Now...I think I did a reasonable job of being very clear that I did not expect the impossible and that I understand that this is all volunteer-based. I also think I did a decent enough job of making it perfectly clear that The issue that I was posting about was the *only* question that I could not answer for myself.

So I express concern about such points as:

Having submitted my work already approved, but when it got re-reviewed (which to my understanding was just to be a once-over to make sure that everything was okay since I was the first DP for Caryn to review), the reviewer (Whose name I don't know and after this debacle, don't expect I ever will) had questions about my work but didn't bother to ask me- who wrote it all in the first place- or Caryn- who okayed it but took it to Raven Mann who also didn't bother to ask me or Caryn, but took it to the clergy council- well, took the questions, but not the actual work being questioned.)

Once I submitted my DP for review yet again for the CTP, I was asked to do some additional work on three essays, but no specifics given, basically just "add to this kthxbye". On the first two, I guess I got lucky, they were accepted without question on re-submission. The third, however, came back to me three times. The first two times, no specifics were given and it was weeks between sending them off and hearing back, never even got a "Received your essay, will review it as soon as possible" notice. Finally, on the third try, I was told what was wanted.

Now, for running on volunteer power, you'd think people would want to be as efficient as possible right? I mean, wouldn't it make sense to have added the one additional sentence to the first request for additional work on the essay so I could get right to the point to begin with? There would be a couple of times that they wouldn't have had to reread the essay, a couple of times that they wouldn't have had to think about it, a coupe of times where they wouldn't have to email it back to me. But no, they wasted their time and mine, and at the time, because of this one essay and the crappy communication, I was ready to give up. If I wasn't accepted wen I was, that would have been it.

I don't want to go through this again. I know someone working on the CTP who would submit her work and not hear anything for months, and get no reply when she emailed asking for a status update. I know someone working on it who gets his work rejected with no explaination why when it is comparable to other work that was accepted. I don't want to be in this spot.

So I made the post linked above, and the reaction is to blast me over the volunteer issue, to lecture me about how people have their own lives and how they can only do so much. Bitch, please. I don't expect a volunteer to work miracles. I expect that if I'm doing a study program and someone has volunteered to review my work that they will at the very least acknowledge when they receive it and let me know that they will be getting to it. I expect that if something happens to delay things, that they will have the courtesy to let me know. A two-sentence email "Hey, I was going to sit down with this last night but my kid got sick, I'll need a few more days" takes roughly thirty seconds to write (at least as I type) and lets me know that they're not ignoring me. Hey, if something comes up, I understand, but where my work is concerned, I expect to be kept in the loop.

This is not unreasonable. This isn't brain surgery, people. Hell, it isn't even rocket science.

Then there were several people who asked me what it was that I wanted out of ADF anyway. This was completely beside the point. I don't need help figuring that out. I mentioned my questioning of what I'm doing to give an idea of why I was posing what I did.

Another individual...and this one really pissed me off, came back with "Oh, maybe you just had a bad personal experience" and proceeded to tell me about her own experience and how she had to wait, but hew reviewer actually bothered to COMMUNICATE with her and ASK her the questions that they had oh my god someone was doing their fucking job, even if it was a little slow. Well golly geee yee fucking ha it must be nice! Oh, and it was a learning experience for you, it made you think. Well then I guess you're just a better dedicant than me. Here, please have a fucking cookie, would you prefer snickerdoodle or chocolate fucking chip?

Another person accused me of being antagonistic. Listen, if you have a better way to describe my experience and express concern about how many other people are having similar experiences and about the possibility of going through it all again than feel free to rewrite my post with sunshine and butterflies and send it to me so I can repost it to your liking. Because I can't think of a better way to say what I had to say. I was very clear that I understand that people have lives to deal with and all that. I was very clear as to what my concerns are. I was very calm and civil and I even went back and edited myself several times to make sure that I wasn't sounding like I intended to rip people up for this.

I thank the people who actually had constructive and understanding things to say, or who will when they're able to respond. It's good to know that some people are actually bothering to read what I've said and respond to that, not what they've imagined it to be in their little brains.
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So...I've been thinking.

Yeah, I know. Don't do that, it always leads to trouble. Oh well, too late, what's done is done.

Religion. Yeah, I know I haven't written much about that in several months. Not that it hasn't been on my has, constantly. It never leaves. (Well, maybe it does for a few minutes when...oh nevermind, y'all don't want to hear me bitch about how frustrated I get when something gets stuck in my teeth and I can't get it out and don't have a toothbrush handy or a toothpick or dental floss and OMG I really hate raspberry seeds sometimes...uh, yeah :-P)

Anyways. So it's recently occurred to me that the grove's Lughnassagh ritual is this weekend. No, I lie, I knew that for a while now, but what's just occurred to me is that the next ritual after that is the fall equinox.

I've had myself in a kind of limbo with grove involvement for quite a while now. Cut because reading this will take almost as long )
Ye, gads it's been crazy. I still don't have it all figured out, but I'm a lot more okay with things than I have been in a while.

And if I can manage to get it in before I leave the office, there might be another post on the woo filter to save those who don't care to read such things from rolling their eyes right out of their heads.
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Arright. I've sent my Initiate Program intention letter off to Skip. Hopefully this will be a painless process since I was already approved for clergy training and this is just switching focus. He said that there should be no problem to switch...

I will post it over at [ profile] asthefiretree once it's accepted- I'm mildly superstitious and will not post it before.

Good Beer!

Feb. 10th, 2008 10:39 pm
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Bet that got your attention.

At CLG's Yule, I stood in the middle of the sanctuary, invoked Heimdall to watch the gates (offered him "good beer"- somehow every invocation that night ended up concluding with "I offer you...good beer!") and then proceeded to open the gates- first time I did that by myself in ritual, previous gate openings in which I've participated have always involved three people (four in one or two cases) I had been back and forth for several weeks at one point trying to figure out if I was going to participate in Yule at all and then I ended up volunteering for the gates.

Then, the person who was to call on Heimdall wasn't sure she'd be able to make the ritual, so I volunteered for backup...and ended up doing it.

After invoking Heimdall and pouring his beer into the erm...what was it called...blot bowl? (Sorry, I'm not one of the Norse folk, it just happens that the only experiences of any great significance with deities aside from Hellenic happen to be Heimdall and Freyja.)

Anyway, so I poured the beer. Heimdall, in my experience, has a rather unmistakable presence. Which I felt, solid and quiet. I stepped to the center of the circle. I've called on gatekeepers and opened the gates numerous times....this was unique. It was the middle of ritual, so people were fairly quiet, but there are always noises- be it the people in the circle, or outside, planes, animals, whatever. And I still heard these noises, but it was as if from inside an enclosure. I was telling Caryn last week that it was like I was standing in the middle of the circle, and a bubble went down over the center circle of the sanctuary, enclosing me, the well, fire and tree, and the altar, like a covered fish bowl, cutting that area off from the rest of the world- I almost swear I could have walked up to the edge of that circle and put my hands on a glass wall. There was a feeling of quiet and calm, despite the "muffled" outside noises.

Standing in the center of the circle, I opened the well, fire and tree in turn, using some runic work that I've been working with for about two years now. The three individual gate openings together were like standing in the eye of a whirling vortex. Then the "overall" gate opening was like the bubble was lifted, and I was no longer cut off from the sanctuary. (It was about then that I had to run out of the sanctuary and find something to eat, lest I should have fainted.)

I debated long and hard on whether I should participate at all in Imbolc after last year, and finally after a while got a very clear sense that this time around, I was going to acknowledge and call off the outsiders, and that was it, I would leave. (For the record, I've never taken this part in ritual before.)

I had written something a few weeks ago. One day, it just came to me in a thiurty-second rush of words. It was good. Thought I left it in the notebook where I wrote it. When I went to grab it yesterday, the page was gone. Flipped through the book several trace.

I decided to wing it. I said a nice little piece on how the nature of the outsiders is subject to much debate. So far as I recall, I stumbled on no words. I picked up my offerings of a small bowl of food (fresh fruit, Ghirardelli chocolate, jelly belly jelly and a bottle of Guinness (I wasn't even thinking about it but I did throw in "I offer you good beer!"- I remember hearing a snicker or two at that) and turned slightly humorous and commented for all that would serve to distract from the ritual and deter it's work to follow me out the gates and beyond the borders of the sanctuary, ending with "you have been bribed away!"

This was all just coming out of my mouth without much of any forethought. I didn't really have a whole lot of sense of anything much going on, except for knowing that even if I couldn't see, I could definitely feel when I left the sanctuary space. But I did get several comments later on in the evening about my acknowledgment of the outsiders- (I find it amusing that a lot of people call this part of the ritual "invoking the outsiders"...) which I found kinda funny and entirely unexpected because a generally people even don't comment on what I consider to be my best invocations. I guess I was doing something right in the moment- and I never imagined that I would be good with that part. Some people have come up with some great things, like the time [ profile] jackgreen60 came in with this ancient suitcase and lugged it around the circle.

But there ya go.
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Charles is hellbent on me teaching a class at Ecumenicon on something or other Hellenic. Preferably, it seems, related to the Homeric hymns (this came up back in October after he saw some of the ones I'd written) and current;y has two time slots reserved for me.

Eep. Two. When I was talking to him before, he was talking about doing this for the 2009 conference. I had later emailed him with a different idea that was more apropos to the conference theme, he liked that idea and asked me to write up a proposal if I wanted to do it....and then a whole bunch of things happened and it fell by the wayside. Then I came into work tonight and found an email from him in my inbox saying that I have two spaces reserved. (Unfortunately, one is up against Jane Sibley's ritual, which I would love to take part in again. It was quite the experience last time.)

So I emailed Charles and told him that what I would want to do is one on a discussion of ancient hymns, and one on creation myth and the protogenoi. seems the gods want to keep me out of trouble. Arkon Polemakros, CLG Witan, clergy training, now this.

This all reminds me, I haven't been writing hymns lately. I need to start doing that again. I opened a notebook yesterday and found the beginning of one to Athena...I remember having a great idea for one and then losing it. Hopefully, I can recover it. Or come up with something else.

So I'm looking through the Ecumenicon schedule and seeing several classes on material apropos to the CTP- mostly in the realm of divination. That can't hurt. Pass up the opportunity to learn about rune casting with Jane Sibley? Not I. Ethnics of divination....yeah, very useful topics.
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So, by the way...I've been elected to the grove Witan, I just don't know precisely what position yet. Well, ok...I tied with Jack for scribe. We're trying to figure out how to handle the tied vote thing but it looks something like Jack is going to take scribe and another position will be created for me. One that Caryn wants is a historian-type thing, though the title she's pushing for is "Lore Master"- I agreed to do it if I can wear a cape and have theme music precede me- something sweeping and epic should do. Crystal also suggested Chief Liturgist, which I'd definitely be interested in doing. What does chief Liturgist do? Who knows? We haven't had the position before. I said I'd be happy to figure that out/define the position, and suggested that Lore Master be an alter ego/sub-persona of the Chief Liturgist.

We shall see what happens in the next few days. New Witan takes office effective this weekend.

For the moment, I need to write a call to join for the Hellenic kin.


Nov. 20th, 2007 09:37 pm
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I am now the Arkon Polemarkos (secretary) of ADF's Hellenic Kin.
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Well, I just finally finished my last little bits of revising and editing and sent my three essays to Raven for resubmitting for acceptance to work on the clergy training.

And now, I start the process of waiting again. Hopefully this doesn't take as long as my DP, and I can move on with it.

i discovered a book on amazon the other week while looking for something else- The Oracle, Ancient Delphi And The Science Behind Its Lost Secrets.

It arrived today, I started reading it on my way to work. So far...quite fascinating. I'm only still in the first chapter, but just reading it makes me want to visit Delphi so much more already.

It's been suggested that I run for secretary of the Hellenic kin in ADF. Oh, what am I saying? No one else is running. I'm also planning to run for grove witan. I took a look at the kin doesn't *look* like something that would take away from my ability to serve on teh grove witan. It's not like I'm planning to run for senior druid (though, I'm eligible to do so if I wanted to. But I'm not insane, and there are some aspects of that job that I would not be comfortable with taking on...mostly the parts involving managing the property. If it weren't for that, I *might* consider it. But there's also the fact that I've never served on the Witan and would prefer to do so in some other capacity before I ever even thought about running for none of that for me.

I brought a couple of movies to work with me this evening- White and Blind Chance. But it turns out that I'm just not in the mood to watch Polish movies at the moment. Or anything that's even half serious really. And it's that time of night when my attention span is completely out to lunch. So maybe I'll just have a nap.
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Okay...I got an email from raven a few minutes ago.

They want me to expend on my kindred and nature awareness essays. Okay, that's cool. A few hours work, I could have it done and submitted before I leave the office in the morning (If I can manage to get my brain back into some semblance of reasonable order).

but the mediation journal/essay part...I might have set myself back five months, having not presented my experience in any sort of timeline/progressive format. I don't think that I could do that with my meditation experience at this point. I might have to start from here and keep a journal for five months. I emailed back to ask, and await an answer.

Overall, not as bad as I had it in my mind, I am happy to know that I was overimagining things...but still, arg, it did have to be THAT requirement, didn't it?
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The announcement email:

Please join me in congratulating
~~~ Renee Rhodes ~~~
of Cedarlight Grove, ADF

who has successfully completed the documentation requirements of the
Ár nDraíocht Féin Dedicant Path.

As Preceptor of Ár nDraíocht Féin, I'd like to welcome Renee among those folks
who've taken the time to learn what ADF is all about and make it a major part of
their lives' spiritual paths.

congratulations to Renee directly.

Best wishes,
Raven Mann
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My Dedicant's Program has been approved!!!!

It's only been almost 2 years since I first joined ADF.

Now to dig up that letter of intent....
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I've just submitted three pieces to Oak Leaves for consideration for publication...the article I wrote last year, Ancestors For Those Without Ancestors ([ profile] chronarchy suggeted at the time that I submit it, I was planning to but apparently never did.), my DP piety essay ( and the hymn that I wrote to Hekate, Iris and Hermes (

I've been thinking about submitting stuff for a while but this is the first I've actually done so.

Hot Damn!

Feb. 21st, 2007 08:08 pm
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I also have sent it off to Caryn...though, in my excitement I forgot to actually attach it to the email the first time.

Now to go and have some ice cream, and probably face taunting from the roommates when I tell them.
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This weekend was long, but went by very quickly.

On Friday night I stopped by Borders and picked up a new dayplanner. It's a small one, with a green, gold and bronze mosaic pattern and magnetic closure. After that, wet home and packed clothes and stuff for the weekend, ad when Jesse came home we went to Caryn and Will's (With a stop on the way at Barnes & Noble, since my Callimachus book came in.) Friday night we watched a videotaped interview of Isaac Bonewits from the mid-90's, and had some assorted dinnerthings and wine (Finally opened the bottle of Jazz that's been sitting around since I got back from was just as good as last year. AND there's still just a bit less than half the bottle left!)

Saturday morning we made it to VA just in time, though it didn't matter much because Isaac apparently decided that he needed to stop and make photocopies at the last minute, and we were well over an hour late in starting. There was plenty of time for socializing with folks in the meantime. Once Isaac go there and started talking, I tried to take notes, but I just can't transcribe that fast- thankfully, Jack took copious notes, as did Caryn.

The first day ended up being amost entirely about magic- and more specifically, spellcasting, which is't realy something I do. Some of his theories and thoughts were interesting, especially his little forrays into the realm of quantum physics (and by little, I do mean little, but quantum physics fascinate me, so any mention of the subject is going to get my attention.)

My only problem on Saturday was that I attempted to ask a question at one point, and before I could even get to the question, he interrupted me and started answering to what I can only guess he thought I was asking/saying/criticizing, which was a bit frustrating because I tried to explain that what I was leading in with wasn't what I was actually trying to ask, and I finally blurted out "Are you trying to make me forget my question, because if you are, it worked." I still haven't remembered the question.

Sunday was more interesting to me, in that it was mostly talking about religion, though a lot of it seemed to be devoted to jabbing at monotheistic religions and the dangers of dualism. Granted, I can see a lot of problems with dualism, because the world exists in shades of grey, not in absolute black and white. But oddly enough, his entire discussion seemed to be a dualism of dualism vs. pluralism. First of all, I don't feel the need to be constantly jabbing at other religions just because I don't agree with them, don't like them and wish certain segments of them would just go away. Second of all...the entire argument was modeled on the very thing that he was arguing against. Dualism vs. Pluralism. One or the other. It's like using a word to define itself. And when I asked about the segments of monotheists that don't believe that they are the only way, and don't try to throw everyone into the Us. vs Them laundry piles, his answer was that those folks are with "Us", the pluralists (Though he didn't actually say "us"). None of this really made sense to me because all day, he was saying either "the monotheists...." or "the neopagans..." which is a fairly clearly specified division. But, he did admit to being very biased- I appreciate when people acknowledge these thigns in themselves.

Overall, it was very interesting to attend this workshop, and meeting Isaac was fun. (As I've commented before, how many people actually get the opportunity to meet the founder of their religion? lol...) There was a little Cedarlight-style heckling. Much to our confusion, Nicole and I were both invited to join Mannaheim's listserv. (Mannaheim is a primarily Heathen/Asatru group with a fairly tribal mentality) But the people that we met were all really cool, and meeting new and interesting people is always a good thing.

Instead of driving from Baltimore both days, we stayed at Caryn and Will's for the weekend. Yesterday it started snowig in the afternoon, and by the time we were leaving, roads were kinda slippery, so we drove back to Glen Burnie from Springfield VA doing mostly no more than 25-30 MPH. This took us about 2 hours but we kept ourselves amused.

Today after work, I'm going to that bellydance class, I need to calland find out if its ok if I do the first class in street clothes- I forgot to bring stuff with me. I could do it in what I'm wearing, my clothng is very comfortable and easy to move in. If not, I'll have to run home and grab some stuff. Thankfully the studio is just over on Howard street. After that, I'm going to go home and watch Heroes and 24 with the roommates. And then sleep.

For now, I'm approaching lunch.
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Okay, dammit. My DP is finished before this month is out, that's all there is to it.
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Airmid, sweet Goddess of green herbs
Lady of tireless patience and healing,
I call to you now to join us
And celebrate this festival.
Oh sister of Miach
The herbs have been counted
And they have been named
Come to our Grove this evening
We ask your presence to unlock
These gates between the worlds and watch them
And once more
We honor the ways of our following
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My altar now has a cloth. It's red/prange/purple tie-dyeish with a gold p[attern on it that looks like lightning. I've also now planted two seeds in hopes that one will become my bonsai tree. I've found out that Grandma's Candles sells the statue of Apollo that I wanted...and is even a bit cheaper than Spark Of Spirit- also, Grandma's is a place that I can walk to, as opposed to Spark Of Spirit which is in College Park so I wouldn't have to go there to retrieve it once ordered, or pay to have it shipped here. (They also have some other statues that I'd love to have including an amazing one titled the Lament of Icarus, and a really beautiful one of Eros and Psyche. Though those wouldn't be altar fodder.)
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"Zaphod grinned two manic grins, sauntered over to the bar and bought most of it."

Moderation is a difficult virtue for many people to practice, so it should come as no surprise that it's also difficult for many to write about. The Delphic maxim “nothing in excess is an excellent example of a concise definition of this concept.

The virtue of moderation is what allows one to go shopping in the most tempting store and purchase a small treat instead of spending all that’s in your wallet. It allows you to take a bowl of ice cream from the carton, not the entire carton itself, or have a glass of wine without downing the entire bottle. This is not to say that indulgence is always a bad thing- who hasn’t heard the saying “everything in moderation- including moderation”? However, a lack of control over one’s impulses and desires can be troublesome- or far more dangerous. It’s nearly impossible to turn to the media anymore without seeing news of some celebrity going into drug rehab, or advertisements for various means of help for those with any number of addictions. For those with addictions, moderation is extremely difficult or downright impossible.

In our contemporary culture in the US, advertisers and the media frequently seem to scream “More! Bigger! Faster! Extreme!” and we push ourselves to the limit in many ways- credit card debt and bankruptcy filings are out of control. Workaholics barely know their families. Cars and trucks are bigger, faster, louder. Many celebrities lead very public lives of hedonism and indulgence.

We may consider a classic tale of indulgence- the tale of King Midas and his golden touch. When King Midas was granted his wish that everything he touched turned to gold, he got it…and everything he touched did turn to solid gold- including his own daughter.


Let's think the unthinkable, let's do the undoable, let's prepare to grapple with the ineffable itself, and see if we may not eff it after all.
Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency

Vision is literally the ability to perceive the world around you through sight. But more than that, vision is also the ability to look beyond mere physical sight and see something more, bigger, better. It is a virtue and a gift without which the world would be a dull, drab place.

It is through vision that an abandoned, overgrown and littered lot becomes a community park. And through vision, great works are created- art, literature, building, education, science, medicine…vision gives us commerce and technology. Once upon a time, a computer took up an entire building and performed little more than today’s four-function calculators. As a result of many people’s visions, there are calculators small enough to be incorporated into pens and wristwatches; computers are small enough to fit in the palm of our hands and powerful enough to create a full-length movie or replicate a symphony orchestra. Without vision none of this would be.

Vision allows someone to identify a need or a want and find a way to fulfill it. Vision has given us everything we have- from the Declaration of Independence and the US constitution to portable music players that sit on a fingertip to cures for diseases that only a few years ago spelled certain death for sufferers. Vision is what gives us new products and improves old ones.


The word "impossible" is not in my dictionary. In fact, everything between "herring" and "marmalade" appears to be missing.

-Dirk Gently, Dirk Gently's Hollistic Detective Agency

Perseverance is the virtue of not giving up. In the words of Tennyson, “To strive, to seek to find and not to yield.” Or as others may say in slightly less eloquent language, “keep on keepin’ on.”

The pagan community in the United States is currently living in the middle of a painful, very emotional lesson in perseverance- that of Roberta Stewart and her fight to have a pentacle placed on her husband’s memorial plaque in Arlington National Cemetery. Vowing to see its approval in her lifetime, she took up the mission- now in its ninth year-when Rosemary Kooiman passed away, unsuccessful in her attempts to have the symbol approved by the United States Veteran’s Administration. This has resulted in letters, phone calls, faxes, emails, meetings and rallies in support of the issue- even statements of support from such unlikely allies as the Rutherford Institute, one of the largest right-wing conservative Christian think tanks and lobbying organizations in the country.

Perseverance, a virtue that is also admired in our ancestors, is exemplified in such stories as the labors of Herakles.

Simply stated, perseverance is what pushes us to keep going when we’re past the point of giving up
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I have an altar set up in my room now. It's on the lower of the shelves built into my wall, low enough to sit in front of. It has a well, a fire and a tree. I'll take a picture tomorrow.

The well is represented by a large abalone shell, which is deep enough to hold water.

The fire is represented by a single candle sitting on a candle plate.

The tree is represented by a piece of driftwood that I found on the shore of a lake in Texas in 1998 and have had since then. It looks vaguely like a tree with no branches.

Also currently residing on the altar:

-The sphere of ocean jasper pictured below, which kinda looks like a planet, to represent the earth.

-The notebook into which I've been writing invocations that I've written for rituals

-my runes

-my Haindl Tarot

-glass incense burner

Future plans for my altar:

One idea that I had for this altar in the near future was to try to grow a bonsai tree for it- I've seen a tiny bonsai tree "gift kit" in bookstores, and while it's not an Indo-European element, I would like to include a small Zen sand garden. It seems to me that it would be good for meditation and contemplation while sitting at my altar. I may sit a small table next to it for holding things that aren't specifically for on the altar, like a glass of water, books or a journal.


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