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Somehow managed to miss the monthly update on Jacqueline Carey's website for October until now. There's going to be a sequel to Santa Olivia...but not til 2011. And a novella on the story of Rolande and Anafiel as part of an anthology next year....not to mention her next Naamah book net year...woohoo!

I don't want to wait for next year.

I wish Kristen Britain would get another book out...or at least give some sort of update as to the progress on her website.
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I just realized that I have a loose copy of Gabriel Garcia Marquez's Chronicle of a Death Foretold, which I also have as part of a three-novella volume. This one is pretty much in perfect condition. Same as last post, first to comment gets it. (But please, one or the other...don't comment for both.)

I know I have some other duplicate books laying around, from here on out, I'll just look for them and post when I have them collected.

I also have a couple of boxes full of books from The Book Thing that I thought I would be interested in reading, but am really not. When I get a chance, I'll go through them and post a list- I'm not going to go mailing these all over hell and creation, but if anyone local wants to snag them, they're free for the taking. They're mostly fiction/fantasy and in readable shape, but not especially pretty- they're in the condition in which I got them, and they have a stamp on the inside covers from The Book Thing saying that they're not for resale. If they don't go anywhere, I'll eventually find a way to drag them back to the Book Thing, they're just gathering dust and taking space here.
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Well, now that I have some unexpected time on my hands, maybe I can take this opportunity to locate my Kerouac book, the one with like five novels all rolled into one that I swear I just moved last week before we left and now it's vanished...oh, nevermind, I found it.

I have an itch to read some Kerouac for a while now. I was seriously thinking about rereading The Town and the City, but then over Christmas I picked up a copy of Dharma Bums and got quickly into the first couple of chapters before remembering that the multi-novel tome contains said. It seems to make a little more sense to read the one I've not yet read than to reread the one I've read. So seeing as it's brand new and I've managed not to get so much as a scratch or ding on it, I will see if I can return it to Borders where I bought it- though I wouldn't be surprised if I couldn't, I lost the receipt and they have a new no returns without receipts policy, though I'm not sure if that extends to exchanges or maybe they will let me exchange?

So the book I have here contains the following:

On the Road
The Dharma Bums
The Subterraneans
Lonesome Traveler

I've read On the Road and Tristessa as well as The Town and the City, Maggie Cassidy, Visions of Gerard and part of Visions of Cody and Desolation Angels. Actually...I now have a second copy of On the Road and Tristessa. I have no idea where Tristessa is, but I have On the Road right here.

Would anyone like a copy of On the Road? I probably won't get to the post office til sometime next week (I do have several things that I need to mail so a post office trip is in short order.)

This copy is softcover, printed by Penguin Press, I've had it since I was 16. It is nicely battered like only a Kerouac novel should be, but by no means falling apart- there is some tape on the cover where it accidentally ripped but the binding is solid, all pages firmly in place, the corners are very well worn, lots of scratches and dings, and a bit of writing and doodling on the cover and on the last blank page- one of my friends in college borrowed it and I guess decided it needed a bit of embellishment or something. Some smiley faces, a little washer and dryer (no, seriously, I'm pretty sure that's what it is.)

First person to leave a comment gets it. If you're in Baltimore, we can make arrangements for you to pick it up from me somewhere in the city. If you're elsewhere, I will mail it. Postage is on me.

I'm not expecting to find it anytime soon, but if I do run across the spare copy of Tristessa, I will throw that one in too. If not, it will be up for grabs in another post when I find it.
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Were a showdown between the two, who would win: Jack Bauer or Jethro Gibbs?

When I asked that question last night on my way out the door to work, Gavin said that the world would just explode.

I'm still alive. Right now dealing with a cold (*hack hack cough cough*) and not having slept enough Sunday night, therefore feeling like hell last night at work. My poor trachea. Blegh. Oh yeah and the last food I put in my system was roughly ten hours ago. My stomach threatens to self-consume.

Additionally, I read the book Unwind by Neil Schusterman last week. I was mostly disappointed (Yes, I know, young adult novel. That's beside the point.) One part towards the end was disturbingly well-written. I can't give any more opinion without basically telling the whole story (it's easily summed up).

On the other hand, I finally came back to Iron Angel by Allan Campbell. Scar Night was a great read, but it took a third of the book to go anywhere. Iron Angel just picks up where Scar Night left off, killing the need for two hundred pages of setup. i've got less than 50 pages to go and I'm tempted to stay awake long enough to finish (It might take me half an hour). But I feel too icky.
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I posted about this to [ profile] cultofapollo and on the Neokoroi list, but I know that there are people on my friends list who will also find this interesting

Has anyone heard of The Gods Remain: Old European Religion as Found in Greece, the Germanic Countries and Elsewhere by Thomas Sefton?

I don't know anything about this book, but it looks very interesting. The author sees to have a lot of interest in comparing Apollo and Odin. I just discovered it on Amazon and then noticed a comments that a few chapters were available on the publishers website. Turns out that four chapters, plus shortened versions of all chapters, plus a couple of essays are available on the website, so I started skimming the chapter Oidipous: Devotee of Apollon.

In addition to the Apollo intererst, there is a chapter on the site that would be relevant to anyone with an interest in Odin:
(assuming that the information is good, of course. I just found this and haven't started reading much of it yet, too busy saying "Oooh, lookee here" to everyone first.)

Here also is the main page:

If anyone is familiar with the book or has thoughts after reading any of the material available on the site, I'd be interested in hearing it.


May. 22nd, 2008 04:52 am
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I know, I've been kinda quiet lately...not much to write about at the moment really. Life is mostly amazingly quiet right now, and after the last several months, I'm all for that.

Going up to PA tomorrow night to bum around Lancaster for the weekend. Girlfriend's gonna meet the 'rents. I took off work for my Thursday evening shift as well as next Monday night (that means I'm going to miss out on a few hours of holiday pay...ah well. Fourth of July isn't that far down the road...)

Last weekend Gavin and I were in Lutherville coming back from Towson...were headed to the Giant by the light rail stop to pick up a few things when I decided that we had to stop in the pet store and look at little fuzzy critters. Chincillas, bunnies, assorted rodents...there was a gorgeous albino corn snake (shades of bright pink and coral....absolutely beautiful. Ok, i know, not a fuzzy critter, I get it.)

While checking out the rodents, Gavin I dunno, soul-bonded or something with a little loner of a miniature rat. (No, not mouse, miniature rat. Who knew?) After inquiring with the store clerk, finding out that their care and feeding is pretty much the same as that of mice, we ended up bringing two home. I'll post some pictures at some point in the near future. Adorable little things, they are.

Got two new people at work. Have been working with one of the last night and tonight. Last night was...uhg, a nightmare. anytting that could come up did- we only seemed to get calls in multiples so while I was trying to help her, more were coming in. Oh and then there was the really obnoxious guy calling from England..had the worst time determining that yes, he did in fact have a 24-hour support contract. Luckily one of the guys in Colorado happened to be online at the time and I got some help from him in fining the info...though he then took it upon himself to start helping with the getting me to relay instructions to the guy on how to reboot his video bridge remotely. (I've never done this, I absolutely do not touch the equipment he was calling on, I've seen pictures of the stuff, that's the extent of my training on that.) So that was a slight moment of being uncomfortable, but he was really cool, assured me that he would take full responsibility if anything goes wrong (and I had that saved in a chat file and pasted into the notes, damned skippy.) and it was actually really easy and fixed the guy's problem...but then I had to go and write an email explaining all this to the head guy in the EMEA office and ask him to have someone follow up to determine the cause of his alarms. Good times, I tell ya.

And in between all that, I had to show her how to do stuff, take calls, log information, all that rot.

I fell on the bus coming to work last night. Got on the bus, and just as I was getting to a seet, the bus sorta lurched back into motion, I was just taking a foot slid out from under me and I ended up on the floor with my right leg bent awkwardly beside a bit of a bruise on my rib where I hit the corner of a seat, my knee is sore- I think a ligament might be slightly strained, my lower back hurts a little- I landed kinda hard on my ass, think I might have jarred my tailbone a bit (though, after standing up and leaning over and just letting my torso and arms hang down until my spine cracked multiple times, it hurts less than it did)

I've reread Kushiel's Justice and am back to climbing walls in anticipation of Kushiel's Mercy being released in about three weeks.

Giant in Hampden has not had the Red Sauce Of Awesomeness (That Kitchens' Sweet Red Chilli Sauce) for two weeks now.

Amy's Kitchens spinach and feta frozen pocket sandwiches are the best things in the world. Well, maybe after the Red Sauce Of Awesomeness. (The cheese pizza pocket sandwiches are good too.)

Vegetarian-type people...If you've never tried Amy's Kitchen brand frozen food, I highly recommend. It's all organic vegetables and whatnot, and is really good. This coming from a non-vegetarian.

Other than that...just waiting to go home and sleep.

This now concludes the post of completely unrelated stuff.
badstar: (Default) read at least one work of fiction per month.

Well, I read three in January, none in February or March.

last week, I finally picked up Jacqueline Carey's duology, The Sundering.

In the last few days, I finally started reading Banewreaker, the first book.

Now, I know that these aren't the Kushiel books. I wasn't expecting them to be anything like that. but having adored six books by the woman so far, I expected that I would at least like them.

I'm about twenty pages in Not terrible so far, but not particularly engaging. Kinda reminds me of when I read Trudy Cavanan's Priestess Of The White- I could put the book down for days and not really care too much about when I got back to it, and I don't really care enough to read the other two books in the trilogy. Really kinda sad, it's not a particularly common thing that a book that I buy turns out like that.

Iron Angel comes out on the 29th (sequel to Scar Night by Allen Campbell, one of the books I read back in January.) Ooh, and I just found that he wrote a prequel to Scar Night- Lye Street, was released in Janury, will have to look into getting that, I'd love to know the back story that's only briefly spoken of in Scar Night. And Kushiel's Mercy is out on June 12th. Kristen Britain is working on an apparently-yet-untitled fourth Green Rider book and it seems that she has intentions for more than four books in the series since she talks on her web site about a new contract with her publisher allowing for the series to continue.
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It is now Thursday.

Meaning that in about 24 hours, I will be home and it will be the weekend again.

I am now registered for the WABA-PLC.

Annnnnd I got a big envelope-o-stuff today from the LASIK plus people. Should probably look at that.

And fuck if I didn't forget to call and cancel my Friday appointment with Katzen. Oh well, will do that later in the morning.

Oh and my mom called me today, apparently AC Moore was having a huge yarn sale last week and she bought me like a dozen and a half balls of yarn that she hasn't sent me yet.

I'm seriously thinking of giving up on Walden. for the moment anyway. Me and Henry just ain't getting nowhere. It's a losing battle. Perhaps if I were to just give it a break and move onto something else. Like In Search Of The Indo-Europeans (hahahahahahahahahahaha...I know.)

I should probably try to remember what I did with my copy of the Mabinogion too.

I feel like a nap.
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Went to Zodiac tonight for dinner. Yay for super-messy chicken sandwich (for once I didn't order barbequeue barbeque- dammit, I can't type the word, I type "queue" too much at work.... - BARBECUE, dammit!!!! duck!) Spent a large chunk of the time with a couple of sappy lovebirds at the next table giving each other dental exams with their tongues and groping and whatnot. (If you've never been to Zodiac, well..."at the next table" means they're practically shoulder-to-shoulder with you.)

So these two were really irksome and I was seriously considering addressing them directly. I mean, for serious people, if you want to get it on, go somewhere that's not arm's distance from my dinner table.

In other news, I finished reading Scar Night last night ( I recommend. The first third is kinda slow, but well-written. The rest of it though is quite great. I wait for the sequel this spring.

Now I need to decide what my fiction for the month of February will be...I'll probably try to make another effort to grab one of the books I own but never read.

But before I pick up another piece of fiction, dammit, I am going to finish Walden so I can move onto something else and make some progress on the CTP.

And again unrelated, I found a couple of poems by Keats to Apollo tonight. I will probably post them tomorrow.
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Has anyone read the book Scar Night by Alan Campbell?

I saw it at Barnes & Noble this weekend and picked it up. It looks quite good.

fiction reading for this year so far....

Currently rereading First Rider's Call
Next, moving on to High King's Tomb both by Kristen Britain

After that, I will read Scar Night
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Going to Caryn and Will's tomorrow for between working. I work til 8am, come home, go to Caryn and Will's for dinner, then go back to work...for three whomping hours. It's going to take me that long to get back home *sigh* Oh well.

I likely will not leave the house on Friday...or if I do, it will be as a result of people going to work at the grove, or some other thing that does NOT involve any sort of shopping. I may very well just stay in with my dvd player (I have two netflix movies scheduled to show up on Friday, not to mention still having the Criterion Collection edition of The Double Life Of Veronique) or a couple of books. (I ordered a couple from Amazon recently and picked up the Mabinogion at B&N this past weekend. Oh, and there's Kerenyi's Dionysus book. And a couple of Marquez's novellas and...and...and... der, I read. I aer smert.)
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Well, I just finally finished my last little bits of revising and editing and sent my three essays to Raven for resubmitting for acceptance to work on the clergy training.

And now, I start the process of waiting again. Hopefully this doesn't take as long as my DP, and I can move on with it.

i discovered a book on amazon the other week while looking for something else- The Oracle, Ancient Delphi And The Science Behind Its Lost Secrets.

It arrived today, I started reading it on my way to work. So far...quite fascinating. I'm only still in the first chapter, but just reading it makes me want to visit Delphi so much more already.

It's been suggested that I run for secretary of the Hellenic kin in ADF. Oh, what am I saying? No one else is running. I'm also planning to run for grove witan. I took a look at the kin doesn't *look* like something that would take away from my ability to serve on teh grove witan. It's not like I'm planning to run for senior druid (though, I'm eligible to do so if I wanted to. But I'm not insane, and there are some aspects of that job that I would not be comfortable with taking on...mostly the parts involving managing the property. If it weren't for that, I *might* consider it. But there's also the fact that I've never served on the Witan and would prefer to do so in some other capacity before I ever even thought about running for none of that for me.

I brought a couple of movies to work with me this evening- White and Blind Chance. But it turns out that I'm just not in the mood to watch Polish movies at the moment. Or anything that's even half serious really. And it's that time of night when my attention span is completely out to lunch. So maybe I'll just have a nap.
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I haven't read any Heinlein in quite a while and picked up Glory Road on Friday night and was finished with it Saturday night (would have been finished sooner if I didn't need to sleep, didn't stop to watch a couple of discs of Evangelion ([ profile] chironcentaur decided that she wants to see it. More precisely, she wants to see The End Of Evangelion and has consented to sit through the series first, though is quickly regretting it and desperately wanting to kill every character it seems, except Kaji and Rei, whom she keeps yelling at to kick Asuka's ass. I think she dislikes the series even more than I did when I first watched it. I can't say that I'm absolutely loving it this time around, but after reading a good bit about it some time ago, and having seen it before and seen The End, it's a lot more interesting this time, and I'm catching stuff that I didn't catch before.

That doesn't change the fact that Asuka's an insufferable bitch with an earsplitting voice, Shinji is a spineless weenie (yeah, I guess his weenieness makes The End that much crazier but still), and yeah, I know it's a cartoon but oh my god, could they have made Misato act at least a tiny bit like an adult- and I don't mean all the beer drinking?)

So, anyway....Glory Road was extremely entertaining. I highly recommend. Go read it. I decided a while ago that I need to start reading some of a couple of my favorite authors again, which I hadn't in a while- specifically Jack Kerouac, Robert Heinlein and Gabriel Garcia Marquez. AND I've got a bunch of unfinished books kicking around.

I've decided to keep track of my reading of these authors just for fun...the lists, taken from wikipedia, aren't completely accurate but to get a general's kinda a long list. )

Then today, i was digging through some of my boxes and found a few books I've started reading a few times and never that's my plan readingwise for the next few days- to read those books.

So I have:

The Salmon Of Doubt by Douglas Adams (no, not on the above list of course but needs to be read nonetheless.)
Time Enough For Love by Robert Heinlein
Desolation Angels by Jack Kerouac

Haven't decided which I want to read first.

Somewhere in all those boxes, I have a couple of the partially-read short story collections by Marquez that I want to read.
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Kushiel's Justice...anyone read it yet?


This one was a far sight better than Kushiel's Scion. (Which was still damned good.)

The bad news?

I have to wait a year til Kushiel's Mercy is released...sometimes I wish I didn't read so fast. 702 pages too me about 8 hours to read in all.

On other fronts, The High King's Tomb comes out...umm...sometime this year. November according to Kristen Britain's website, July first according to Amazon.

I'd love to believe Amazon, but they've had several different incorrect dates for this book in the past, listing it only as "Green Rider book 3" though, I don't think they had it for preorder then, so maybe....?

Yes, I'm also waiting for Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows. Which also comes out in July.
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I couldn't sleep last night.

I kept waking up with the sonng from this video in my head.

I think it's probably work safe in most reasonable places, but not entirely sure, I haven't seen it all the way though, only pieces of it along with hearing the song over and over and over again, thanks to my coworkers.

[ profile] liritsvoice came over last night. She, [ profile] chironcentaur, I and Dominic went to Xando up by Hopkins. Fun, sillyness, and coffee drinking ensued.

Oh...and iced coffee with Kahlua, Grand Marnier and Frangelico? OMG! Wonderful stuff.

Most of yesterday, however was stressful.

Amongst other happenings, I took some product certification test. To say that it appeared to have been written by monkeys poking random typewriter keys would be putting it nicely. I was able to figure out what all but once question meant. The last question, I was told to take it from a certain perspective because otherwise, there were two correct answers, and there was only supposed to be one correct answer per question. The typos, the grammatical errors, the horror....

And today we are still going over this test. Well, will be once Rich stops getting manager requests since Ahmed isn't here.

I am finally almost finished reading Erik Davis's Techgnosis, and thanks to it have f0ound a list of probably 25-30 other books that I want to read now. Buuuuuut I left it at home on the desk, so couldnot read it on the commute. I contented myself with some Greek mythology though and found out that it seems there is a bit more mythology surrounding Eos than I realized.

I am debating...should I pick up reading The Elegant Universe from where I left off months ago, or should I go back to the beginning again?

I'll probably pick up where I left off and then reread it sometime later. I'm sick of starting this book over and over and over and never finishing. It's fascinating stuff but it's one of those books that I really have to give a lot of thought to processing. Besides, if I never finish I'll never move on to Fabric Of The Cosmos.
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I can't wait to have tomorrow off work.

I've been reading this book, Fundamentalism & Gender, edited by John Stratton Hawley.

It breaks down to this: 4 essays on fundamentalist movements- American Christian, Indian Islam, Hindu and Japanese New Religions, Then a longer section titled Fundamentalism: Objections from a Modern Jewish Historian....I skipped over this section after a long, dry bout of talk of semantics and when the word "fundamentalist" is or is not appropriate...there's more to the section, I may try to go back and read it, I may not. And then the final, much shorter section: Fundamentalism and The Control Of Women...which is sort of a recap of the first 4 sections and what the different examples have in common and where they are different.

Interesting material. The stance is clearly anti-fundamental, but the tone of the book is very nonconfrontational. There were times where I would almost argue that its stance is neutral, except that I was reading caerfully enough to know that it's not the case.

I'm really thinking that what I need to do is read some fiction. I haven't done that in a while. Sometimes it's good to read something that doesn't have a particular informative or educational purpose.


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