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A few nights ago I had a dream, unfortunately I can't remember the entire thing, but it seems like there's something to it that I should keep in the back of my mind...

I walked into a tattoo shop, I had no money or plans to get a tattoo, but the next thign I knew, I was getting a tattoo on my upper left arm. It was a black chaos star with something blue in the middle- I can't remember what that "something blue" was, only that it was sky blue and shaded, and that it wasn't completed. While the artist was tattooing me, I kept saying that I didn't have the money to pay for it and he just waved my comments away and kept working. There was somethign familiar about the artist, and the shop was otherwise completely empty. It looked more like a large art studio than a tattoo shop, there were tarps and drop cloths and paint everywhere, as well as a few ladders. Paint smudged the walls, which were mostly pale green. The studio/shop/whatever was in a large warehouse-type building and the lighting came from large skylights.

Later, I left the shop and came back, I still didn't have any money but I wanted to talk to the artist who tattooed me about payment for the work. He was gone and there was a woman there, she was wearing white overalls, had curly dark hair and glasses. She said he was gone for the day, and would be back the next day though somewhere in the back of my mind I knew that I would never see him again. She said that she was also an artist there, and I remember her handing me some papers to read, but nothing about what was on them. She was sweeping the floor with a large push broom, and it looked like the place was being packed up as if they were closing or moving locations.

So this may very well be completely insignificant, just a dream remembered, but I have a feeling that I need to remember this one.

I don't think that the chaos star in and of itself is of significance though gawds know why my brain would pick that symbol. And I wish I could remember what the blue thing in the middle was, might shed a bit more light on things...or not, who knows.

I also don't think that this dream is literally about getting a tattoo. If there's anything to it, I think that it's about something significant and/or permanent happening that I'm not prepared for (the tattoo was large and in a fairly prominent place and tattoos being permanent things, and having no plans to get it or money to pay for it) Various other details may or may not be of any meaning- the artist being gone with another in his place appearing to pack up and close down or move the shop, the tattoo shop being rather un-tattoo-shop like, being handed papers to read...

I dunno. I'll keep it all in mind. Interested in any thoughts or commentary that this might elicit from the readership.
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So....three times in as many weeks I had a dream that I won the lottery and used a large chunk of the proceeds to build a temple for the gods.

(I did buy a ticket the other day, it was just a $2 scratch-off. I won! $2. Hehe.)


Mar. 6th, 2008 01:38 am
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So I wasn't for a while, but I've come back to having dreams where I'm walking around with grapevines wrapped around my wrists, not holding me to anything, just there like leafy, viney bracelets, sometimes wrapped tight enough to cut into my skin.
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I had the most bizarre night last night.

I couldn't say how many times I fell asleep and woke up again. I can't remember the last time I tossed and turned so much. The "dream" I had...if you can call it a dream, I don't know if I ever got to sleep deep enough to really be dreaming, so maybe my half-asleep brain was just stringing a bunch of stuff together...who knows?

But anyway, there was this over-arching theme of me reading my email, and each time I clicked an unread subject line, a new segment of dream would come up. And the subject lines were basically the sort of thing I see a million of every day on Hellenic email lists. At the top were a bunch of Apollo and Dionysus-related subject lines....Dionysus, Apollo, Apollo and Dionysus, Zagreus (wow, that name hasn't come up lately in dreams), Delphi, Wine, Apollo with Wings...and then there were other random ones like Lindt Chocolate, coffee, shipping notification from Amazon. There was no spam that I remember though (okay, then, maybe it really was an actual dream!!)

So the only ones that I ever actually clicked on were the Apollo and Dionysus subject lines. And a segment of dream would start that would be like watching a documentary on TV, with a disembodied British voice talking about the history of the subject while images of temples, vases and mosaics flashed by. Occasionally this documentary voice would speak of some of my own experiences as if they were known history. (I guess they're known history to me?)

And then periodically, it would flash back to my email screen and that subject line would be marked as read...and sometimes a subject would get updated, as if I had recieved a new email on the topic (If you use gmail, you know how the threading works...that's how it looked)

So that's not so much the bizarre part.

What's bizarre is that these documentary segments were interrupted by "commercials" talking about the gods and prophetic dreams...and how they're linked...TO LINDT CHOCOLATE! (I can barely type this, I'm laughing so hard!) and especially to Lindt Cherry-Chilli bars. (I just bought one of those last night.)

Interspersed with everything else was segments of dreams of me doing normal every day stuff- getting up, making coffee, going to work, buying a newspaper, this has happened before, during these segments, random words would be replaced by the name "Zagreus": "I'd like one copy of the Baltimore Zagreus, please. And this bottle of Pepsi." "Okay, that will be two dollars and thirty-Zagreus cents." Yeah, like that.

All through this, I kept waking up and falling back barely asleep. At least twice, I woke up singing the song Far Away by Chantal Kreviazuk, which is still stuck in my mind right now. Okay, this is weird, when I have a song stuck in my head, it just seems like I'm hearing it as if it were playing from some external source...except without the external source. Right now, there's an almost physical sensation of hearing the song from a specific spot in my head just above and behind my left ear.

Around 5am, I seriously considered just getting up. But I fell back to sleep. A few times. Oh gawds, what kind of day am I going to have?
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I had a couple of dreams last that I wanted to remember, but forgot, and a couple of that was just absurd, and one that was rather awful.

The absurd one...there was something going on on the beach of a lake- don't remember what, but I was there, and people were talking about some big scientific thing nearby...don't remember what, and my old roommate, Vergil showed up and was looking for bugs so he could take pictures of them.

Then from there, I want to this building that was essentially a glass cube about the size of a largish house, with a structure just inside the glass that looked like a giant hamster cage. The "tray" part of the cage was just a bit taller than the antrance door and when you went in, you immediately climbed a flight of stairs, and were on the level with a bunch of walkways, ladders, a wheel...all the thigns you'd find in a hamster cage, even one of those little tiny houses, but they were human-sized...but they weren't meant for humans.

What was housed in this....cage...was a whole bunch of otters. There were otters everywhere. And then there was one cat. My cat, actually...somehow Ferarri was living in a giant cage with otters. and I don't know how she got there.

The other dream, the one I would really like to forget involved me being in the middle of a really nasty court custody/visitation battle. *bangs head on wall* Oh well, at least I wasn't one of the kids. I was aunt? Cousin? Some other relative that for whatever reason, the kids barely knew. Someone else in the family had gotten together a list of relatives and decided to include us in a suit for visitation rights for these kids, and I was all upset because I didn't know what was going on, didn't know why I was being dragged into it, didn't know why these poor kids were being dragged through it...uhg, I just with I could forget this dream.
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Dear Brain,

Stop having dreams that involve me getting cut up.


Laid back down for a nap today a bit after 3, and I get this:

I was looking down at myself, laying on an operating table. The table was covered by sheet that was bright blue- cobalt blue, but a little lighter. This operating table was in an empty room- if the space could be called a room, there was a sense of vastness, unending floor. The table was illuminated from above by a spotlight, but there was no source for the light. Beyond the reach of the light, which was pretty much limited to the table- I could just barely see a bit of checkered tile floor below it- white, and a similar blue to the sheet- everything was pitch black. I was unconscious, though under no anesthesia, and there were no breathing machines, oxygen masks, trays of surgical instruments or anything that one would expect to see in an operating room. I was unclothed and uncovered.

Perspective was descending until I was watching myself from a few feet above and just to the right side. Then I saw an anonymous arm reach out, holding a large knife with a razor fine edge, place the tip at the top of my head and made a single, perfect, continuous cut down the center of my face, neck and torso. The arm is covered in a sleeve and surgical glove of the same shade of blue.

Once the cut is complete, i see my skin all away to each side and all my internal organs exposed. They seem to keep functioning normally- I remember seeing my lungs continue to breathe with no difficulty. The surgeon has retreated just beyond my vision into the darkness, and I know that there are two others with him. I can't see them, but I know they're not dressed in blue.

Perspective switches to first person. I'm still unconscious and cut open, but I can see, as if I were just laying there with my eyes open.

As I lay there, I felt nothing, but within a few seconds, I see something starting to rise above me, as if rising from me. It looked like a layer of smoke- black smoke- waving and fluttering and swirling within itself, but it retained the distinct shape of a person laying down, arms straight down to the sides. It rose up and floated away. Shortly after that, another, and then another identical form of black smoke rises and floats away.

Then following this, three smoky forms descend on me- into me- same shape as the ones that rose from me, but they were not black. The first was light yellow. The second, deep purple. The third...that same blue as the surgeon's sleeve.

I remained motionless, but became conscious. My skin, peeled to each side, came together and fused without leaving a mark- I couldn't see this, but knew it was the case.

Then, without warning, I was falling- upwards- rushing towards what looked like a blueprint of a huge rectangular building. According to the blueprint, it was not divided into rooms and it looked like I would land exactly in the center of the space. I knew that when I impacted, the blueprint would become an actual building and the impact would occur as if I had been falling down, not up.

Just before- or perhaps just as- I hit the ground, my vision went black, my entire body gave a sudden jerk, and I woke up.

This brings to mind a dream I had uhg...six? years ago..something like that, I was still living in PA, I had laid down to take a nap and in the dream, I was looking down on myself taking a nap, and I saw these bands of color around me, in layers surrounding me, in the same colors as the smoky forms- first yellow right next to my skin, surrounded by deep purple, surrounded by blue, which I remember as a sky blue. My first thought had been "Oh, so auras do exist?" but didn't really give it much more thought than that and mostly forgot it til the colors in this dream yanked it out of the dusty shadows.
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I had a dream last night of which I only remember the general gist of it...there were mazes, numerous mazes of all manner. And people were lost in them- one person in each, and I had to help each person get through their respective maze. I knew the way through all of them.
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Roommate decided to show up in my dreams again today. It was highly amusing.

I had to go into a kitchen store to buy something, and it was a bit of a chore talking [ profile] chironcentaur to go in with me, but somehow I managed. Once in the store, she was like a kid in a toy shop, running around all giddy and maniacally giggly, picking up every little thing and telling anyone nearby how she could torture people with it- this was especially amusing because it was a particularly upscale store, and the customers seemed to be particularly snotty and were not very amused with this.

The dream ended with us standing in line so I could buy what I came in for, gavin standing nearby with a lemon zester, running it over her hand with a happy little smile on her face and another customer standing next to me, looking utterly horrified.

I told her about this a few minutes ago when she came home, and was promptly told that I had to post it on LJ.

Well, there it is.
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I had some random dreams last night, I don't remember nearly as much detail as I did when I woke up. Started out dreaming that [ profile] penguinicity just moved in across the street from me, and was walking a Great Dane. (Sorry, no cats to be seen!) Lived in a house whose outer walls were made of solid brick til about 8 feet off the ground, then were nothing but windows up to the roof. The door of the house was all glass, and a refrigerator was just inside the door.

I walked inside my house and was in the kitchen cutting up somecarrots or potatoes or something when a couple of friends who I hadn't seen in a while stopped by and announced that they were spending the night. And then a couple more people showed up. And then my sister wandered through. And people got really noisy, and I had to tell them to be quiet because [ profile] chironcentaur was asleep upstairs, and I really didn't feel like dealing with the aftermath of a sleep-deprived, homicidal roommate. but it was too late, Gavin was wandering down the stairs, yawning loudly. However, disturbingly enough, she was dressed all in grey clothing and was semi-social with a kitchen full of strangers. Sorry, No homicide in this dream.

Then I was suddenly standing in a completely different kitchen- a nice one with an island!!- trying to talk to my mom. The phone rang. It was a telemarketer. (Okay, I've had several dreams lately where the only thing I remember is telling a telemarketer not to call me again) So I tell the telemarketer to remove me from their calling list. They start trying to rebut me, and when I started talking again, my voice suddenly disappeared- in the dream, my mouth was moving but no sound was coming out. Then I suddenly had this really weird tingly sensation run quickly over me from my head down to my feet- over my physical body, not me in my dream (it was like the tingle you feel when your foot falls asleep or something, but it just swept very quickly over me in the space of two or three seconds) and then I opened my eyes and in waking, was continuing to speak the words that I had been speaking in the dream- I actually woke up saying "
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I had a rather bizarrely absurd dream today. It involved me being on some sort of swimming team, at a team practice. But...we never really practiced. there was a coach, who was a combination stereotypical drill sergeant/football coach, standing in the water with a baseball cap, clipboard and whistle. A couple of guys on the team got into a fight about something and as punishment, the coach made them do 20 belly flops each. I was standing nearby, so I was told to do belly flops as well- coach said it would be good practice for competition. (competitive belly flopping?) I was a little confused. This particular version of doing a belly flop involved starting in the water, jumping up as high as one could out of the water and flopping down.

When I tried to do this, instead of flopping, I would stop just above the water and skim over the surface for a few feet before diving just below the surface and swimming the rest of the way to the other side of the pool. Each time I did this, I skimmed a little further before going below water, until the last time, I skimmed from one end of the pool to the other. At the end of the dream, y perspective changed to someone watching a movie, but it was the same scene, and my sight cut to a spectator sitting on some bleachers, who, assuming the perspective of watching a movie, broke the 4th wall and made some comment as if to a camera about some of the swimmers, and then started talking about political candidates. Then I woke up.
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The dream that I had last night repeated twice exactly as it originally happened, stopping at the same place. The first time I woke up, the second time it just faded into something different and completely unrelated. (Me walking out of my room and finding Dominic with a huge box of books, sorting out which ones to sell or keep. When I asked him why he wasn't at work, he said he bribed his supervisor with really good tickets to a Broadway show and a computer power adapter to let him leave early that day. Then I went to play a Super Mario Brothers-type video game.)
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I had a dream last night...

All I remember was walking around an archaeological dig with [ profile] chironcentaur who was, quite characteristically, giving smartassed commentary. Then some guy came along who was writing a book called "We're all in this together"...and she proceeded to up the commentary.
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Seriously, I want these dreams to stop.

I don't remember the beginning, but as in all the others, I found out that Alex was still alive. This time though, she didn't tell me to go away and pretend she really was dead. We didn't talk much- there were so many questions I wanted to ask her, but was never able to. Somehow I found out that she'd been living at Hershey Medical Center for the past ten years...still had cancer though appeared perfectly healthy and fine. For some reason I was still living with my parents in this dream, and I had to go home at one point. I never got to ask how long she was home from the hospital, so the next day I went back to her house to ask, and she was packing up to go back. I tried to ask what her phone number was at the hospital, but her mother jumped in and told me that the phone had been removed from her room to keep idiots and fools from calling. I tried to ask for her address there, but I never got it. I went home and talked to my mother, who seemed confused, but didn't have much to say. I went back to Alex's house, she was in a car with her sister and brother, her parents were moving some other cars around. I kept trying to ask questions that never got answered.

I don't remember anything after that. Only that this one was so hyper-real that I had no idea I was dreaming.
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Arright, so I went to bed around midnight last night, and kept waking up and falling back to sleep periodically.

All night, I kept having the same dream, it seemed to continue through my waking up and falling back to sleep no matter how long it took me to get to sleep again. And all it was was of conversations by email and on one of the web forums that I frequent about syncretic worship of Zeus.

Okay...there's been a number of discussions of syncretism going on, but my brain still picks the weirdest things to dream about.
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I took a nap today and had a rather odd dream involving crawling around in my grandmother's attic and seeing the old racks that she uses up there for clothing (the attic was our bedroom when we lived's basically just another finished room that runs the length of the house and has a very low, pitched ceiling. I can only stand up there in the center, and my head hits the ceiling there.

Anyway, I was crawling around under these clothes racks, finding items of clothing that I've been missing for years like my black strapless dress, which I last saw somewhere in upstate New York after an APO conference....and several pairs of Bandolino loafers in different colors and materials. (I've had several pairs...still have one pair of burgundy ones.)


I did not get my nose pierced today. I will probably do so tomorrow. Or, if I decided that I don't feel like venturing to Fells Point tomorrow, then Friday. But it will be done.

The Lampteria ritual last night went quite well. Considerably better than the Puanepsia ritual back in October. This is funny, I think, partially because with Puanepsia, I used a ritual that was fully created ahead of time (though, not by me, which no doubt had an impact) and this time...hey, I wrote most of it yesterday morning. I intend to continue doing more non-high-day rituals at the grove.

On a rather amusing note, when all was said and done and the ritual was over, I made the familiar "to revels!" call, though I said it rather quietly- no one outside of the sanctuary would have hear it, let alone somewhere down the block, but as soon as I said that, someone a few houses away yelled out "I'll be right there!"...the timing was so perfect, it was hilarious.

Also, my fire building this time went MUCH more smoothly, which overall I think bode well for the evening. It was a lovely A-frame-to-teepee construction which lit at the first shot, much like the fires I would build for my girl scout troop.


Nov. 29th, 2007 07:34 pm
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I've had two dreams of "Zagreus". And they were both nearly identical. The first happened last month, right after the Dionysus dream, the second was today.

In both dreams, I'm going about my daily life, having normal conversations with people...but random words are replaced with the name "Zagreus"...for example, I'd be buying somehting in a store and the casheri will say "That will be thirty-two dollars and twenty-six Zagreus, please." Or I'll run into a freiend and they'll greet me with "How the Zagreus are you?" This continues throughout the dream.

ZAGREUS was the "first-born Dionysos," a god of the Orphic Mysteries. He was a son of Zeus and Persephone, who the god seduced in the guise of a serpent. After he was Zeus set him upon the throne of heaven armed with lightning bolts. The Titanes, inspired by the jealous goddess Hera, sneaked into Olympos, tricked the godling into setting aside the lightning bolts with the temptation of toys, then seized and dismembered him with knives. Zeus recovered the child's heart and making it into a potion, fed it to his love Semele. From the drink she conceived the younger Dionysos, as a reincarnation of the first.
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Between the grove and assorted conversations with Gavin lately, it seems that Odin has stuck somewhat in my brain in a mostly random and pointless way. I had several dreams last night, and the only one of which I actually remember involved sitting around at the grove and a bunch of people talking about Odin without actually saying anything... "I like Odin." "Odin is cool." "We should do more Odin rituals." "I like Odin too." "I read a book about Odin once."

I sometimes have the most boring dreams (Have to balance out the more uh...interesting ones, I guess. Not that I think I'd want to have more interesting dreams of Odin (or any other deity really, at this point. I think I've got my hands full as it is.)
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I got home from work last night a good hour or more earlier than I expected to- I never thought about the fact that once it turns midnight on Friday, they go back to a normal weekday schedule, so there was no waiting for a bus in Lutherville, and I only had to wait a few minutes for a bus at Greenmount and North ave...I tried to grab a cab from there because it was cold, and I didn't really feel like standing around there by myself after midnight.

The only cab that came by in that time was occupied, and after seeing me try to hail it, some no doubt well-meaning stranger waiting for the bus came over and started telling em that I should grab a hack. (I don't know if this is common anywhere else, it probably is however I've never seen it anywhere outside of Baltimore, so it's a really weird thing to me...but if you don't know, a hack is basically a random driver with a vehicle trying to act as a taxi. People do this hand-bouncy movement to flag them down (I swear, it's one of the stupidest things I've ever seen) or they will pull up to bus stops where people are gathered and honk their horn or ask if anyone wants a ride. Essentially, hitchiking with the drivers actively looking.)

Not anything I would ever want to do. For serious. So this guy starts telling me I should try to get a hack. I say no thanks. He asks why, and I'm a bit surprised that this question should need to be asked. We're talking about someone who's not licensed to be a taxi, with a car not designated as such, who knows what sort of insurance should anythign happen, and knowing absolutely nothing about the person themselves. Of course, with taxi drivers, you know nothing about them, but they've got the designated car, and all that other stuff attached to them. It's their freakin' job. Sh. clearly and nicely despite my irritation, thinking it was good on about how they're mostly licensed drivers with good insurance who are just trying to make some extra money and that when he had a car he hacked all the time, and if he had extra money on him tonight, he would find one instead of taking the bus. All this time, there's a car sitting at the corner honking its horn, I was just barely aware of it til the driver rolled down the window and asked if anyone wanted a hack...then this guy said "You should go take that one" and I said no and that I didn't really see any reason to continue this conversation, that if he liked hacks, that's great for him, but I'm going to stick with bus or taxi. and he just keeps right on going, then tells me that he wouldn't have taken that hack if he could, but I should have. WTF? Why on earth was he so insistent that I should hop in a car with a random stranger that he wouldn't have himself? (Of course, I had to ask this and he said somethign about the guy rolling down the window instead of opening the door, and otherwise he might have because it was a really nice car...ok, whatever...) So I said that I didn't really feel like debating the question anymore, and to let it drop and let me alone, and I went under then little glass shelter to try to get away from the wind. So this guy follows me and starts talking about some place that he got thanksgiving dinner...some restaurant that apparently gave everyone free dinner for four hours yesterday afternoon, and how none of the other restaurants around ever did that and it just wasn't right that other restaurants didn't give their food to everyone for free, and the only time another one did that was some Pakistani restaurant who was giving dinner to people who didn't have money, and he went there when he heard there was free dinner, but decided not to when he found out that it was "dinner for the poor" because he didn't want to get labeled and just because he has a few dollars in his pocket, he shouldn't be treated any different.

If the bus hadn't pulled up by then, I was seriously tempted to flag down a hack just to get the hell away from him. (Not that I would have, but definitely tempted.) I was afraid he'd try to sit near me on the bus and keep going, and found a lone empty seat surrounded by occupied seats and he had to sit outside of coversational range, so I escaped the annoyance.

I came home last night, went to bed almost immediately- was tired, had about three hours sleep in the last thirty or so. Fell immediately to sleep, and spent the night having a string of really weird dreams, the most memorable one involved me being in Lancaster, for some reason carrying around a huge potted plant, a computer and monitor, a backpack and some other things. I was sitting in a bar trying to eat dinner...I'd ordered pork chops and mashed potatoes or something like that, and suddenly realized that my dinner had vanished, plate and all- as in, wasn't there and I hadn't even had a bit of it. I realized that they'd brought it to me about an hour ago, and next thign I know, no dinner. I looked around for it, couldn't find it...asked the bartender and he said somethign about the other bartender taking it and putting it somewhere to keep it warm for me- I was rather annoyed with this, I'd wanted to eat my dinner. So he pulled the plate out of some sort of heating box, and I found that the meat had been cut into strips and arranged in some weird pattern, and that was all that was on the plate. I took a bite and found the meat cold and chewy, when I complained, the bartender told me to eat it anyway. I don't think I ever did. for some reason, the computer that I had with me was on the bar with the monitor, the power plugged in and the monitor on...I tried to connect to the internet but forgot that there would be no internet connection. When I realized this, I gave up.

Elsewhere in the bar, a group of women were demanding a higher bar stool for one of their friends who was supposedly very tall. The bartender told them to just hit the lever on the side to adjust the height...this wasn't to their liking, so their friend took the stool and put it on top of the table and sat up there while her friends applauded.

Shortly after this, I left the bar with my computer, monitor, potted plant and assorted other things and found a taxi to take me home. I got out of the car about a block from my house and ran into a friend of my parents...who was dressed as Santa Claus. He offered to help me carry my stuff to the house. Got in the house, no one else was home- I was expecting my family to be there. Soon afterwards though, they did show up and guy in Santa suit sprinted out the front door. At that point, I realized that I'd never paid the taxi driver, and decide that I needed to do something about that. I was going to call the cab company, b8ut I only knew one phone number for a cab company, and it was the wrong company (Dream took place in Lancaster. There are two cab companies in Lancaster city, one of them has a very easy phone number to remember- 392-2222. The other, not so much. I took a cab from the other company.) so I started searching for a phone book, found one in a kitchen drawer and suddenly forgot what I was looking for. Then I remembered, and I got to the right page...but I then couldn't remember which cab company it was that I needed to call.

In the middle fo all this, my parents were putting up a Christmas tree, against the front door in the entranceway (bi-level house, so the front door opened to a set of stairs going up and one going down. That's where the Christmas tree was going.) It was a small tree- odd because my mom has slightly ostentatious tastes when it comes to Christmas trees- and it was sitting on a table. But it was laden with tinsel and glittery ornaments and lights. There was another, similar tree already in place upstairs in the living room, though less elaborately decorated.

This dream wasn't actually taking place at Christmas time, it was the middle of the summer- though kinda chilly for the summer.

That's all I remember...I think this was the dream that ended up being interrupted by the doorbell (by this time it was morning). It rang a second time and since I'm expecting some books that I ordered, I scrambled to get up and down the stairs lest I should miss the mail turned out to be a couple of Jehova's Witnesses. I was still mostly asleep, and all squinty-eyed, so I just waved my hand and mumbled "No, no go away" of them turned to walk away, the other was looking at me kinda strangely and holding out one of their magazines and riffling through her stuff, pulled out a brochure with the word "modesty" printed across the top." I waved again, said "No, I'm going back to sleep" and closed the door. Heading back upstairs, I realized that the zippered top I had thrown on was only zipper about halfway. I went back to sleep for another three and a half hours.

And that, folks, has been my Black Friday so far. No amazon books, but two netflix movies have arrived as expected. I will probably run around the corner to Ghettomart at some point to get half and half for coffee. I plan to write this Lampteria ritual for next week. And maybe even read a bit.
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I'm having more nightmares lately, which is really unpleasant. I'm used to having two maybe three huge ones a years, I've had several just in the past couple of months.

This one ws last night: I was at a light rail stop and there was some gang fight going on and I was inadvertently stuck near one of the gangs...both sides got mad at me for no reason other than the fact that I was there. They didn't seem to believe that I wasn't trying to cause any trouble, and I finally threw myself down on the ground, face down, trying to show them that I didn't mean any trouble for either side and that I didn't want to get caught in the middle, and that I had no intention of doing anything. the opposing gang started shooting at the gang nearest me, and a bunch of them threw themselves on the ground to avoid gunfire, but a couple of them remained standing up, pointing rifles at me, one pointed his just a few inches from my head. They kept threatening to kill me, despite the fact that the other gang was still shooting at them, none of them were ever hit and they never shot back at the other gang. I pulled my arms up so that my elbows were underneath me and my face rested on my forearms, but my hands were clasped over the top of my head, just above my forehead and started praying for protection. I don't know if a trigger was ever pulled on a gun or not. After a few minutes, I felt warm hands covering mine and someone spreading a veil or shroud or some similar covering over my body from head to toe, despite laying face down, I could see everything going on around me in my mind, and my uh, inner vision, mental vision, whatever you want to call it went kinda dark, as if a shade had been pulled and then I woke up.
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People this time, not gods.

So way out of the blue. But I had a dream involving John Grossi. I don't really remember what it was about, but there were quite a few people at my house and he was one of them.

Also, sometime before that I had another dream that I need to remember. I was looking something up on need to remember what I was looking up in the dream. All I remember is that it isn't something that I need to look up directly itself, but there was something about the search that was an answer to something that I'm looking for. I realized this, sat up, went "a-ha!" And then promptly forgot what it was.


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