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It seems I have them now too. As of Sunday. (No, seriously, I can pinpoint when they hit me.) Before this, I've only ever been allergic to a few things that I just had to avoid touching or ingesting- stinging nettle, malt beverages, cyclobenziprine and fluoricine. (Probably other medications as well, but none known so far.)

And now, I am allergic to the air in Eugene. I've been waiting for this to happen. Hopefully, they will be gone once we move next week.

How do I know it's allergies? Severely itchy throat causing me a lot of horrible coughing and as a result of that, a sore throat, and being semi-stuffed up all the time. The symptoms don't really get any worse or better, they just stay the same since the onset. And I don't feel sick. I just feel like hell.

To make me feel better, a bunny!
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Something I've noticed here in Eugene that rather confounds me- there seem to be a lot of University of Texas fans around here. Practically every time I go out, I see someone in an orange Longhorn shirt or hat. I haven't seen this many since...I lived in Texas.

Just a few mintues ago, I ran to the grocery store. There are a couple of guys at the grocery store down the block from us who are Longhorn fans and wear their tshirts pretty much every weekend. One of them was at the cash register today. I was wearing an old, beat-up, paint-stained Southern Methodist tshirt. The conversation went like this:

Him: Hi, how are you today? (looks at the print on my shirt) Oh, SMU? Gee, I'm sorry.

Me: Hey, I wasn't there for the football! But you know, they did have Dickerson once upon a time.

Him: That was a very long time ago.

Me: Maybe, but hey I could have done worse, you know. I could have-

Him -been an Aggie?

Me: Exactly.

And we both had a good laugh.

In other news, the weather is wonderful and I should have another job interview coming up this week. In yet other news, I'm working on a "suggested reading" page for my blog.


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