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[ profile] newdance recently decided to put together a Hellenic web forum because there are so few of them. The Cauldron and Mystic Wicks have Hellenic Sub-forums. The Cauldron's is pretty good, though it's not very big and the one on Mystic Wicks, despite being an extremely active forum overall (I think it's actually the largest pagan forum that I know of- it has over 26,000 members) is extremely slow and for a while there, discussions were getting largely dominated by a few people. Other than that, there's one forum that's mostly Greek-language and one English-language forum that sends most people running- either of their own accord or because they've been banned- very quickly.

And he made me moderator. (Be afraid, be very afraid.)

So for anyone who is interested in Hellenic religion (strict reconstruction, Hellenic neopaganism, syncretism, etc, there are several different sub-forums as well as a whole list of sub-forums for specific deities) come on and check it out. Religion is the main focus, but there are also sub-forums for philosophy, culture, language and history. Come check it out.
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Not bad for less than an hour's work, I think... :-)

The last moments of night pass in stillness,
all is calm in the darkest hour.
The world, asleep, save those who stir
under the star-dotted cloak of Nyx

The moments slip away unnoticed as the brightest star
ascends the heavens:
Eosphoros, herald of the dawn begins to climb
and the grey wolf-light, twilight of morning
breaks on the horizon.

In the morning-star's wake,
a sliver of red light breaks the grey,
reaches higher, red becoming rosy, then golden;
Eos, light-bringer, flies forth,
borne on dawn's wings from the river Okeanos.

The eastern horizon brightens as the dark cloak of night fades;
Stars lay to rest, washed out by the waking day.

Now following the far-reaching fingers of dawn,
four white stallions on fire-wings venture forth
racing acrosss the sky, trailed by a golden chariot.
Purple-clad Helios, eyes flashing, brilliant-crowned
drives his team through the day's hours
bringing light to the Earth.

They fly higher, growing brighter,
now riding at their course's peak,
now slowly beginning the descent as the light fades
sinking to the realm of the Hesperides
in the far western reaches
of the vast river encircling the earth

Nyx begins again to traverse the sky,
star-cloaked woman, night-winged bird
slips silently from the east
as golden light deepends to red and falls from sight

Trailing the edge of darkness, a silver glow takes flight
Moon-crowned Selene, drawn by winged oxen sails silently
amidst the stars, casting pale rays down at the shadowed earth,
pauses in her travels to steal a kiss from sleeping Endymion,
then begins her slow decline
as the last moments of night pass in stillness,
all is calm in the darkest hour.
The world, asleep, save those who stir
under the star-dotted cloak of Nyx

The moments slip away unnoticed as the brightest star
ascends the heavens:
Eosphoros, herald of the dawn begins to climb
and the grey wolf-light, twilight of morning
breaks on the horizon.
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Charles is hellbent on me teaching a class at Ecumenicon on something or other Hellenic. Preferably, it seems, related to the Homeric hymns (this came up back in October after he saw some of the ones I'd written) and current;y has two time slots reserved for me.

Eep. Two. When I was talking to him before, he was talking about doing this for the 2009 conference. I had later emailed him with a different idea that was more apropos to the conference theme, he liked that idea and asked me to write up a proposal if I wanted to do it....and then a whole bunch of things happened and it fell by the wayside. Then I came into work tonight and found an email from him in my inbox saying that I have two spaces reserved. (Unfortunately, one is up against Jane Sibley's ritual, which I would love to take part in again. It was quite the experience last time.)

So I emailed Charles and told him that what I would want to do is one on a discussion of ancient hymns, and one on creation myth and the protogenoi. seems the gods want to keep me out of trouble. Arkon Polemakros, CLG Witan, clergy training, now this.

This all reminds me, I haven't been writing hymns lately. I need to start doing that again. I opened a notebook yesterday and found the beginning of one to Athena...I remember having a great idea for one and then losing it. Hopefully, I can recover it. Or come up with something else.

So I'm looking through the Ecumenicon schedule and seeing several classes on material apropos to the CTP- mostly in the realm of divination. That can't hurt. Pass up the opportunity to learn about rune casting with Jane Sibley? Not I. Ethnics of divination....yeah, very useful topics.
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[ profile] chironcentaur:

Respecting the worship of Iris very few traces have come down to us, and we only know that the Delians offered to her on the island of Hecate cakes made of wheat and honey and dried figs
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So being that it was Imbolc, and our ritual is next week, we had a guided meditation at the Grove last night to meet Brigid, done by Steph.

Now I'm not good with guided meditation to begin with...but lemme tell you, for whatever reason, it worked spectacularly badly for me last night. It wasn't the meditation mind you, it was me.

I wasn't really expecting a lot. I'm a Hellenic polytheist. Brigid who? I participate in the celebration of Imbolc because I am part of the Grove. Though, I have had some serious considerations about sitting this year out- especially after last night, but I've already committed to doing a part in the ritual (something that I know I'll have no problem doing despite being utterly disconnected from Irish gods) so I will not skip it.

So this meditation took the form of "You are walking along a road next to a stream...." I'm sure many of you are familiar with the format. One would think that I could muster the visualization of a road and a stream, and a forest, all that standard stuff right?


So throughout this entire mediiation, what do I see? Well, you know hen you close your eyes and look towards a light, you see not black, but kinda greyish with colored abstract patterns? That's what I saw. I didn't even have solid ground to walk on. I was walking through grey abstract, well, whatever.

The only other visuals I got were, fist of all there came a point where a tree was supposed to appear in front of impossibly huge tree stretching up to the sky. And we were supposed to climb it.

What sort of tree did I get? A cypress tree. Not really surprised (Steph's comment later on was "so when do you get that tattoo finished?") but...cyrpess trees don't really lend themselves to climbing. I didn't really climb it, I just sorta stood there wondering how on earth I was supposed to climb it. Oh yeah...and this tree also had no solid ground. just...abstract greyness under it. After climbing the tree, we were supposed to arrive at solid ground again. Like I said, I didn't climb. Not that I didn't want to, I was kinda bummed out not to have a tree to climb, but like I said...cypress trees aren't really structured in a way to be climbable.

Next, an animal was supposed to appear in front of us. Well, I got an animal. Dragonfly. I felt the presence of a deer, but didn't see it. But I definitely saw the dragonfly. I was walking along then with this dragonfly in front of me, every now and then it would turn around and hover in mid-air, and just look at me. It was a normal looking green dragonfly, but every now and then I would take a second glance and it would be much larger, like a small bird, and turquoise in color, and then it would be a normal-looking dragondfly again.

Then at the point where we were supposed to be in Brigid's forge, just before leaving, we were supposed to walk into the fire. As soon as I heard the words "step into the fire", I didn't step...I fell. And it wasn't Brigid's fire. I was surrounded in an infinite sea of fire, and while this was hardly a simple home hearth, I knew that it was Hestia. And she said to me very clearly "I may be a small hearth fire, but never forget I am fire."

(Ironic enough, as I started typing this last paragraph, the song "I Dare You" by Shinedown came on my ipod. Which is set to a random shuffle. If you don't know it, the first line of the chorus is "I dare you to tell me to walk through the fire...")

I don't remember the fire subsiding, I don't even remember being specifically aware of it not being there, but at some point, it was no longer and I was back to abstract and grey. The last thing that was supposed to happen leaving the forge was that another animal was supposed to appear to us to lead back through the forest. This time a deer did appear. And the dragonfly was still there.

I think I was expecting to see Brigid, but have her ignore me, I didn't get that. It seems though that those who are usually around took advantage of my meditative state.
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If you haven't caught this yet, according to this professor, Concerning Hellenic pagans, it's just "pagan-lite" without blood sacrifices.

(I don't claim to be attempting to completely recreate the Ancient Hellenic religion. However, I don't think that the fact that I'm not performing animal sacrifice means that my belief in the gods is somehow diluted.

For the record, I am not opposed to animal sacrifice. I also do not believe that anyone who thinks it's okay to eat meat should be opposed to animal sacrifice. No, I'm not talking about the senseless torture and killings of people's cats and various other animals that crop up especially at Halloween time. )

Edited again to add this response from Oinokhoe )
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For [ profile] acousticdryad (And anyone else interested too.)

Encyclopedia of the Goddess Athena
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Oh...and I woke up in the middle of the night, wrote this and went back to sleep. It's unedited, unrefined, but I kinda like it.

Polyhymnia Fades

She had such a sad face, the one who was
taken for granted
What was she to do once she had served her purpose?
So she retreats and returns,
obliging when called again to sing
the Glories of other Gods her own
name fades from presence her task
complete, her words preserved in the cover
of the work of a mere mortal- he never knew what
it cost her to always remember the others,
never to be remembered as one Herself
lost in the shadows of the Others
forgotten again, she fades away.

edit: I just added the second to last line


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