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(I've only been trying for a year and a half to write one to him.)

I begin to sing of manic, roaring Dionysus who holds Delphi in The Shining One's Hyperborean absence.

In the cold winter months, you come bringing your wine and wild abandon. You inspire your followers, by night, to give themselves over to liberation in the hands of intoxication. The aged nectar of your sweet grapes drives them to raging in forests, fields and hillsides to touch unspeakable mysteries which none but you can reveal.

You break the bounds between mortality and immortality: torn to pieces by the Titans, you have crossed the threshold at the end to return again to the beginning. Shattering more boundaries, you ventured to the dead in search of Semele, slain by the true face of Zeus and brought her back to Olympus: Thyone, your mother, immortalized.

Clad in skins and bearing torches, your worshipers dance in whirling frenzy. The reveling horde gains momentum and spurs itself on through the night with you at its core, a spectacle of madness in orbit around the lord of ecstasy.

Hail to you, god of freedom! I pray that you be generous with your blessings!
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I will sing of the earth-shaking Poseidon, son of Cronus, brother of Thundering Zeus. Dark-haired mighty land-rumbler, your quakes cause the mountains to be born, their jagged new peaks thrusting towards the sky while old ones shatter and fall. Great Lord of the sea which dashes against rocky cliffs and laps the sandy shore, your strength can crush a ship to splinters or cradle it upon your rolling waves.

It is in your honor that voyagers make sacrifice, that you may protect them as they cross your vast expanses and with your blessings, colonists sent forth by the Far-Shooter may reach new lands unharmed.

Hail to you, Poseidon, who rules the harsh and gentle seas! I pray that you will grant honor to my song.

Just wrote this one today. It's been a while since I wrote one of these. I've got a decent start on one for Dionysus too I think.
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I wrote this one today for the upcoming grove ritual this weekend.

Sing sweet-voiced Muse of the owl-eyed goddess,
Most skilled weaver of splendid tapestries,
Favored daughter of Zeus, you triumphed over Poseidon
to hold the city of Athens and the right to its name.
Your gift of olive trees to mankind is unmatched,
its uses countless.
Goddess of strength, savior, defender,
Sharp-eyed keeper of the city
Under your protection, citizens flourish
and warriors are victorious in battle.
Hail to Athena, glorious goddess!
I will remember you and another song as well.
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Hymn # 7 To Asteria as Delos:

Sing, clear-voiced Muses of shining Asteria, daughter of bright Phoibe who fell from the sky and dwelled beneath the sea until far-wandering Leto came to give birth. Then, blessed star-goddess, you rose from the deep to become Delos, obscure wave-tossed island, that your sister may have respite from her forced wanderings. She swore by the Styx that did you welcome her son’s birth on your soil, you would enjoy great renown. There, many goddesses gathered while Iris the storm-footed fetched Eilythia and Hera’s rage was calmed by Zeus. Then, with a great cry, golden Apollo was born and a temple was built. Four pillars rose up from the sea-floor to hold you fast, no longer to be tossed about by the waves and men brought great sacrifices to your shores. Greatest of the Cyclades, a boat does not pass in your sight without stopping to offer homage at your temple!

To you, Asteria, hail! I will remember you and another song also.

Hymn # 10: To Hermes the Clever One:

Of fleet-footed Hermes I begin my song, clever one born of Maia who devised many genius inventions. Swiftly, your winged sandals bear you between the realms of Zeus and Hades and mortal man, carrying messages, thieving cattle and guiding souls on their final journey. Sweetly sings the lyre as the player’s fingers caress and dance over its strings and the melodious tune wafts from the shepherd’s pipe, drifting softly over hill and pasture while the fire stick brings warmth and light.

To you, Hermes, quick-thinking inventor, hail! I will remember you and another song also.

Hymn #11: to Leto, Artemis and Apollo

Fair-voiced Muses, sing of modest Leto and her divine children. Of she who is most gentle of all Olympians, loved by Zeus, dark-robed mother who traveled far, veiled one who goes unseen. Daughter of shining Phoibe, you, twin-bearing goddess are revered among motals!

And of Artemis, huntress of the forest, clad in saffron tunic, you whom no man may possess. Attended by nymphs, you roam free, unhindered by domestic bonds, protecting your wild lands and dancing with the Muses on Olympus.

and of Apollo of the lyre and silver bow, oracle-giving lord of Delphi, most beautiful of the gods, your gifts are many. You grant true visions and lead the muses in heavenly song as you pluck clear notes from your lyre.

To you, Leto, Artemis and Apollo, gentle mother and archer twins, hail! I seek your blessings and honor to my song.
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Charles is hellbent on me teaching a class at Ecumenicon on something or other Hellenic. Preferably, it seems, related to the Homeric hymns (this came up back in October after he saw some of the ones I'd written) and current;y has two time slots reserved for me.

Eep. Two. When I was talking to him before, he was talking about doing this for the 2009 conference. I had later emailed him with a different idea that was more apropos to the conference theme, he liked that idea and asked me to write up a proposal if I wanted to do it....and then a whole bunch of things happened and it fell by the wayside. Then I came into work tonight and found an email from him in my inbox saying that I have two spaces reserved. (Unfortunately, one is up against Jane Sibley's ritual, which I would love to take part in again. It was quite the experience last time.)

So I emailed Charles and told him that what I would want to do is one on a discussion of ancient hymns, and one on creation myth and the protogenoi. seems the gods want to keep me out of trouble. Arkon Polemakros, CLG Witan, clergy training, now this.

This all reminds me, I haven't been writing hymns lately. I need to start doing that again. I opened a notebook yesterday and found the beginning of one to Athena...I remember having a great idea for one and then losing it. Hopefully, I can recover it. Or come up with something else.

So I'm looking through the Ecumenicon schedule and seeing several classes on material apropos to the CTP- mostly in the realm of divination. That can't hurt. Pass up the opportunity to learn about rune casting with Jane Sibley? Not I. Ethnics of divination....yeah, very useful topics.
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Well I've been writing these hymns for a few weeks now and of course, I wanted to write for Apollo But um...well, for all I can write invocations and general poetry, the idea of writing a hymn- daunting!

Then last night, I was reading through some of Burkert's Greek Religion (how on earth have I lived so long without that book? I must have my own copy! I've heard people- even die-hard Hellenics say that it's dry and boring and blah blah That's crazy. I just wanted to lock myself in a room and read the whole thing in one sitting. So it's definitely at the top of the list of books to acquire ASAP.

Anyway, I'm reading the section under"Individual gods" on Apollo when I come across a very interesting bit on the idea of how Apollo's bow and lyre- both stringed items- are symbolic of his dual nature- I've never thought of this before, but damn, it makes sense. And then- inspiration. Woohoo. And I give to you:

Sing Muses of Apollo, golden-voiced son of Leto. No sound is as terrible as your bowstring when you loose your arrows, nor is none so sweet as the strings of your lyre when you play your divine song. Rescuer of man, or enemy, you heal the dying and send plagues of devistation. Awesome and awful, mortals fall to their knees in your reverence or tremble in fear. Blessed or cursed is one in your presence.

And so hail to you, lord with power to deny or preserve life! I will remember you and another song also.

I also finished one this weekend to Asteria Delos.
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I wrote this one as an offering for the upcoming ritual this weekend...

Begin my song, oh Muses, to three who traverse the boundaries,
walking always between the world of the gods on Olympus, man on Earth and the souls dwelling beyond the River Styx, sing of three who travel far and carry messages of gods and mortal man.

Sing first, sweet-voiced Muses of delicate Hekate, whom Asteria bore, bright-coiffed maiden, favored of Zeus who accompanies Persephone. Generous are you, torch-bearing goddess, when men offer rich sacrifices in your name!

And sing, oh Muse of Iris the storm-footed who treads along the rainbow, carrier of the waters of the Styx upon which the gods swear their oaths, mother of desire who fetched Eiliythia to Delos, Great-Winged wondrous one who replenishes the rain clouds from the waters of the sea, privileged are those in your presence to behold a vision of beauty!

And Muses, sing now of the son of Zeus who bears the golden staff, swift and boundless Hermes who hears and carries messages, clever one who stole away the Far-Shooter's cattle, luck-bringing god of chance who speeds between all realms. Keeper of herds, sweet is the song that sounds from the lyre, your invention and too, from the pipes which you play!

To you, Hekate, Iris and Hermes, hail! Heed our prayers and grant your blessings to this rite!
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Written for Cedarlight Grove's Autumn Equinox ritual next week, to be used as part of the invocation to Iris (I've never done a shared invocation before, so this will be different...

Fair-voiced Muses, begin to sing of Storm-Footed Iris, Messenger of Heaven who travels swiftly. Oh wondrous one, born of Thaumas and Elektra, your presence is known when the rainbow graces the heavens with its fleeting colors as you race from Olympus to the world of man. Quick-running goddess clad in a thousand hues, twin to faint Arke, blessed are your golden wings which carry you and the divine messages in your charge!

To you, rainbow goddess, hail! Be gracious, Aellopus and look upon this rite with favor.
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To Eos, Goddess of the Dawn:

I begin my song to Eos, yellow-robed bringer of the first light who dispels the darkness as you ascend the sky from the river Okheanos. Immortal Bright One, Mother of the four winds, early-rising and radiant goddess grant your new-born light to the Earth and honor to my song!

To you, brilliant goddess of the heavens borne on golden wings, hail! Morning has come and I will remember you and another song as well.

To Hypnos and Morpheus:

Begin, lovely Muse to sing of Hypnos who dwells beyond the gates of dawn, bearer of the opium poppy who grants rest to mortals. And to Morpheus, shaper of dreams who brings messages in sleep.

To you, winged sons of Night, I pray be generous with your blessings!

(Yeah, there's more of 'em...)
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I was feeling a bit inspired last night, and decided to give a shot to writing some Homeric-style hymns. This came while looking through some printouts of information on the protogenoi from and rereading Theogony.

I think I will be revising them to some degree and maybe making them a bit longer, and keep in mind that I've never tried to write in this style before so please be kind if you comment :-P But here's what I have so far...

Hymn #1, To Khaos

Fair-voiced Muses, begin my song of Khaos, first and oldest of all,
Dark void of the beginning, vast origin from which all life emerged so long ago in time before time, She who bore Gaia, Mother and Provider to all and Eros whose domain is generation of man. Of you I sing, infinite one of whom dark, misty Erebos was born, and deep-bodied Nyx, whose mantle is dusted with stars.

And so hail to you, Khaos, giver of first life! I will remember you and another song as well.

Hymn #2 To Nyx and Erebos and their offspring

To deep Nyx I begin my song, heavenly queen who wears the stars like jewels and masks the dazzling light of day. Sweet Muses, sing also of dark Erebos, misty obscuring one, and of the joining of Night and Darkness which brought forth the Moirai, strong grey-clad goddesses who spin the thread of birth and death, and Hypnos- winged god of sleep who loved beautiful Endymion, and of Morpheus who brings dreams to men.

To you, Darkness and Night and your divine sons and daughters, Hail! I remember you and another song also.


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