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Probably bad: They're making a movie adaptation of Kerouac's On The Road.

Absolutely, positively, without a doubt in the world bad: That twit from the fucking sparkle-sparkle-weenie vampire movies is gonna be in it.


This will not end well.

I've read I think six of Kerouac's books, and with the exception of Maggie Cassidy which featured one of the most annoyingly boring main characters I can ever remember reading about, I loved them. For the record though, On the Road isn't my favorite of his books- it's The Town and The City, which I have been seriously considering rereading. I think that that one would make for a better film adaptation, but it would never happen- how many people have heard of on the Road? Yeah, now how many people have heard of the Town and The City?

(Of course, a film adaptation would probably still suck.)

Star Trek

Jan. 11th, 2010 12:53 am
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Finally just watched the Star Trek movie. Wasn't really sure what to expect besides a lot of explosions from what I've seen in trailers. (I've never seen a Star Trek movie, besides a collective total of less than half an hour of Nemesis and Insurrection, and I've only ever seen a few episodes of the original series- and that would have been when I was maybe five or six years old. I did, however, watch a significant chunk of The Next Generation, Voyager and Enterprise- and liked all of them. In fact, at the point where I stopped working at the office, I was two seasons into watching all of Voyager on DVD via Netflix) It was a lot more dramatic than the TV shows generally are- is that typical for Star Trek movies?

Anyway...The characters were pretty flat: there was no character development- and no room for it either (Not to mention that I kept seeing Sylar, not Spock)- the story really wasn't that great, the movie overall had some major flaws. But I was entertained. Very entertained. It was a fun action movie, and I really liked the visual style. I wish I'd had the chance to see it in the theater, but at the time other things just kept coming up. As very flawed as I find the movie, I like it enough that I may consider picking up the DVD one of these days if I were to find it for cheap.

Yay for being entertained!
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currently watching Orfeu, which is a remake of Black Orpheus, a retelling of the myth of Orpheus and Eurydice set during Rio's Carnival. One of my former coworkers was from Brazil and has seen both, he thinks that Orfeu is better. Black Orpheus was slow and plodding for the first 45 minutes or so- could have done without a good deal of it, but the rest of it was disorienting, garish and heartbreaking. (In this case, the garishness was perfectly appropriate.) I think I could have done without the last couple of minutes too, but overall, the movie was very well worth watching- enough that I bought it.)

I hope Orfeu is good too.
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I'm watching The Double Life Of Veronique here at work. God, this movie is so beautiful. And the dancing marionette looks disturbingly alive and real, despite the puppeteer's hands being right there and not even attempting to hide. I didn't realize there was an alternate ending on the Criterion Collection dvd til I was looking at wikipedia earlier tonight.
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Below is a list of all the films nominated for a Best Picture Academy Award since 1944 (with the winning picture at the top of the list for each year, with the exception of 2006).

Bold the ones you've seen.

Cut for length. Commentary included. )

Looking over this list, it amazes me how many of these movies I've enver heard of, how many supposedly great movies I can't stand, and how many more I have no interst in seeing.
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Watch The Double Life Of Veronique. Seriously.

The story isn't nearly as fantastical, but if you like one, it's not too far a stretch that you'll like the other.
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Now Watching Behind The Red Door.

Started out not terrible- Keiffer Sutherland as a truly loathsome asshole.

Then it devolves into things like "Do you think god will let me into his kingdom? I'd let him into mine if he asked."

Pardon me while I roll my eyes at the cheese.


Mar. 13th, 2008 01:41 am
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Watching the movie Orlando right now.

Didn't know they granted PG-13 ratings to movies with full frontal nudity.

Whatever the case may be, interesting story.

Side note, Tilda Swinton is hot.
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Going to Caryn and Will's tomorrow for between working. I work til 8am, come home, go to Caryn and Will's for dinner, then go back to work...for three whomping hours. It's going to take me that long to get back home *sigh* Oh well.

I likely will not leave the house on Friday...or if I do, it will be as a result of people going to work at the grove, or some other thing that does NOT involve any sort of shopping. I may very well just stay in with my dvd player (I have two netflix movies scheduled to show up on Friday, not to mention still having the Criterion Collection edition of The Double Life Of Veronique) or a couple of books. (I ordered a couple from Amazon recently and picked up the Mabinogion at B&N this past weekend. Oh, and there's Kerenyi's Dionysus book. And a couple of Marquez's novellas and...and...and... der, I read. I aer smert.)
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Currently watching the Tim Burton Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory.

Never had an interest of seeing it, but [ profile] chironcentaur flipped it on and I was sitting nearby.

I can't remember the last movie that I laughed so much at. I might actually consider buying it.

Johnny Depp's delivery of dialog is absolutely genius. It doesn't hurt that his dialog is a riot to begin with.
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So I just watched Stomp The Yard.

The bits of dance scenes that the showed in previews were what made me want to see it. And I've heard that the scenes were enough to make the movie with watching. As great as they were, I beg to differ.

What scenes there were were awesome. I've always found dancing to be fascinating, and this was no exception. The opening scene was astounding...the end was pretty good, but nowhere near as good. There were a few descent, far too short scenes in the middle. The whole thing was one of the most superficial, ridiculously predictable stories I've ever seen. I can't remember the last time I sat through a movie whose story I could predict so easily. And character development was nonexistent.

I could have done with a lot more of the dance scenes. The combinations of dancing and gymnastics was incredible. Unfortunately there wasn't enough of it.
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Well, I just finally finished my last little bits of revising and editing and sent my three essays to Raven for resubmitting for acceptance to work on the clergy training.

And now, I start the process of waiting again. Hopefully this doesn't take as long as my DP, and I can move on with it.

i discovered a book on amazon the other week while looking for something else- The Oracle, Ancient Delphi And The Science Behind Its Lost Secrets.

It arrived today, I started reading it on my way to work. So far...quite fascinating. I'm only still in the first chapter, but just reading it makes me want to visit Delphi so much more already.

It's been suggested that I run for secretary of the Hellenic kin in ADF. Oh, what am I saying? No one else is running. I'm also planning to run for grove witan. I took a look at the kin doesn't *look* like something that would take away from my ability to serve on teh grove witan. It's not like I'm planning to run for senior druid (though, I'm eligible to do so if I wanted to. But I'm not insane, and there are some aspects of that job that I would not be comfortable with taking on...mostly the parts involving managing the property. If it weren't for that, I *might* consider it. But there's also the fact that I've never served on the Witan and would prefer to do so in some other capacity before I ever even thought about running for none of that for me.

I brought a couple of movies to work with me this evening- White and Blind Chance. But it turns out that I'm just not in the mood to watch Polish movies at the moment. Or anything that's even half serious really. And it's that time of night when my attention span is completely out to lunch. So maybe I'll just have a nap.
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Finally saw The Virgin Suicides this weekend- Barnes and Noble was selling it as a two-dvds-in-one-box thing with American Beauty for $14. I wanted AB, And would have willingly paid that much just for that one, so getting another movie with it was a bonus. I read the book back when I moved to Baltimore, in my summer of many library trips when I had no money to do anything else. It was a pretty decent book, though rather short. The movie was pretty good...I thin it followed the book more closely than any other movie adaptation of a book I've ever seen. The soundtrack was good and the aesthetic was generally rather pretty (except maybe for the party scene at the end, but even that had a sort of twisted, demented beauty to it.)

So...$14 well-spent, and my dvd collection (tiny as it is, there are SO many movies I'd never want to own, and ) gets two additions.


Apr. 14th, 2007 08:20 pm
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Movies I own...mostly for my own reference, and for anyone else who ever wondered what sort of movies I might own. In no particular order, except for the order in which they come to mind.

Abre Los Ojos (The Spanish movie of which Vanilla Sky is a remake)
Before Sunrise
Before Sunset
Brokedown Palace
Chances Are
Cinema Paradiso
Code 46
Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon
Dead Poets Society
Empire Of The Sun
Great Expectations (1998)
House Of Flying Daggers
Kristin Lavransdatter
A Midsummer Night's Dream (1999)
Much Ado About Nothing
Swing Kids
Tristan And Isolde
Vanilla Sky
Warriors Of Heaven And Earth

We Don't Live Here Anymore & Criminal (just ordered cause I found them for $2 each on Amazon Marketplace and had a visa gift card to finish off. Bitch all you want about their per-item shipping charges, I have gotten quite a few almost or brand new dvds, cd's and books from Amazon for much less than their regular price, even after shipping. Both of these, for example were only about a fourth or a third of their regular Amazon prices.)

(Okay so I alphabetized them.)
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Any Krzystoff Kieslowski fans here?

How about anyone that's just seen The Double Life Of Veronique?

Eeeeeeenteresting movie. I need to watch it again.
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I watched two Brazillian movies this weekend- Black Orpheus last night and Midnight: 2000 Seen By... tonight
Black Orpheus is a 1950's retelling of the myth of Orpheus and Euridyce. If I didn't know the myth, I would have had no clue what was going on. The first 45 minutes or so rest of it though, was rather surreal and quite well done. Orpheus's search for Euridyce was actually quite heartbreaking. I could have done without the last two mintues or so though.

Midnight: 2000 Seen By was a sorta interesting one. The Netflix description was kinda sucky. The movie was really short- less than an hour and a half. Basically about two people on the last two days of 1999- one getting dumped by her boyfriend, one escaping from prison to kill a snitch. She becomes suicidal and goes up on her roof to jump and meets him up there. No, the movie doesn't end all sappy-happy. Actually, it's really only the last 10 mintues or so of the movie that are really all that good. It was pretty obvious to me what was going to happen, but I still like the way they carried it out.

Back to work tomorrow. Time to sleep soon.
badstar: (Default) The Last Mimsy looks like a really dumb movie.

But I just read that Brian Greene made an appearance in there somewhere?

Hmmm...out of sheer morbid curiosity I may have to drop it into my Netflix queue once it hits dvd.


May. 26th, 2004 05:03 pm
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Ever seen the movie Cinema Paradiso?
Seen the New Version?

See it! Get your hands on a copy and watch it!

Cinema Paradiso is such a beautiful movie...and the New Version adds so much to it, it really does make the stry more complete...if you've ever seen it, especially if you paid close attention to the closing credits, it fills in a HUGE hole...

I have a copy on DVD if anyone wants to see it. Actually, I may very well have another dinner and movie evening at my house...last one brought only 3 guests...but we did have fun watching Abre los Ojos!

Give me a weekend or two to get past and recover from PDF and i'll set a date.


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