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Dear Universe,

This isn't funny, really. First Tony. Then Gary. And Roland, Ogie and Tiffany. Now the new coworker.

Who the hell do I have to blow around here to get a coworker that doesn't snore?

Not only does she snore but her head bobs back and forth with each snore like something I've only ever previously seen in cartoons.

Seriously, knock it off.

Running out of patience,



May. 22nd, 2008 04:52 am
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I know, I've been kinda quiet lately...not much to write about at the moment really. Life is mostly amazingly quiet right now, and after the last several months, I'm all for that.

Going up to PA tomorrow night to bum around Lancaster for the weekend. Girlfriend's gonna meet the 'rents. I took off work for my Thursday evening shift as well as next Monday night (that means I'm going to miss out on a few hours of holiday pay...ah well. Fourth of July isn't that far down the road...)

Last weekend Gavin and I were in Lutherville coming back from Towson...were headed to the Giant by the light rail stop to pick up a few things when I decided that we had to stop in the pet store and look at little fuzzy critters. Chincillas, bunnies, assorted rodents...there was a gorgeous albino corn snake (shades of bright pink and coral....absolutely beautiful. Ok, i know, not a fuzzy critter, I get it.)

While checking out the rodents, Gavin I dunno, soul-bonded or something with a little loner of a miniature rat. (No, not mouse, miniature rat. Who knew?) After inquiring with the store clerk, finding out that their care and feeding is pretty much the same as that of mice, we ended up bringing two home. I'll post some pictures at some point in the near future. Adorable little things, they are.

Got two new people at work. Have been working with one of the last night and tonight. Last night was...uhg, a nightmare. anytting that could come up did- we only seemed to get calls in multiples so while I was trying to help her, more were coming in. Oh and then there was the really obnoxious guy calling from England..had the worst time determining that yes, he did in fact have a 24-hour support contract. Luckily one of the guys in Colorado happened to be online at the time and I got some help from him in fining the info...though he then took it upon himself to start helping with the getting me to relay instructions to the guy on how to reboot his video bridge remotely. (I've never done this, I absolutely do not touch the equipment he was calling on, I've seen pictures of the stuff, that's the extent of my training on that.) So that was a slight moment of being uncomfortable, but he was really cool, assured me that he would take full responsibility if anything goes wrong (and I had that saved in a chat file and pasted into the notes, damned skippy.) and it was actually really easy and fixed the guy's problem...but then I had to go and write an email explaining all this to the head guy in the EMEA office and ask him to have someone follow up to determine the cause of his alarms. Good times, I tell ya.

And in between all that, I had to show her how to do stuff, take calls, log information, all that rot.

I fell on the bus coming to work last night. Got on the bus, and just as I was getting to a seet, the bus sorta lurched back into motion, I was just taking a foot slid out from under me and I ended up on the floor with my right leg bent awkwardly beside a bit of a bruise on my rib where I hit the corner of a seat, my knee is sore- I think a ligament might be slightly strained, my lower back hurts a little- I landed kinda hard on my ass, think I might have jarred my tailbone a bit (though, after standing up and leaning over and just letting my torso and arms hang down until my spine cracked multiple times, it hurts less than it did)

I've reread Kushiel's Justice and am back to climbing walls in anticipation of Kushiel's Mercy being released in about three weeks.

Giant in Hampden has not had the Red Sauce Of Awesomeness (That Kitchens' Sweet Red Chilli Sauce) for two weeks now.

Amy's Kitchens spinach and feta frozen pocket sandwiches are the best things in the world. Well, maybe after the Red Sauce Of Awesomeness. (The cheese pizza pocket sandwiches are good too.)

Vegetarian-type people...If you've never tried Amy's Kitchen brand frozen food, I highly recommend. It's all organic vegetables and whatnot, and is really good. This coming from a non-vegetarian.

Other than that...just waiting to go home and sleep.

This now concludes the post of completely unrelated stuff.
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Chuck, one of the ops managers here, came in around 5am, came over, talked to me a bit about nothing then went to his office. This is not particularly strange, he;s been known to randomly show up in the middle of the night- he lives five minutes away.

But just now, he came all the way back over here, informed me that the sun was up, then turned around and went back to his office on the other side of the building.

Some odd types around here, I tell ya.
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video conferencing + apple airport firewall + guy who has no clue what he's doing = clusterfuck.
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You know, the death emails of despair and destruction are ever-so-slightly-less soul-sucking when one works on them whilst signing along to one's "happy" playlist in iTunes....

For serious. When You're On Top by the Wallflowers has got to be the greatest song ever. Or Peaceful World by John Mellencamp. Whatever. Happy music makes everything better.

...and Dan and Naqi are talking about having a drunken croquet tournament.
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So for a while now, I've had it in my mind for no particular reason that I can think of that I should offer Dionysus some nutmeg. I was pondering a bit on this earlier today, which led me to actually finally do so (it's been one of those "would be a nice thing for me to do" things, not an "absolutely must do now now now" thing). I grabbed some nutmeg on my way upstairs to get ready for work, sat down at the altar for a few minutes, and poured some out into a little cup, then sprinkled a tiny bit onto my fingers and licked it off. (By a tiny bit, I mean less than what I would put in my coffee), then got ready and went to work.

For anyone who doesn't know, my office is surrounded by the McCormick spice plant. Anyone who has ever been in the area can tell you that you can usually tell what is being processed at any given time because you can smell it. Cinnamon, anise, curry, some sort of barbecue, and a couple of spices that I can't really identify are most common. Nutmeg is a fairly rare thing to smell.

But...I got off the train today and wasn't really thinking, but realized about halfway down the road to the office that they were processing nutmeg today.


Sick of it.

Apr. 1st, 2008 05:20 am
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I'm sick of this.

I'm sick and fucking tired of coming into work on Monday night and seeing 1000+ emails in the inbox and hearing that Roland didn't even bother to crack it open on Friday night, just sat there drawing and talking to his girlfriend on his cell phone, and OJ opened it, did four or five emails and then slept through all of his shifts.

Why in the fucking hell are they continuing to employ these people? (Okay, there's at least a partial answer to that: if they can two night people, they'd have to pull two dayshift people over. And train them. Dayshift is understaffed. Removing two dayshifters to night/weekend shift would leave them bleeding. They can't just pull people from other departments and throw them into ours, it's a month-long training process, plus an additional week if training for night shift. They're under staffed but not enough to justify hiring a new class of trainees.)

But dammit, do something about the people that aren't working. This is beyond grating my last nerve. I'm sitting here processing a couple hundred of these things a night while my soul weeps pitifully in a corner, and they're doodling in a sketchbook or snoozing away.

Fuck that noise.


Mar. 12th, 2008 10:38 pm
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from the email I'm working on at work...

"Sharon got wet and desperate for my new large monster in her"

Seriously, this is supposed to entice someone to buy the product?

Granted, I'm not a guy, so I don't know how many guys would actually buy something based on that line, but really...
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I will not be on tonight, except for maybe a brief, random break, until at least midnight, and for the time being- not sure how long it will be, probably a few weeks at least, I will probably be available on a much less constant basis overnight as a result of my training to work with the nightmare client tonight until the backlog is beaten down into submission. *cries*

However, I will sign in and put up a status message and will get to you as soon as I can if you message me.
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I just got a brand new LCD display for my work computer a minute ago. Is quite pretty.

I also found out last night that they're going to train me next week to do work for another client *cries*

Oh well it'll just be email, I still won't really be dealing with people. And once we get past the backlog, there won't be unreasonable amounts of work to do.

it's that backlog I'm worried about.
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So every morning, this guy walks in and turns off all the lights in the office. Never bothers to say anything, just turns them off like he owns the place. (Solved the problem of the one coworker turning them all off all the time at night forever ago)

Usually at some point in the night, we turn all but one or two rows off- usually the one right over my head stays on, sometimes one other. Then in the morning, first another coworker comes in and turns the row nearest the outside wall on- it runs right over her desk. Then invariably, this other guy comes and turns them ALL off- except the one by the outside wall.

Today he comes in and announces that he's going to turn off the row above my head "Just want to make sure you don't have a problem with that."

WTF??? Why the sudden courtesy??? Why didn't you care to ask yesterday? Or last week? Or last freakin' year?

Just turn the damned things off already, not like it's going to make a difference if I tell you not to.
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So I have some new responsibilities at work...woohoo?

Actually, it's really minor. Every night that I work, about an hour after I start, I have to run some queries, record some numbers, then download an excel spreadsheet and update it with the numbers. It's about five minutes worth of work. But it took Ahmed about two hours of monkeying around with my computer last night to give me the access to do what I need to do.

In the meantime, I had to take calls around him- which meant a lot of making him get away from my desk so I could do my job and at one point, I thought he was going to try to talk me into considering moving to daytime support to take Spanish calls- I had to tell someone to go Spanish, and was talking to him for several minutes, explaining when he could call back and speak to someone who speaks Spanish- doing this in Spanish.

Problem was that this guy didn't quite grok the "tech support is closed" bit of things and thought that because I was able to speak Spanish that this must mean I could fix his took a bit of downplaying my speaking abilities- for rarely using it, my retention of the language is pretty damned decent. I never did develop the ability to speak very rapidly in Spanish, but I speak smoothly, and don't generally need to think about what I'm saying. Unfortunately when I get someone speaking Spanish on the line, I have to try and play it down to appear that I'm able to just barely communicate enough to get it through to them that they should call tomorrow, or on the rare occasion that it happens during the day on a Thursday, just enough to get them to hold and transfer to one of the Spanish speaking agents.

While I could handle just the speaking/understanding the language part, the technical stuff would definitely be an issue. Doing things like RMA checks, or handling the calls that go straight to level two, I wouldn't be able to do tech support.

Besides, I don't want to switch to day shift.
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I have to take a test tonight at work. Fun.
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Uhg...she's talking about football. And how weird it is that her cousin said that the Giants would win the Superbowl and OMG they did can you believe it!!!!!!!!!????? That's SO WEIRD!

I'll give you weird.

Headphones...quick...Ah, Athenaeum, where have you been all my life?
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Too bad I missed House last night (stupid Superbowl)

One of my coworkers, Brian, tells me that it was videoconferencing geektastic, in that there was an extremely convoluted video conference set up with a Cisco video conferencing unit...and a Polycom teleconferencing phone.

Thinking about whoever thought this was a good idea breaks my brain. but it amuses me.

Basically, Cisco teleconferencing units do not play with other brands. Polycom plays with anyone who's equipment will work with anyone else's (Theoretically anyway. Have fun with that Tandberg...)

For anyone who's wondered just whose equipment I work on, if you haven't figured it out, it's Polycom. You should see my office. It's insane.
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*grumble grumble*

Why or why could they not have put the non-tech contract somewhere else in the building...ANYWHERE? There are plenty of smaller, closed rooms. Where I wouldn't have to listen to them *headdesk*
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It would be nice if I could sleep at work between shifts on Thursdays...on the cold ones at least. 23 degrees in Hunt Valley *shudder*

If I *really* wanted to I could, Uhg.


Jan. 22nd, 2008 02:51 am
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So Tony the Snoring Wonder has gone back to our former department and been replaced by Tiffany the Unwakable. (Also snoring, but far far softer- I can just barely hear her right now. there's no making me afraid she might die like Tony did.)

At least when Tony dozed off, he woke up if I so much as glanced in his direction with any intentional thought.

It seems that tiffany is actually sleeping fairly deeply. I just tried to get her attention to make sure she's in available sttus before setting myself to lunch. I called her name six or seven times, rather loudly standing about three feet from her. She didn't stir.

This is a problem.

I jiggled her mouse so I could see her screen. She's available *shrug* if a call comes in and she misses it, I'll have to cut into my break to catch it and then I guess something will need to be said, that's all.
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Dear Loud And Obnoxious Coworkers,

Look, I'm at my desk with music playing,you're at your desks in your little area...fifty feet away. That I can hear every word and nuance of your conversation as if you were sitting right next to me is a problem. Trust me, I do not want to hear the details of your latest shopping trip for underwear and how much you looooove thongs. This is a business. Act like it. If you really must discuss such things, would you be so kind as to lower your voices so that I cannot hear you halfway across the office over the music on my computer and other people's conversations? and by that, I mean shut the hell up.


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I came into work last night only to find that I didn't actually have to be here.

See...weeks ago, I emailed Dave to ask if there was still time off available for New Years Eve or Day.

He never bothered to respond, I assumed there wasn't, never filled out an actual request.

Yesterday afternoon, Ahmed called me to check and see if I was still planning to use my time off for tonight. Huh? I told him that I never filled out a request and that I was going to be in. I came into work last night, and found the schedule with me blacked out for last night and tonight. Ahmed told me to call him early in the day today if I decided that I wanted to use the time off for tonight after all, said that one of my coworkers had volunteered for the holiday hours.

Late last night, I decided that I would go ahead and take the time after all. Today when I got home from work, and several times through the day I tried to call Ahmed, but his phone went straight to voice mail every time and he never got back to here I am at work. I'm the only person in the office. It's too quiet. Alternately reading Walden and knitting. And talking to a few folks on AIM. The only light right now is Christmas lights, my recently inherited from who knows where desk lamp and my monitor...I'm so tempted to turn on every light in the office but that would be silly.


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