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Is it sad that I'm horribly amused at having just talked to someone named Rick Deckard? He even sounded kinda like Harrison Ford.
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In roughly twelve minutes, the time and date will be....

03:04:05 06/07/08 (using the non-US date format, with the day first, month second)
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I think I want fuschia hair again. I really miss it. My hair is long enough that I could bleach the roots without having to do all the way down to the ends. I?

I think I do.

Um...yeah, I was going to do all those thread wraps in my hair...Um....maybe? Um....Yeah, I still want to but what's the point of dying my hair and then doing them????

Gaaaaaah. *flails arms around impatiently with indecision*

Oh...and I loooooove Firefox's spellcheck suggestions t not recognizing "fuschia" as a word..mischief, Eustachian, Auschwitz, chiaroscuro, Katuscha...

The hell?
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By virtue of random internet clicking, I just found something I didn't know before.

When rush time came around during my freshman year of college, I was generally uninterested in the whole sorority thing.

The one exception was Alpha Chi Omega. I ultimately never did rush, but I thought about it for a while. I found them particularly interesting because there seemed to be a particularly high number of arts majors there, whereas the others only seems to have a small handful at most. I decided against rushing without ever looking too far into it.

So I didn't know until now that Alpha Chi Omega was founded at the Depauw University Music school and maintained a heavy arts affiliation over time.

Mildly more interesting than that (to me anyway)...their symbol? The lyre.


May. 22nd, 2008 04:52 am
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I know, I've been kinda quiet lately...not much to write about at the moment really. Life is mostly amazingly quiet right now, and after the last several months, I'm all for that.

Going up to PA tomorrow night to bum around Lancaster for the weekend. Girlfriend's gonna meet the 'rents. I took off work for my Thursday evening shift as well as next Monday night (that means I'm going to miss out on a few hours of holiday pay...ah well. Fourth of July isn't that far down the road...)

Last weekend Gavin and I were in Lutherville coming back from Towson...were headed to the Giant by the light rail stop to pick up a few things when I decided that we had to stop in the pet store and look at little fuzzy critters. Chincillas, bunnies, assorted rodents...there was a gorgeous albino corn snake (shades of bright pink and coral....absolutely beautiful. Ok, i know, not a fuzzy critter, I get it.)

While checking out the rodents, Gavin I dunno, soul-bonded or something with a little loner of a miniature rat. (No, not mouse, miniature rat. Who knew?) After inquiring with the store clerk, finding out that their care and feeding is pretty much the same as that of mice, we ended up bringing two home. I'll post some pictures at some point in the near future. Adorable little things, they are.

Got two new people at work. Have been working with one of the last night and tonight. Last night was...uhg, a nightmare. anytting that could come up did- we only seemed to get calls in multiples so while I was trying to help her, more were coming in. Oh and then there was the really obnoxious guy calling from England..had the worst time determining that yes, he did in fact have a 24-hour support contract. Luckily one of the guys in Colorado happened to be online at the time and I got some help from him in fining the info...though he then took it upon himself to start helping with the getting me to relay instructions to the guy on how to reboot his video bridge remotely. (I've never done this, I absolutely do not touch the equipment he was calling on, I've seen pictures of the stuff, that's the extent of my training on that.) So that was a slight moment of being uncomfortable, but he was really cool, assured me that he would take full responsibility if anything goes wrong (and I had that saved in a chat file and pasted into the notes, damned skippy.) and it was actually really easy and fixed the guy's problem...but then I had to go and write an email explaining all this to the head guy in the EMEA office and ask him to have someone follow up to determine the cause of his alarms. Good times, I tell ya.

And in between all that, I had to show her how to do stuff, take calls, log information, all that rot.

I fell on the bus coming to work last night. Got on the bus, and just as I was getting to a seet, the bus sorta lurched back into motion, I was just taking a foot slid out from under me and I ended up on the floor with my right leg bent awkwardly beside a bit of a bruise on my rib where I hit the corner of a seat, my knee is sore- I think a ligament might be slightly strained, my lower back hurts a little- I landed kinda hard on my ass, think I might have jarred my tailbone a bit (though, after standing up and leaning over and just letting my torso and arms hang down until my spine cracked multiple times, it hurts less than it did)

I've reread Kushiel's Justice and am back to climbing walls in anticipation of Kushiel's Mercy being released in about three weeks.

Giant in Hampden has not had the Red Sauce Of Awesomeness (That Kitchens' Sweet Red Chilli Sauce) for two weeks now.

Amy's Kitchens spinach and feta frozen pocket sandwiches are the best things in the world. Well, maybe after the Red Sauce Of Awesomeness. (The cheese pizza pocket sandwiches are good too.)

Vegetarian-type people...If you've never tried Amy's Kitchen brand frozen food, I highly recommend. It's all organic vegetables and whatnot, and is really good. This coming from a non-vegetarian.

Other than that...just waiting to go home and sleep.

This now concludes the post of completely unrelated stuff.
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...or did I simply manage to miss this anywhere else...

But what is it with random strangers wishing EVERY woman they come across happy mother's day? Not only that but belated happy mother's day? This seems to come largely from men but not entirely. I've only ever encountered this in Baltimore.

I was waiting for the bus home for damn near twenty minutes and I am not kidding when I say that seven people passing by me wished me happy belated mother's day- six of them men.

Two days after the fact.

Okay, so you know...on Sunday, I get that they're trying to be nice and all, but for serious, I'd really rather not it be assumed that I'm a mother because I happen to be a female who looks like she's old enough to have at least one running around. (Or assumed that I'm a future mother as I've been informed that I am when the first few times I ever encountered this phenomena, taken by surprise, I said "thank you but I'm not a mother", I was informed by complete strangers with no uncertainty that I would be someday and they are wishing me happy mother's day for the future.)

But two days later? Okay...belated happy mothers day is what you wish your own mother or those close to you if for some reason you were unable to do so on mother's day proper. Not every stranger you pass on the street just in case she happens to be a mother.

I wonder, if I were to go around wishing every guy I encountered a happy father's day when it comes around, how many of them would be all "Nope, not a father! No kids for me, can't tie me down like that!"
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The mood ring and the thighmaster were invented by the same guy.
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There is such a blurry line between some forms of jazz, and bad 70's background music.

Or some forms of jazz and very slightly higher class than average porn music.

Jus' sayin'.
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So....three times in as many weeks I had a dream that I won the lottery and used a large chunk of the proceeds to build a temple for the gods.

(I did buy a ticket the other day, it was just a $2 scratch-off. I won! $2. Hehe.)
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"Shrimp Toast" sounds like a band name.

Seriously, pop punk anyone?
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It is now Thursday.

Meaning that in about 24 hours, I will be home and it will be the weekend again.

I am now registered for the WABA-PLC.

Annnnnd I got a big envelope-o-stuff today from the LASIK plus people. Should probably look at that.

And fuck if I didn't forget to call and cancel my Friday appointment with Katzen. Oh well, will do that later in the morning.

Oh and my mom called me today, apparently AC Moore was having a huge yarn sale last week and she bought me like a dozen and a half balls of yarn that she hasn't sent me yet.

I'm seriously thinking of giving up on Walden. for the moment anyway. Me and Henry just ain't getting nowhere. It's a losing battle. Perhaps if I were to just give it a break and move onto something else. Like In Search Of The Indo-Europeans (hahahahahahahahahahaha...I know.)

I should probably try to remember what I did with my copy of the Mabinogion too.

I feel like a nap.
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Bizarre IM conversation I had just now:

[23:54] IconicSalmon: Hi.
[23:54] fuego4496: hello
[23:55] fuego4496: do i know you?
[23:56] IconicSalmon: doubtful
[23:56] fuego4496: ah...may i ask, of curiousity how you happened upon my screen name?
[00:00] fuego4496: did you IM me for a reason? Or should I just wish you a good night and close the window?
[00:01] IconicSalmon: I saw you today, I liked your socks but I was to shy to say anything
[00:02] fuego4496: obviously you are just making this up or confusing me with someone else because i didn't see anyone that i didn't know today, didn't give my screen name out...and was wearing plain white cotton socks
[00:03] IconicSalmon: wait, aren't you tim?
[00:03] fuego4496: no...
[00:03] fuego4496: fraid not
[00:03] IconicSalmon: Damn, do you know his sn?
[00:04] fuego4496: Uh....I've met about a hundred tim's in my life
[00:04] fuego4496: but I don't believe i know a screen name for any
[00:04] IconicSalmon: I'll ask Chris, she'll know
[00:04] fuego4496: uh, ok
[00:04] IconicSalmon: Thanks anyway
[00:04] fuego4496: sure.

So...I've noticed that since I started using AIM on gmail at work, I've beeng etting some random IM's from people either thinking I'm someone else, or in a few cases, I get the message, but they seem to be carrying a conversation with someone else.

However, when I had the above exchange, I was on Trillian, with gmail signed out of AIM.

Anyone had any weird things like this lately?
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1. Writing...lately I've had ideas for a number of stories with the potential to be something longer than a short story. Or elements of them anyway...A main character for one, a setting for another, a conflict for yet another...but I've been unable to build the rest of the elements so far for what I do have (It would not work to combine the setting, character and conflict that I have into one and make it the whole story.)

I do have one that includes a setting, basis and reason for some characters but not the actual characters yet themselves. The plot, however is far too obvious and "duh" to the settings and potential *could* work if I could write it well enough, but if I couldn't, it would be rather exasperating at best. I guess I'll just have to try.

All of these ideas are of course, fictional though...well, I want to say surreal but they wouldn't be quite that out there. I guess you would say more like magical realism, I think that some of my ideas have definitely been influenced by my love of works by Gabriel Garcia Marquez and Laura Esquivel. The one that I mentioned that is most developed so far also takes some ideas from a couple of Greek goddesses (Mnemosyne, Kleio, Kalliope) though not from any particular existing myths.

2. I am coming down with a head cold. Feh.

3. I think I'm going to start making more use of [ profile] asthefiretree. I think I'm going to continue using it to track my many essays of the CTP as I did with the DP, but I may actually use it for a journal regarding that subject matter as well.


5. Christmas. Two weeks away. Zoinks. I've done no shopping...but I know that I'm getting presents for Mike and Chelle/Dave online. Chelle told me that Samantha's learning to sew, so if I get some fabric and such supplies from a craft store, that'll be good for Samantha, and I'll probably find some sort of jewelery thing for Mom.
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[ profile] stellthebelle, I think you'll appreciate this...


What does it stand for?

Dedicants Program, right? Right.

Well unbeknownst to just about all of you, it also has another meaning for me. One that I forgot for quite a while...until today.

So earlier, I was talking to [ profile] acousticdryad about various and sundry ADF things, including...the DP. I'm typing and out of nowhere, I start typing "flaming" instead of just "DP"

Flaming DP. I dunno why I suddenly remembered it and was typing, but there it was, and it took me a second to remember WTF "flaming" was doing in front of DP.

For practically everyone who sees this, "Flaming DP" is a beverage that was (is?) popular with folks in my chapter of Alpha Phi Omega. Basically, it involved amaretto, cheap beer and just enough 151 to light things on fire...apparently it tastes like Dr Pepper when properly executed. I don't like Dr Pepper or amaretto. At the time, I just really disliked beer, didn't realize I was allergic (or hadn't yet developed the allergy actually) so I never had one.

But then the next thing that came to mind...yes, Stell, I still remember this, was the roll call from the Section 41 conference the semester I the tune of the Beverly Hillbillies theme...

Come and listen to a story 'bout a chapter named AO
We're the first in Texas don't listen to Alpha Rho
We belong to region seven and section 41
So we figured here at Austin was the place to have some fun.

College that is, at this here conference.

Here are some of our pledges and they are very smart
Listen to these things that they know by heart
AO rules the world and that's all you need to know
And now that we've told you, maybe we should go

Back to SMU for a Flaming DP! (Wha!)


Jun. 11th, 2007 08:21 pm
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Pepsi "summer mix" tropical fruit flavored cola.


Well, I was grabbing a soda on my way to work and not paying attention to what I grabbed it seems, and instead of Pepsi, I got Pepsi summer mix.

It's...hmm, it's not terrible. I wouldn't have grabbed it on purpose. And I can't say that I would again now that I'm drinking it. But it's reasonably tolerable. I'll probably finish it.

You know what "limited edition" soda I miss? Berry Sprite. That stuff was awesome. I want them to bring it back. The tropical sprite from a few years before that wasn't too bad either, but Berry Sprite was the best.
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I came into work, and at the beginning of my shift, one of my coworkers was getting ready to leave. He came up to say hello before leaving and I snapped my browser shut because I was perusing a pagan forum, and while I know that my supervisor and assorted office management don't give a flying rat's posterior, I don't know about this particular coworker and don't care to discuss such things at work.

Well, he caught a glimpse of it just as it was closing and asked if I was pagan. There was no way to evade the question, and if he made a stink, I don't think it would go far around here. So, I just said "Yes" and decided to leave it at that. But then he said "So am I!" and pulled a pentacle out from under his shirt collar, then tucked it back in, asking me not to tell anyone. He mentioned that he suspected that someone else around here was also but she never talked about it. I informed him that there are several of us. (Offhand, I know of no fewer than 5 others, myself excluded and I suspect that there are more.)

Turns out, he knows Caryn and Will and his ex-wife used to be a member of the grove (no one I know though).
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Why does spicy food and cold weather cause runny noses?
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...and now I'm having one of those wacky moments of clarity where I think that I know everything that I want in life and what I am forgoing for other things, and what things I'm missing out on because of my own shortcomings.

In moments like this, I swear, all lights seem so much brighter.

Gimme 20 minutes and I'll be convinced that it was just a moment of insanity.

Thing is...what if I'm right? (Not about the insanity, but the other stuff.)
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Infatuation is a crazy thing.

We haven't spoken in 4 years, but I see a picture and damned if my stomach doesn't get tied up in knots like it was five minutes ago that we almost missed each other on the escalators in Penn Station in New York.

Stupid losing contact.

I mean, if we hadn't lost contact, we'd have eventually dated. And in time, his slight flakiness- the only flaw I ever found in him, would have driven me mad and I'd have ended up hating him. This way, he can be nearly perfect in my mind forever, right?

I'm just gonna tell myself that. In an hour, I'll forget him again.

Yeah, that's it.


Apr. 23rd, 2007 10:21 am
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I got a couple of private emails in response to the last post. Sorry guys...nothing to worry about here. That probably should have just been a private note to self.

My brain did a stupid and all will be fine as soon as I forget about it.


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