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Personal reference. Feel free to disregard unless you're interested in random Italic gods conflated with or worshiped as Apollo and wolf cults associated with them. (creepy but interesting apocalyptic Christian site. This particular page looks to possibly contain some actually relevant stuff, if the rapture-cult bent can be read around.)
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I have found in the last year and a half or so that I am decent at writing invocations. By that I mean I can grab a notebook and come up with something passable or better in about three minutes. Tweak a few words here and there and usually within about 5 minutes, I've got something I'm happy with. (I generally cannot write anything else like this. Especially essays describing the evolution of my personal religious practice.) Even at times for deities with whom I am not particularly familiar, such as the one I wrote for Airmid at Lughnassagh.

I've another invocation to write to the less familiar. Water nymphs. I might take a bit more than 5 minutes on this

I'm thinking I may use the Orphic hymns to the Nymphs and Nereids as models.

Orphic Hymn to the Nymphs (trans. Athanassakis) - incense: aromatic herbs

Nymphs, daughters of great-hearted Okeanos,
you dwell inside the earth's damp caves
and your paths are secret, O joyous and chthonic ones, nurses of Bacchos,
You nourish fruits and haunt meadows, O sprightly and pure
travelers of the winding roads who delight in caves and grottoes.
Swift, light-footed, and clothed in dew, you frequent springs;
visible and invisible, in ravines and among flowers,
you shout and frisk with Pan upon mountain sides.
Gliding down on rocks, you hum with clear voice, O mountain-haunting
sylvan maidens of the fields and streams.
O sweet-smelling virgins, clad in white, fresh as the breezes,
with goatherds, pastures and splendid fruits in your domain. You are loved by creatures of the wild.
Tender though you are, you rejoice in cold and you give sustenance and growth to many,
O playful and water-loving Hamadryad maidens.
Dwellers of Nysa, frenzied and healing goddesses who joy in spring,
together with Bacchos and Deo you bring grace to mortals.
With joyful hearts come to this hallowed sacrifice
and in the seasons of growth pour streams of salubrious rain.

Orphic Hymn to the Nereids (trans. Athanassakis) - incense: aromatic herbs

O lovely-faced and pure nymphs, daughters of Nereus who lives in the deep,
at the bottom of the sea you gambol and dance in the water.
Fifty maidens revel in the waves,
maidens riding on the backs of Tritons and delighting
in animal shapes and bodies nurtured by the sea
and in the other dwellers of the Tritons' billowy kingdom.
Your home is the water, and you leap and whirl round the waves,
like glistening dolphins roving the roaring seas.
I call upon you to bring much prosperity to the initiates,
for you were first to show the holy rite
of sacred Bacchos and of pure Persephone,
you and mother Kalliope, and Apollon the lord.
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[ profile] chironcentaur:

Respecting the worship of Iris very few traces have come down to us, and we only know that the Delians offered to her on the island of Hecate cakes made of wheat and honey and dried figs
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For [ profile] acousticdryad (And anyone else interested too.)

Encyclopedia of the Goddess Athena
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This is one of the songs that was performed yesterday

"Symbol" by Celia

An American soldier came home today
Wrapped up as cargo in an American flag
He asked for one sweet silent symbol on his grave
But the pentagon said "Sorry son, request denied"

He served as any other with his hands and with his heart
He prayed to Father Sky, bowed down to Mother Earth
He honored air and water and the fire he danced around
but you didn't honor him before you put him in the ground.

It's a symbol it's a sign it stands for everything divine
Excuse me sir, I think you're wrong I checked and the last time
I read the doctrine it said practicing your faith is not a crime.
So let this soldier rest...honor his request.

You sent that little girl crying home from school
Told her she was evil and she disobeyed the rules
You took away her pendant, Grandmother's gift
But the other kids are free to wear their crucifix

And she knows that if you catch her, you'll have her expelled
She's frightened every member of her family's going to hell.
She's all messed up she's five years old, she doesn't know her rights
But her daddy is a lawyer, so get ready for the fight.

It's a symbol it's a sign it stands for everything divine
Excuse me sir, I think you're wrong I checked and the last time
I read the doctrine it said practicing your faith is not a crime.
So if you make thse children pray, let them do it their own way.

He's a believer so he wears it on his arm
First day, new job he set off all the alarms
The memo spread like wildfire that the devil had arrived
And the virus got to corporate and they fired him by five

Now all this misperception and everyone runs scared
Scared of the neighbors and scared to declare
Cuz the persecution's high, expelled or fired or denied
So what the hell did our ancestors fight so hard for?

It's a symbol it's a sign it stands for everything divine
Excuse me sir, I think you're wrong I checked and the last time
I read the doctrine it said practicing your faith is not a crime.
So if you make these children pray, let them do it their own way.

So raise up your chisel and carve next to his name
All that he held sacred and all that kept him sane
When you sent him off to war, you didn't care what he believed
now he served you with his blood, grant him his dignity

Freedom of speech, freedom of faith, freedom of religion
Freedom to stand up and fight for what we believe in
Freedom to die for your contry and be recognized
With a symbol of honor in your country's eyes

It's a symbol it's a sign it stands for everything divine
Excuse me sir, I think you're wrong I checked and the last time
I read the doctrine it said practicing your faith is not a crime.
So let his widow rest, honor her request.
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So I'm surfing and cliking along on the internet looking up stuff on Dominionists- hey, I'm kinda liking the website but I'm looking for the original sources so if I refer to something, some crazy person (like my parents...more on that later) can't say it's some crazy left-wing fabrication.

And I come upon this guy's blog:

Dr. Bruce Prescott

And on this blog was this essay. I think it's well worth reading:

If we have the courage to honestly look at ourselves through the eyes of others who are strange and foreign to us or who have been injured and ignored by us, then I believe our hearts will open and the whispering of God’s still, small voice will begin to ring loud and clear in our ears.
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Nabbed from [ profile] fervid_dryfire on the Battle Hymn Of The Repiblic

Blasphemy in Song

I never knew that the song was that long...or that graphic. Honestly I don't think I ever knew more than the first two maybe threew lines of the song. I leared it in first or second grade- but only the chorus, the "Glory glory halleluja" part...I forget why, but for several years I thought it was about Abraham Lincoln. And we were never told the title of the song.
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The Origins of Druidism - The Druids in Greece

Still reading it, no opinion yet. Just thought I'd share.
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for my reference and anyone else internetted:

Volume 6: The Celts in the Iberian Peninsula

edit: that SHOULD say "interested"
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Check out this website

unfortunatey, it's limited to Greek, Roman, Norse, Celtic and Arthurian Legend...but its an awesome site...its pretty simple-looking til you start clicking around, there are things like hyperlink-annotated pantheon rocks.
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I just lost out on this on ebay in the last...literally 10 seconds as I was trying to place a higher bid, the price doubled: (really, you have to look. Especially if you dig knives and/or gemstones.)

I have never seen a knife like this...Charoite handle, Jade blade. Damn.
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This entry is also posted on the Grove forum, [ profile] asthefiretree (there are enough people who read this journal but not that one that may find this interesting food for thought.) and possibly The ADF discussion list. With a couple of lines cut out that are only really relevant to grove-specific discussion)

One thought that I'm adding to this journal that wasn't in the rest of the cross-posts- Many people read my journal. Of different faiths and the ack thereof. As with any of my other posts on religion...really, as with any of my other posts...please feel free to discuss, debate and dissent, but do so in the civil and respectful manner in which I know you would even if I didn't ask you to!

a·pol·o·get·ics ( P ) Pronunciation Key (-pl-jtks)
n. (used with a sing. verb)

1. The branch of theology that is concerned with defending or proving the truth of Christian doctrines.
2. Formal argumentation in defense of something, such as a position or system.

So today at the Grove, I had in hand a copy of Zondervan Guide to Cults and Religious Movements: Goddess Worship, Witchcraft And Neo-Paganism by Craig S Hawkins. This is basically an outline for Evangelical Christians to study for guidance on how to witness to pagans. Several poeple took some degree of interest to perusing this bok, and there was some on and off discussion from this ranging from..."how do we respond to the points, claims and issues raised by those Christians who prostheletize to us"? To "How can we use this in the event that these questions are raised in a public forum?"

Now...glaring errors and humorous misconceptions aside...

This is definitely information that we can all arm ourselves with, because we all encounter the occasional individual, quite eager to share the Good News, and some of us will just say "No Thanks!" and walk away, but others actually enjoy the occasional discussion and debate if circumstances allow.

Another thing to keep in mind is that you never know when you may be in some public forum and questions come up. Let's say you decide to go to some Big Olde Publick Paganne Ritual(TM) and the media decides to drop by and talk to people...and they pick you, Joe Pagan to interview. For the sake of this discussion, you're answering their questions. Do you know how you would answer such questions as...

What is ADF?
What is Druidry?
What is Paganism?
How/When/Why did you get involved?
What generated your interest in the first place?
Why are you stil involved?
What benefit do you get from it?
What needs do you feel it meets in your life?
Who/what do you worship?
What do you like most about it?
What do you like least about it?

Now...what about a few more questions, less neutral than the others

How do you know that Druidry (Wicca, paganism, whatever) is true?
How do you define truth?
How do you know what is true?
How do you know that Christianity is not true?
What would convince you- if anything would- that Druidry (or whatever you follow) is not true, or that Christianity is true?

Do you think we should all be able to give some sort of uniform- or at least similar- answer to questions like What is ADF? What is Druidry? What is paganism?

This is quite a list to start out with. I'll leave you to mull it over and discuss.
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"Though writing has become the most commonplace of information technologies, it remains in many ways the most magical. Brought into focus by properly educated eyes, artificial glyphs scrawled onto the surface of objects leap unbidden into the mind, bringing with them sounds, meanings and data. In fact, it is very difficult to gaze intentionally upon a page of script written in a known language and not automatically begin reading it. The ecophilosopher David Abram notes that, just as a Zuni elder might focus her eyes upon a cactus and hear the succulent begin to speak, so do we hear voices printed out of our printed alphabets. "This is a form of animism that we take for granted, but it is animism nonetheless- as mysterious as a talking stone."

Techgnosis, pg. 23
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Anyone heard of it?

From the author's website:
"Ranging from the printing press to the telegraph, from radio to the Internet, TechGnosis peels away the utilitarian shell of technology to reveal the mystical and millennialist expectations that permeate the history of technology, and especially information technology. The book shows how the religious imagination, far from disappearing in our supposedly secular age, continues to feed the utopian dreams, apocalyptic visions, digital phantasms, and alien obsessions that populate today's "technological unconscious." In turn, TechGnosis also shows how the language and ideas of the information society have shaped and even transformed many aspects of contemporary spirituality. In the end, the book gestures towards a vision of "the network path": a global, pluralistic perspective capable of grappling with some of the forces that are currently tearing us apart: spirit and science, modernity and nihilism, technology and the human."

I'm on page 21, anf it's already spun my brain off into the stratoshphere...and all he's done is talk about mythologies of Hephaestus, Hermes and Thoth and culture in ancient Greece and Alexandria. I can't wait to get further into it. The writing is amazingly poetic.



Jan. 6th, 2006 09:14 pm
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It's a lie that we have all agreed to tell. It is useful to keep telling it, but it's also useful to remember that it's a lie.

About 10 years ago I realized that my idea of reality was changing. )
I believe that there are people who do good things and people who do bad things, and we should embrace one and reject the other. Whether the people are "really good" or "really bad" is not for me to say. I can punch them in the nose, but I cannot inquire about their souls. Their souls are part of the sky, and the sky goes on forever.

You ever have one of those days when you experience significant reality leakage? Did you ever dream and wake up and, oops, still a dream?

-Jon Carroll
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Heard of it?

syn·es·the·sia: n.

1.A condition in which one type of stimulation evokes the sensation of another, as when the hearing of a sound produces the visualization of a color.
2.A sensation felt in one part of the body as a result of stimulus applied to another, as in referred pain.
3.The description of one kind of sense impression by using words that normally describe another.

Mixed Signals: Synesthesia Online <--- Interesting website.

I was going to post about this last night...but then Mea decided that we had to go to the mall and I closed the window without posting by mistake.

I was just mulling over some thoughts on the subject. I've always had a few mental asciations that get me funny looks. Many of you have heard me decribing food that is spicy to then point of tongue-numbing as tasting "grey"

I've also always thought of a number of different places in terms of color. Dallas is pink with silver sparkles. Philadelphia is brick red and slate grey, but "Philly" is a mix of steel blue and sky blue. Forth Worth is sky blue and white. Baltimore is orange- that's streetlight orange, not Oriole orange. DC is white and grass green. Indiana is Violet (Ok, that was a really dumb joke. Indiana is actually chocolate brown.) Arlington (Texas) is yellow.

What prompted the intention to post yesterday was me listening to some songs on my ipod, and even thought I wasn't paying much attention, I realized that I was thinking of particular patterns and colors in reference to various songs...and realizing that these were not new. For example, a couple of songs by a group called Au Revior Borealis make me think of floral patterns in dark brown, burgundy, cream and deep teal. "Hanging By A Moment" by Lifehouse is very spirally. "Cry Ophelia" by Adam Cohen is gold like wheat. "So Few Words" by Archive is metallic gunmetal grey with various shades of pink lights.

Don't think I'd slap a label on me, but it is fascinating. Definitely a description for some of my thoughts.


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