Feb. 19th, 2009 05:18 am
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This is a really beautiful song by Vienna Teng that I associate very strongly with Apollo most particularly for the lyrics in the final stanza:

Hey, love
I am a constant satellite
Of your blazing sun
My love
I obey your law of gravity
This is the fate you’ve carved on me

It’s available on her website in mp3 format- (it’s the last song on the page, click the link to listen or right click and save link to download)

Yesterday morning, I was talking to [ profile] sannion and mentioned this song being stuck in my head for several hours. He wanted to hear it, so went off in search and found this video on Youtube…it’s nothing but a bunch of still shots and videos of, if you can believe it, wolves. (Really, taken on its own, it’s not all that interesting, but coming across it now, with this song, that’s pretty loaded for me.)

I’ve been seriously thinking for a while of getting those lines tattooed on me somewhere. I received another swipe by a wolf’s claws over the weekend in a trance while doing a ritual. This was on my upper left arm. I think that’s where it’s going to go.

I’m seriously considering this font:

or this one:

Dali is always a favorite

Another that I like, but probably way too thin for tattoo work:

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I went to the Tattoo Museum today to talk to the artist who's gonna do my work. He worked out a quick sketch based on the details that I gave him. it will be interesting to see how he renders the labradorite jewel in ink. The design overall is quite simple...though actually a little fancier than I had originally envisioned. I have an appointment to get it done on February 9th.
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Called the Baltimore Tattoo Museum, I have an appointment for Monday to go in and talk to the artist about my Hermes tattoo. Woohoo. I'm rather excited.

So the idea is that it's going to be a gold dagger, with a winged hilt and a blue jewel just above the hilt- to be designed after my labradorite pendant. I'm talking to the artist that did this tattoo..i like the wing design, I'd like them similar to that, but proportionally shorter, and curved slightly upward. I also like the bronze/gold shading and will probably ask for similar coloring in mine.

I am excited.


Jun. 2nd, 2008 12:36 am
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A picture of my cypress tree tattoo all colored in. It's only been what...since September? The image is kinda grainy, but otherwise not bad.

This tattoo starts just below the text across my shoulders and runs down my spine to about my waist, so it's like 14" high or something like that

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A few nights ago I had a dream, unfortunately I can't remember the entire thing, but it seems like there's something to it that I should keep in the back of my mind...

I walked into a tattoo shop, I had no money or plans to get a tattoo, but the next thign I knew, I was getting a tattoo on my upper left arm. It was a black chaos star with something blue in the middle- I can't remember what that "something blue" was, only that it was sky blue and shaded, and that it wasn't completed. While the artist was tattooing me, I kept saying that I didn't have the money to pay for it and he just waved my comments away and kept working. There was somethign familiar about the artist, and the shop was otherwise completely empty. It looked more like a large art studio than a tattoo shop, there were tarps and drop cloths and paint everywhere, as well as a few ladders. Paint smudged the walls, which were mostly pale green. The studio/shop/whatever was in a large warehouse-type building and the lighting came from large skylights.

Later, I left the shop and came back, I still didn't have any money but I wanted to talk to the artist who tattooed me about payment for the work. He was gone and there was a woman there, she was wearing white overalls, had curly dark hair and glasses. She said he was gone for the day, and would be back the next day though somewhere in the back of my mind I knew that I would never see him again. She said that she was also an artist there, and I remember her handing me some papers to read, but nothing about what was on them. She was sweeping the floor with a large push broom, and it looked like the place was being packed up as if they were closing or moving locations.

So this may very well be completely insignificant, just a dream remembered, but I have a feeling that I need to remember this one.

I don't think that the chaos star in and of itself is of significance though gawds know why my brain would pick that symbol. And I wish I could remember what the blue thing in the middle was, might shed a bit more light on things...or not, who knows.

I also don't think that this dream is literally about getting a tattoo. If there's anything to it, I think that it's about something significant and/or permanent happening that I'm not prepared for (the tattoo was large and in a fairly prominent place and tattoos being permanent things, and having no plans to get it or money to pay for it) Various other details may or may not be of any meaning- the artist being gone with another in his place appearing to pack up and close down or move the shop, the tattoo shop being rather un-tattoo-shop like, being handed papers to read...

I dunno. I'll keep it all in mind. Interested in any thoughts or commentary that this might elicit from the readership.
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It was paid in pain and blood,
given so that I might have always
these reminders of you
etched on my flesh:

A hymn, words of praise for you,
your song unmatched;

A Cypress, holy to you,
shedding its sap-tears for eternity.

Was I delirious, or did I
feel a brush of fingertips,
cool and soothing
across my raw shoulders?

It occurred to me earlier today that either yesterday or tomorrow was/will be a year since I had the hymn tattoo done. (It was either the 13th or 15th, don't remember for sure. I kep wanting to say Tuesday the 15th, but Tuesday was the 13th last year.)
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I still haven't found a definite image to use for my sunflower tattoo.

A bit of inspiration has come in the form of some spammish email, if you can believe that though.

I just got a promotional email from a site I had completely forgotten about, the same one from where I took the photo that was used to create my tree tattoo.

Clicking around, I saw a few images and had a thought....I have been looking for an image that shows the face of the flower full-on. But maybe what I really want is one that's turning away....

I'm liking this one
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Seen it around...

1. Have you ever cried during a tattoo? No, but I was in some serious pain during the session when the tree was being finished. I flinched pretty badly a number of times, in addition to making a lot of little involuntary noises. On the other hand, I was half delirious when I was having the outline done.

2. When did you get your first tattoo? November 23rd 1999

3. What was your first tattoo? The Chinese character for "fire" on my left shoulder blade, in a red/orange/yellow gradient (I plan to get it filled in solid red with some little flames on top.

4. Which tattoo is closest to your heart? They are all important to me, but while the fire tattoo is very significant, the hymn and the tree hold much more significance to me.

5. Do you have a matching tattoo with someone? Eww, no.

6. Do you have a tattoo that someone messed up on? There were some slightly messed outlines on the fire tattoo, but they were minor and I've since had them fixed.

7. Do you have anyone’s name tattooed on you? No.

8. What one was the most painful? The tree, especially the session when I had it finished- two hours with a needle on my spine, after being awake for nearly 24 hours, and having maybe five hours of sleep in the 48 hours before getting the work done.

9. How many tattoos do you have? 3- the fire tattoo I already described, the 21st Homeric Hymn to Apollo across my shoulders in Greek, and a cypress tree down my spine

10. Do you plan on being heavily or moderately tattooed? I have no particular plans. Tattoos will happen as they do.

11. Do you have a tattoo that you constantly have to explain? Heh...yeah. I spent the summer explaining the hymn 5-6 times a day.

12. Have you ever gotten an infection from a tattoo? No, eek.

13. Which one took the longest? The tree took about 3 1/2 hours altogether. The hymn, which most people guess to have taken several hours, only took 45 minutes and the fire took less than ten minutes (plus about an additional minute or two to fix the line)

14. What is the biggest tattoo that you have and how long did it take? Ummm....It's kinda hard to compare the tree and the hymn, one is text, the other is a solid design, but I've already commented on the time they took

15. Did you tell your parents? Yes...showed my mom the fire a few days later. Told her about the other tattoos at some point just before I started having the work done on them.

16. Do you regret having gotten any of your tattoos? no.

17. Would you consider ever getting any of your tattoos removed? no.

18. What are you going to get for your next tattoo? A sunflower, in memory of was going to be my first tattoo, but that changed at the last minute. I've been working on another idea for another one past that, but I'm going to give that idea some time to solidify and make sure it doesn't become something else and be sure that the symbolism is going to retain its significance, though I am about 99% sure that that one is going to stick also.

19. Do you think members of the opposite / same sex with a lot of tattoos are hot? depends on the individual and the tattoos.

20. Are you unfortunate enough to have an arm band tattoo? I have not. Why would this be unfortunate?

21. How many people have tattooed you? 2

22. Do any of your tattoos have color? The tree and the fire.

Help me?

Jan. 3rd, 2008 06:35 pm
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Hey folks...who wants to help me with my next tattoo?

I've been looking on and off for several days for a picture of a sunflower off of which to base my next tattoo- I've mentioned it before, it's going to be in memory of Alex, my friend from high school. It's going to be a sunflower because 1. When I first thought about getting a tattoo, I was planning to get a sunflower. and 2. She also wanted to gt a sunflower tattoo (I swear it was NOT an "OMG Best Friends let's get matching tattoos!!!!! thing. We had the idea independently, but at roughly the same time.) I wanted to get it done in September around her birthday but was still waiting on getting the tree finished. So I'm hoping to get this done sometime this month or early next month.

I've been looking for sunflower images and haven't found any that really stand out at me so far. I thought about getting someone up in Lancaster to go and take a picture of her headstone- there's a sunflower engraved on it...I've never been to the cemetery- and use that...but I don't want to do that.

So, my faithful readers...sunflower images. (No lectures on getting the artist to draw one for me, he's going to ask me to have something to base it off of. Went through that with the tree.) I don't care too much about how the leaves and stems look, it will probably be just the sunflower head. I want the typical big, gold sunflower. And not a Van Gogh-style sunflower. Image size doesn't matter, unless it's so ridonkulously small I can't see it or so big it doesn't fit on my screen. otherwise, there's always scaling.

If you're wondering about placement...upper arm

Here's your chance to inspire a piece of permanent art.
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Words to the wise:

Do not work a 16 hour shift on 3 hours sleep following a 12-hour shift, and then go and spend 2 hours with a tattoo gun on your spine.

Just don't. Do yourself a favor and take my word for it.

Okay, so maybe I'm weird- my nervous system gets a little wacky when I don't get enough sleep, gets buggy and overly sensitive to touch and stuff. My mom's the same way, probably got it from her.

Unfortunately, I didn't think about this, and the fact that oh, I dunno, it could severely exacerbate pain. The last time I had work done, it hurt. Like hell it hurt. But it started out fairly tolerable and after a while got worse. This time it started out at about the level that it ended with the last time...and got worse from there. Anyone ever hear me do the "startled" squeak? (Not the hiccup squeak, the startled squeak) I did that quite a few times. Along with some semi-violent flinching. It was truly unbearable at times. Especially when he was using one shade of green, then came back to the same spot later and worked in another shade.

I finally came to a point where I decided that I couldn't take it anymore, apologized, asked him to stop and said that I should probably schedule the rest for another time and to make sure I had proper sleep...he needed another 10 minutes to get to a stopping point, so I inhaled and braved that much more. When he got to that point, he stopped and told me that there really wasn't that much more to do- maybe 20-25 minutes and showed me in the mirror. It was just a small segment at the top of the tree, and after considering it for a minute I decided that I'd gotten that far, there was no way I was going to stop so close to the end. So he asked if I wanted to take a break for a few minutes before he finished, said that he could use a break himself, I wholly agreed. Took about 15 minutes, wandered around the flash display area a bit, drinking some water and probably looking rather dazed, then came back to finish. That 20-25 minutes ended up being maybe 10-15 but it was the longest 10-15 minutes I've had in a long time.

But all is done. Total work time came in at a bit under two hours.

As with last time, once the work was finished, it was pretty un-painful within a few minutes...though by later in the day, it was pretty sore and has gotten more so since then- right now, I can't have my hair down. My hair brushing against it hurts like hell. Though, thank goodness, clothing that has an absolutely smooth texture is ok.

On Saturday afternoon, I smacked someone. Lost my wallet- I had only realized this a few minutes before, and was in semi-panic mode, and rather hurting on top of that, and I was waiting to speak with an employee at the place where I thought I might have left it...and I suddenly feel poking in my back, smack in the middle of the fresh wound. I mean, wow. Ouch. Rather severe pain. It was an instantaneous reaction, I turned and smacked the offender hitting her in the arm. Complete stranger. She gets all offended and asks what the hell is wrong with me, do I have intimacy issues or something?

Intimacy? Intimacy My objection to a complete stranger poking me in the back (not to mention in a spot that hurts like hell) is an intimacy issue in what bizarro universe???)

The guy with her then said "Now how many times have I told you that that's going to get you smacked someday? Maybe you'll listen now." I turned to walk away, and as I did, I heard her saying "Well, clearly she's the one with problems."

*Sigh* Lady, one of these days that's going to get you a lot worse than smacked in the arm. It wasn't just like an "Excuse me I'm trying to get your attention" light tap. It was a fairly hard finger-poking. it would have been unpleasant even without a less-than-24-hour-old tattoo.

I'm assuming it was a tattoo thing though I don't know for sure. Seriously, I'm used to people commenting and asking questions about it at this point. I'm fine with it. I probably recite a translation of the text five or six times a day, and people ask questions all the time. Have at it. If you're trying to get my attention and I'm not hearing you, a polite tap is fine- though most people I know tap lightly on a shoulder, whatever.

This is kinda like the whole thing with random people coming up and stroking my hair back when I first started dying it fuschia. I'm a pretty touchy-feely person, sometimes more sometimes less depending on person/s and context but yeah, random people on a bus playing with my hair? Not so much. Random strangers poking at me? Same. tattoo is done. It just needs to heal now. It's all green and stuff. I am happy that I have it, happy that it is done. Will post pictures as soon as I can get some taken.
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I now have an appointment at the tattoo museum to get my tree finished, next Friday at noon. it will probably take close to 2 hours to finish...doing an hour the last time was rough, this oughta adventure.

Yes, I know, I'm the one paying them by the hour to inflict pain on me. It will be worth it when finished.

The good thing is that I won't be able to get any more tattoos on my spine after this :-P
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I woke up from sleeping this afternoon. With a sore back. Not just the sunburn-y feel that I've experienced before. There is that...but it hurts more than that. It's like a deep muscle ache down the middle of my back. This is what I expected yesterday. And it's scabbed over, completely solid already.

It's hardly unbearable, I'm not complaining, just reporting the status of things. The delayed reaction is a little weird.
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Got some tattoo work done today. Roughly half the tree is complete, with 1-2 hours worth of work to go.

(I can't say it enough. If you want a tattoo, go to the Baltimore Tattoo Museum. Dave Sobel is Teh Awesome. (The other artists have some awesome portfolios too. There was one there today that I'd never seen before with some gorgeous stuff.) I still can't get over the fact that he said my work would cost between $800-900 when all was said and done, and I've only got 1-2 hours yet to go and have only spent $300 so far. And the work is good, as you've probably seen from the pictures I posted last week. Looks even better in real life.)

But anyway, I was an hour under the needles today. It hurt a lot worse in a lot of spots than any of the previous work. But that's what you get I guess when you've got needles going over and over and over and over right across your spine. (Then again in some spots, I felt no pain, only the vibration of the gun going through my entire nervous system) But some places...especially the trunk of the tree, which he did rather quickly and aggressively...yeeeeeeouch. During my past appointments, I've not made a single sound while being worked on, except for the time that my back cramped and I had to tell him to stop for a minute. This time, there were quite a few squeaks and other minor expressions of pain.

Perhaps as a trade-off, I dunno...but previously, the inked areas would hurt for a few solid days afterwards. This time it stopped hurting almost immediately. If I press on the area, it feels a, maybe very slightly more sensitive than normal, but doesn't hurt.

Also, when I first got the outline done, while he was working and afterwards, I was feeling very....out of it. Like, half delirious or something. I was feeling a lot more conscious this time, probably because it hurt a lot more, but was surprised when I sat up to find that I felt very much like I did the first time (this didn't happen when I got the text done, I was straddling a chair and my arms kept falling asleep because it wasn't the best chair back for arm resting.)

Interestingly, just after he started working, some song came on the stereo. I couldn't tell you what it was or who it was, just that there was a line in the chorus that said something about dust on a cypress tree.

Speaking of cypress, Yankee candles make a Mediterranean Cypress candle now. Smells sooooo good. I got one on Saturday night after I was finished with Grove stuff. And stuck it on my altar. I've been burning it at night before I go to bed. Funny, you know how jar candles build up soot around the rim? Not a trace on this one yet- if it weren't for the black wick and the change in shade where the wax stopped melting, you'd never know it had been burned at all.

So after the appointment, I came home and took the covering off my back and laid down in attempt to take a nap. I never did fall asleep, but I had a wonderful hour and a half in that semi-conscious, not quite sleeping state.

Now I'm at work. I had Chinese food for dinner. That is all. Oh fortune cookie says "You look very pretty." awwwww. (Still not as good as "Maybe some day you can live on the moon." Best fortune ever)
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Okay...this is my first tattoo, on my left shoulder blade, the Chinese character for fire:

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

the other pictures are a bit bigger. Includes bonus praying mantis picture! )
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Well, after Chelle's comment about my tattoo being such a huge potential conversation piece at the wedding, I've had some thoughts.

Mom and Mike wanted to know what it meant, they didn't press for further details when I said that it was an ancient Greek prayer. If others do ask for a translation at the wedding, I was thinking about making up a "translation" of some little prayer for inspiration or somesuch.

On one hand...what is going to give me the least headache and hold the least potential to cause a stir?

On the other, do I really want to lie? Yes, I thought about all this in general well before getting ancient Greek scrawled on my back. Yes, I signed up and paid for this, and this is a situational thing.

And on all counts, frankly, I hope that people just remember that it's a wedding, and not my wedding, and maybe just ignore what's written on my back for the day.

Though at this point I've decided, any other time, no question about it I'd tell the truth. I guess I'm still deciding what I'll do, and probably won't decide til I'm faced with the question. That's probably the best way to leave it right now.

I'm not that hung up on iut, so no worries, advice not required. Just musing here.
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My sister is an idiot.

Seriously, do you have any idea how many headaches could have been avoided?

She told me that the dress matched her kitchen wall.

It doesn't. It's pink. Freakin' pale pink. I have a shirt in the same shade. Why on earth didn't she just say this?

But anyway, The dress is ok. We went shoe shopping. I got the first pair of shoes I looked at. I'm happy that Chelle didn't really care what shoes I got because they're technically sneakers...

The dress is floor-length, so they won't be seen, and I'd wear these again. And they were on sale for less than $20. And they're comfortable.

One thing did happen yesterday when we got up here...we went to Chelle's house, and at one point, I was standing with my back to her, she suddenly screeches "Holy shit!" loud enough to wake the dead in Zimbabwe.

Somehow "You know I have a tattoo across my shoulders and down my back." translated in her mind to "I'm going to be getting a tattoo sometime after the wedding."

Um...if I was doing it after the wedding, why would I have even bothered to discuss it with her?

So my mom's all "Couldn't you have waited until after the wedding?" And my response was "Hey, we discussed it, she said she didn't care."

And Chelle's was "Werll, you can't really remove it." Though I know that she was contemplating how she might devise a way to talk me into wearing makeup to cover it up.

And I just said "Oh well, it's there. People are gonna see it." And she said "Well, it'll give them somethign to talk about."

If all people can talk about at this wedding is my tattoo, there's something wrong.

Okay, while I'm still here, before I go over to York, I'm going to run down to the Red Rose Tasting Room and grab a bottle of wine.

Oh, My, God. I will NEVER have a beagle.
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My sister's wedding is a month and a half away. And what am I most worried about?

The tattoo thing. Well, not so worried but Trying to figure out what I'll tell people when they ask. And they will ask. Dress has a low-cut back, and my family arenot the sort of people to ignore stuff scrawled across a family member's flesh. My stepfather will comment. Loudly and frequently. He had (to take a phrase from my mom) ten French fits when he saw my first one...six months after I got it. And that's not much bigger than a silver dollar. Uncle Randy will make all kinds of comments about it being some sort of Satanic spell. Samantha will announce to the world that she wants one just like it (along with pink hair). Mumsie will demand to know what it means. And while the truth is easy, simple and makes perfect sense it will raise more questions than Ill feel like discussing that weekend. (Yeah's a hymn to this god that i worship...)

Of course...I could always pretend I don't know what they're talking about and tell them they must be hallucinating. That could be entertaining. At least for a minute or two.

Tattoo? Tree? On my back? Isn't it a little early in the day to be hitting the bar so hard?

Oh hell, I thought of something worse. Receiving line. I have to stand in a freakin' receiving line. In a mauve dress.

I am so getting ballet flats. Chelle had better not have any grand plans to get me into dress heels. I will not endure physical pain. And I can't remember the last time I saw a pair of wedding-appropriate heels that I would be willing to wear. This is not a matter of aesthetics. I will only wear heeled shoes if the heels have a certain thickness. The sort of heels that I'm talking about tend not to occur on dressy shoes. (Damn. I wish I still had my red platform sandals. I wouldn't wear them for the wedding, I just really REALLY wish I still had them. Cause there's just nothing like a 6'2" Fuego.) While I have never injured myself while wearing high heels, I have a certain amount of paranoia concerning my ankles. I've sprained both of them too many times and I'd really prefer not to ever do that again. I'd rather have one run over by a car.

No, seriously. The Mustang running over my ankle hurt considerably less than any of the times I've ever sprained one.

And yesterday, I got a sketchpad and some drawing pencils (the all-graphite, no-wood, really heavy kind) and today whilst tethered to my desk, I started sketching a bit.

Methinks that butterfly wings with knives jutting out all over will be easier to draw than I previously thought. If only I could decide on the precise shape of the wings themselves. Well, I can decide...but I haven't really been able to draw them. They keep looking like crescent moons.

And last night, I found myself made the leader of the Interfaith Fairness Coalition's Gay Pride Week Interfaith Service Sub-Committee. (Yeah, you know what they say, the longer the title, the less important the job) Well, it sorta happened by default. One person has too many health problems, the other is on our little sub-committee in a specific, limited capacity.

Lucky for me, that specific, limited capacity involves him doing a large chunk of the work. And someone else has volunteered to do another large chunk of work. (It's not that I wouldn't be willing to do any of it, I just don't have the information necessary. Or free weekdays. So I get to um...think of a theme or something? I think it also involves some public speaking on my part the day of.

I've always wanted to be a figurehead. (Or not, really. I just felt like saying "figurehead".)

Looks like the weather is slowly starting to improve. All I gotta say is hell if I'm leading another ritual through gale-force winds a la Samhain or torrential downpours much like Midsummer.

I'm difficult like that.

Uhg. It's 10? I need to charge my ipod. I should go to sleep a bit earlier than I have the last 2 nights. Hopefully I'll sleep a full night.

Speaking of next week, I still have to write stuff. Invocations. Seasonal lore. Meditation. And the last couple of pieces of my blasted DP. I've got my dedicant's oath somewhat figured out. I keep forgetting that I have my book reviews mostly-written. I just have to get them off of the cd they're on.
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The tattoo has scabbed.

It's funny, I can run my fingers over it and know which part I'm feeling.
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My back actually hurts a bit more than yesterday. Only slightly though. And it didn't hurt badly yesterday either. I have a tree on my back. Heehee.

I am going to a weekend intensive class in VA on Saturday and Sunday led by Isaac Bonewits, sponsored by a group called Mannaheim. It should be interesting. I wasn't going to go- though I wanted to when I first heard of it a few weeks ago but a sudden twist in the last two days has made it possible. Caryn, Jesse, Nicole, Jack and I are all going.

[ profile] dcnblus, you can ignore the message that I left you last night. Dominic was working on The Evil for a better chunk of yesterday and well into the night and seems to have eradicated whatever was going on.

I must say, at the moment I'm happy to have a geek in my house with time on his hands because I really didn't feel like dealing with whatever The Evil was doing.
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As of last night, I now have the outline of a cypress tree etched into my back.

It didn't hurt nearly as much as I expected. I wasn't quite expecting to sometimes feel the buzz of the tattoo gun all the way down in my fingers, that was weird. The most painful part was actually getting a cramp in my back. (For those of you that don't know, I tend to flinch or jump when someone touches my back. Not really a good thing when someone's scratching ink into your skin. I did let the artist know about that ahead of time. It took a lot not to flinch sometimes, but instead, I would kinda tense up the muscle where he was working. I also know that people say not to do that because it'll make it hurt worse, but it actually hurt less when I tensed the muscle. Anyway, The only problem was that at one point, I think he got a little too close to a nerve right at the same time as I was tensing up the muscle on the one side of my back and it suddenly cramped up. I had to ask him to stop, and it took a minute or two for the cramp to release, but once it did, I was fine.)

I wish I knew what music they were playing while I was in the shop. It wasn't the music that I would have picked if it were my choice, but there was one song towards the end that I don't really remember anything about except for this really driving guitar intro that was amazing.

When all was said and done, I was a little bit out of it when I got up from the table, in a bit of a fog.

I didn't have time to grab anyhting for dinner between work and going to get the work done, so when I got home, I decided that I really wanted Philly rolls and spring rolls from I went over there and got some for dinner and while I was there, I found a flyer for a dance studio that I've never heard of offering evening dance classes. Bellydance on monday evenings and Afro-Modern fusion on Thursdays staring on the 22nd.

Well, I do believe I said that I wanted to start taking bellydance classes again this year. And that I wanted to try to do that by February. $12 drop-in per class, $89 for a 10-class pass or $115 for access to all classes in the session (that includes the African-modern, the bellydance, plus one other class that I wouldn't be able to make it to because I wouldn't be off work on time.

Unfortunately, I would not be able to fork over the chunk of money required for a full-session or 10-class card, but I could do $24/week for two classes easily. If I cut out some unneeded spending, it wouldn't even make an impact in my overall spending. Actually...I think I could maybe cut out more unneeded spending than the cost of the classes, which would be even better....

Edit: Next tattoo appointment is 2/11 to do the text. Found out that Dave does work every other Sunday so I'm not totaly at the mercy of work schedule...


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