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On Tuesday evening, I was walking to the train to go to work. From where I was to the nearest train stop was about a twenty-minute walk. When I had last glanced out a window before leaving where I was, the sky was clear with jsut a few clouds. In the twenty minutes or so from that point until I got outside, the sky had suddenly become heavy with very dark, ominous clouds- large patches of a very green tint to many of them suggested strong tornado potential- though that didn't bother me too much, since it is a fairly rare thing for tornadoes to touch down within large cities. The clouds though were pretty impressive. I tried to take some pictures with my cell phone camera but they didn't come out very well. There was this one large swirl of clouds that curved across the sky like an immense, sweeping arm- that and another cloud formation that I can't really easily describe also looked like strong indicators of tornado potential.

But beyond that...well, I've never really gotten a sense of Zeus before, and I had this sudden "knowing" that he was behind all this- it didn't feel anything like what I feel in the presence of the gods that are more familar to me, like Apollo, Hermes or Dionysus- I can only really describe it as feeling as if there was a distant, over-arching sentience to the sky, and one of the thoughts I had was that the long, sweeping arm of clouds that I saw was one of Zeus's arms.

The last stretch of my walk to the train stop took me down a long, winding hill which was rather busy with traffic at the time, and rain was starting to fall and I didn't have an umbrella on me, and REALLY didn't want to be stuck out in the sort of rain that was on the way. So I did the best thing I could think of- I had a drink in my backpack side pocket, pulled that out, and poured a bit out, asking him to let me get to the train stop- or at the very least to the bridge before it (the walk to that train stop takes me under a raised section of Interstate 83 and over a stream it's pretty cool, so that's either six or eight lanes of highway there, can't remember exactly- provides considerable shelter. I was about a hundred feet from there when the rain started to get heavier and just made it as it really started pouring. Thankfully, l I only had to wait a few minutes before it let up and I could continue to the train stop, another fifty yards away or so. Thunder, lightning and the occasional splatter of rain continued and trains going in my direction were rather heavily delayed for reasons unknown to me, but only for a brief few minutes did I have to duck under an overhang again, and for a decent chunk of the time, I was able to talk to Gavin on the phone. Unfortunately, while I was sitting at the train stop, most of this had left my head on all but a very basic intellectual level and in the midst of training a new guy at work and being ridiculously tired for a few days, I forgot about all this until I was on my way back to work this gorgeous, sunny afternoon, and I wrote this:

Hail Zeus, Labrandeus, whose furious storms race across the sky!
Hail Zeus, Skotitos, whose swirling clouds gather and darken the sky!
Hail Zeus, Keraunios whose crashing thunder echoes through the sky!
Hail Zeus, Astrapaios whose flash of lightning tears the sky!
Hail Zeus, Ombrios whose falling rain pours down from the sky!
Hail Zeus, Euenemos whose fair winds come again to clear the sky!
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So it's apparently 65 degrees out, according to the weather channel website. Wow.

In other news, I feel a good rant coming on. Look for it later tonight. (Something on a forum a few minutes ago pressed the rant button. Yay soapbox issues!)
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It would be nice if I could sleep at work between shifts on Thursdays...on the cold ones at least. 23 degrees in Hunt Valley *shudder*

If I *really* wanted to I could, Uhg.
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Weather is crazy. It's 32 and snowing now (looks like it wont be for much longer though). Tomorrow will be in the mid 30's and sunny. The next day in the 40's...then in the 50's for the next week, except Monday when it's forecasted to be in the mid 60's.
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We WOULD be getting 35 MPH winds on the day I'm going to the eye doctor, wouldn't we?

Someone turn off the damned fan! *shakes fist*
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The wind is a little excessive tonight.

If I need to hands to control my umbrella, it's too much.

If I have trouble controlling my umbrella with two hands, that's ridiculous. My umbrella turned inside out tonight. Twice. And it's one of those anti-inside-out ones with the double layer ventig to prevent such a thing (I know it doesn't make them completely turn-proof, but it makes it so much less likely. I've had one of those for about a year now and this is the first it's happened.)
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I woke up earlier to the sound of thunder. Almost completely without pause for several minutes. And the flash of lightning. Drifted in and out of sleep for a bit, and it got closer until it was a series of deafening cracks.

Yeah, that storm was centered right over my neighborhood. It was impressive. I watched it from my bed. Heavy, pelting rain, hail, thunder and lightning that just didn't stop til the storm passed.

I wonder if it did anything for the humidity, which was literally nauseating this morning.

edit: According to the weather channel, it did a good bit. Dunno about the humidity but the temperature is only 84 degrees, feels like 87. Sounds like a drastic improvement from 8 this morning when I thought I was going to be sick walking out of my office.

Someone got fired in my department today for schedule adherance. I can't say I'm the least bit surprised. And literally half the department is on final warning for the same reason- seems they made an example of the worst offender and told the rest they're next in line. (No, I'm not one of those.) It's impressively disturbing. Of course people are complaining about it. They actually have to pay attention to their schedule adherence now or worry about getting fired.

*sigh* stupid people, it's work, not Romper Room. No, you really don't have a right to complain when you consistently take 20-25 minute breaks instead of 15 minute breaks and come in ten minutes late 3 out of five days.

So around 3 in the morning, one of our operations managers, Chuck decides to come and visit. There's only me and one other person there at that time of the night, and we were a bit confused to see him. Apparently he lives just down the road from the office and is a chronic insomniac so he decided to come in and see what we actually do in the middle of the night. it was uneventful. He pulled up a chair and chitchatted a bit, asked us about the job and all that fun stuff. He was extremely amused to see me knitting and let us know that if we ever needed anything in the middle of the night, we could just give him a call. He attempted to give Tony his monthly review so Rich didn't have to stay til after midnight on Friday but couldn't access it. But he did tell us what our bonuses for this month would be. Mine is exactly what I expected it to be so I'm happy. Chuck's relatively new to the office and I like him a lot more than our other OM...she just creeps me out, and it was pretty cool that he bothered to come in and see what we were doing at 3am, and said he would probably do so every few weeks or so.
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Hunt Valley smells like gingerbread tonight. Which is a far site better than some of the odors that emanate from McCormick from time to time.

On a slightly less pleasant note...uhg, it's steamy and sticky and just plain...ick.
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It was starting to rain when I left for work, so I grabbed my umbrella.

By the time I got to Hunt Valley, there was nary a shred of cloud in the sky.

Go figure.
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Sooooo happy.

When I went to bed last night, the sky was clear. Clear!!! Witch only a few cursory clouds breezing by.

And it was quiet. My windows rattled very slightly once or twice and then not another sound. I didn't wake up once til about 5am. Fell back to sleep right away for another two hours.

It's sunny out and I did not wear a coat today.

And I'm taking the fire staff to Trillium this weekend. *dances*
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My sister's wedding is a month and a half away. And what am I most worried about?

The tattoo thing. Well, not so worried but Trying to figure out what I'll tell people when they ask. And they will ask. Dress has a low-cut back, and my family arenot the sort of people to ignore stuff scrawled across a family member's flesh. My stepfather will comment. Loudly and frequently. He had (to take a phrase from my mom) ten French fits when he saw my first one...six months after I got it. And that's not much bigger than a silver dollar. Uncle Randy will make all kinds of comments about it being some sort of Satanic spell. Samantha will announce to the world that she wants one just like it (along with pink hair). Mumsie will demand to know what it means. And while the truth is easy, simple and makes perfect sense it will raise more questions than Ill feel like discussing that weekend. (Yeah's a hymn to this god that i worship...)

Of course...I could always pretend I don't know what they're talking about and tell them they must be hallucinating. That could be entertaining. At least for a minute or two.

Tattoo? Tree? On my back? Isn't it a little early in the day to be hitting the bar so hard?

Oh hell, I thought of something worse. Receiving line. I have to stand in a freakin' receiving line. In a mauve dress.

I am so getting ballet flats. Chelle had better not have any grand plans to get me into dress heels. I will not endure physical pain. And I can't remember the last time I saw a pair of wedding-appropriate heels that I would be willing to wear. This is not a matter of aesthetics. I will only wear heeled shoes if the heels have a certain thickness. The sort of heels that I'm talking about tend not to occur on dressy shoes. (Damn. I wish I still had my red platform sandals. I wouldn't wear them for the wedding, I just really REALLY wish I still had them. Cause there's just nothing like a 6'2" Fuego.) While I have never injured myself while wearing high heels, I have a certain amount of paranoia concerning my ankles. I've sprained both of them too many times and I'd really prefer not to ever do that again. I'd rather have one run over by a car.

No, seriously. The Mustang running over my ankle hurt considerably less than any of the times I've ever sprained one.

And yesterday, I got a sketchpad and some drawing pencils (the all-graphite, no-wood, really heavy kind) and today whilst tethered to my desk, I started sketching a bit.

Methinks that butterfly wings with knives jutting out all over will be easier to draw than I previously thought. If only I could decide on the precise shape of the wings themselves. Well, I can decide...but I haven't really been able to draw them. They keep looking like crescent moons.

And last night, I found myself made the leader of the Interfaith Fairness Coalition's Gay Pride Week Interfaith Service Sub-Committee. (Yeah, you know what they say, the longer the title, the less important the job) Well, it sorta happened by default. One person has too many health problems, the other is on our little sub-committee in a specific, limited capacity.

Lucky for me, that specific, limited capacity involves him doing a large chunk of the work. And someone else has volunteered to do another large chunk of work. (It's not that I wouldn't be willing to do any of it, I just don't have the information necessary. Or free weekdays. So I get to um...think of a theme or something? I think it also involves some public speaking on my part the day of.

I've always wanted to be a figurehead. (Or not, really. I just felt like saying "figurehead".)

Looks like the weather is slowly starting to improve. All I gotta say is hell if I'm leading another ritual through gale-force winds a la Samhain or torrential downpours much like Midsummer.

I'm difficult like that.

Uhg. It's 10? I need to charge my ipod. I should go to sleep a bit earlier than I have the last 2 nights. Hopefully I'll sleep a full night.

Speaking of next week, I still have to write stuff. Invocations. Seasonal lore. Meditation. And the last couple of pieces of my blasted DP. I've got my dedicant's oath somewhat figured out. I keep forgetting that I have my book reviews mostly-written. I just have to get them off of the cd they're on.


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