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On Tuesday evening, I was walking to the train to go to work. From where I was to the nearest train stop was about a twenty-minute walk. When I had last glanced out a window before leaving where I was, the sky was clear with jsut a few clouds. In the twenty minutes or so from that point until I got outside, the sky had suddenly become heavy with very dark, ominous clouds- large patches of a very green tint to many of them suggested strong tornado potential- though that didn't bother me too much, since it is a fairly rare thing for tornadoes to touch down within large cities. The clouds though were pretty impressive. I tried to take some pictures with my cell phone camera but they didn't come out very well. There was this one large swirl of clouds that curved across the sky like an immense, sweeping arm- that and another cloud formation that I can't really easily describe also looked like strong indicators of tornado potential.

But beyond that...well, I've never really gotten a sense of Zeus before, and I had this sudden "knowing" that he was behind all this- it didn't feel anything like what I feel in the presence of the gods that are more familar to me, like Apollo, Hermes or Dionysus- I can only really describe it as feeling as if there was a distant, over-arching sentience to the sky, and one of the thoughts I had was that the long, sweeping arm of clouds that I saw was one of Zeus's arms.

The last stretch of my walk to the train stop took me down a long, winding hill which was rather busy with traffic at the time, and rain was starting to fall and I didn't have an umbrella on me, and REALLY didn't want to be stuck out in the sort of rain that was on the way. So I did the best thing I could think of- I had a drink in my backpack side pocket, pulled that out, and poured a bit out, asking him to let me get to the train stop- or at the very least to the bridge before it (the walk to that train stop takes me under a raised section of Interstate 83 and over a stream it's pretty cool, so that's either six or eight lanes of highway there, can't remember exactly- provides considerable shelter. I was about a hundred feet from there when the rain started to get heavier and just made it as it really started pouring. Thankfully, l I only had to wait a few minutes before it let up and I could continue to the train stop, another fifty yards away or so. Thunder, lightning and the occasional splatter of rain continued and trains going in my direction were rather heavily delayed for reasons unknown to me, but only for a brief few minutes did I have to duck under an overhang again, and for a decent chunk of the time, I was able to talk to Gavin on the phone. Unfortunately, while I was sitting at the train stop, most of this had left my head on all but a very basic intellectual level and in the midst of training a new guy at work and being ridiculously tired for a few days, I forgot about all this until I was on my way back to work this gorgeous, sunny afternoon, and I wrote this:

Hail Zeus, Labrandeus, whose furious storms race across the sky!
Hail Zeus, Skotitos, whose swirling clouds gather and darken the sky!
Hail Zeus, Keraunios whose crashing thunder echoes through the sky!
Hail Zeus, Astrapaios whose flash of lightning tears the sky!
Hail Zeus, Ombrios whose falling rain pours down from the sky!
Hail Zeus, Euenemos whose fair winds come again to clear the sky!
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Well, I got back into Baltimore last night, an hour and a half early, but still with a delayed flight.

So, sadly, Colorado was mostly boring. I was insanely tired no matter how much I slept and in the end, the class material ran about 600 pages. I couldn't even get away form it when I slept- ever night, I dreamed of standards and protocols- Asymetrical Transfer Mode in particular. On the upside, information that I dreamed of was correct to the best of my memory, so I guess it's an indication that I was absorbing the information and remembering it?

The one fun part was Thursday night when I got to meet [ profile] georgiamagnolia for coffee. We swapped amusing stories for a while before I had to go back to the hotel and get ready to check out in the morning.

I had called the airline thursday night to see if there was a flight earlier than mine- 640 PM, getting into Baltimore at 1155pm. Class was going to be out at about noon, I didn't feel like waiting for seven hours. The airline said there was a direct flight at 235, and one requiring a plane change in Chicago leaving at 325, getting into Baltimore at 1035. Thursday night, there were still plenty of seats left on both flights. I wanted to change my reservation then and there, but I wasn't completely sure that I would get to the airport on time. I wish now that I'd changed it.

I got checked in before 1pm, the flight was full and over by two people, so the ticketing agent put me on standby and seemed pretty certain that I would still be able to get on the flight. I got through security pretty quickly and to the gate. Unfortunately, everyone who bought a ticket checked in and they denied boarding to a ticketed passenger. So they gave me the gate for the next flight and transferred me to it- the flight was only about 2/3 full to Chicago and the flight to Baltimore was even emptier.

Got to the gate, got checked in. Suddenly there were a whole lot of people lining up, and an announcement that the flight would be delayed. Of course. It had to happen. All these people lining up were en route to Chicago on another plane that landed due to mechanical issues. Fast forward through the airplane gate minutiae, I did get on the plane, it landed in plenty of time for me to get to the gate for the flight to Baltimore, get a boarding pass (the agent couldn't figure out why they didn't give me one in Denver all the way to Baltimore) and then go and get a Chicago postcard. Flight landed in BWI, where I was met by [ profile] chironcentaur and [ profile] dcnblus, got my bag from the baggage check (they had sent it on the 235 flight) and we went home, and before too long, Gavin and I were sleeping.

I was so happy to be home except for one thing- our heating isn't working. It's been alternately working and not working for a few weeks now. Every time we call the landlord, he does something, it starts working again, then stops again. This past week it wasn't working again. I called Bill, let him know what was going on, he brought up a space heater, though Gavin waiting to use it. We plugged it in and turned it on last night, and the lights started flickering- brighter and dimmer every 2-3 minutes, and the fan running in the room for white noise got louder and softer.

This evening, we went out for some groceries and on the way out, talked to our downstairs neighbor. She says that these issues have always existed, and she's lived here for five years. It's an old building, so no real surprise there. Came back home and turned on the kitchen light to make some dinner...damned if the light bulb didn't blow. Gavin found another light bulb, and replaced the blown one. When she flipped the switch to turn on the light again, it didn't turn on. Instead, the lights in the dining room and the hallway dimmed to the point that there was just a bit of glowing in the base of the light bulb. She flipped the switch off and those lights came back on. Flipped it on one more time and the same thing happened...only this time, smoke started coming from the kitchen light and we heard sizzling. Turned it off immediately and didn't touch it again.

I immediately called the landlord and left a message asking him to get back to me as soon as possible. He called me back within a few minutes, I gave him the story and well, he was understandably not happy to hear it. So...he's going to be out tomorrow morning to check it out.

*Sigh* Why can't things just work? Things just worked at the house on Calvert street. Then we moved out to the ghetto and back and there have been problems since. At least this landlord is trying to fix things, unlike the last place.
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So...nothing is carved in stone, but it looks like I'm very possibly going to be sent for my CVE certification training towards the end of October. Ahmed asked me tonight if I wanted to go to California. I said I'd never been to California. He thinks that's where the October training class is held.

I'm not entirely sure, but I think it happens in Milpitas- I'm about 99% sure it's somewhere around the San Jose area. And he said he thought it's the week of October 22nd.

Any of you wacky Califonians on my friends list in that area? If it's the case and I go to California in October, I'll be there from Sunday through Friday. I'll be in classes until 4 or 5pm every day, evenings are for studying...but I'll need to get dinner sometime, so if anyone is interested in keeping that possibility in mind....

More details when I have them.

My first ever business trip. Woohoo :-P
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I just woke up about 40 minutes ago (I was up til after 6 this morning. I expected to be up late, but didn't expect to be up quite THAT late.)

So I did some ritual work last night. Started around midnight. I actually didn't do everything I wanted to do, but I think the part that I didn't get to should have been its own ritual in another time anyway, and will likely take up more than two hours in and of itself.

I worked in three parts, each essentially a self-contained ritual in and of itself for Hermes Dionysus and Apollo.

For each, I lit some incense, made some offerings, settled in for some mediation and afterwards, did some divination using tarot.

Hermes has still been around, but quiet. Off to the side, just see him in the corner of my eye, so to speak. My meditation turned into a bit of a berating "Dammit, you know exactly why I'm here now are you going to get on with it or not?" (Ya, I know what he's suggesting. What I don't know- not entirely anyway- is why it's coming from him and not someone else. Oh, I also don't for sure know what I'm going to do about it.)

I offered (and drank) some wine for Dionysus. I'm still getting used to the fact that I feel even just a single sip of wine in my system, the second I swallow it, when I drink it in this context. And it's not like a drunk or even tipsy feeling, but like a mild electrical jolt to my entire body and a sort of hyper-awareness of my surroundings. I'm not sure if I'm surprised or not that the card that turned up in reference to current happenings with Dionysus is the death card. Interesting enough, the moon turned up in all three instances in the same place in reference to the future. (I shuffled the cards well each time, I swear.)

Nothing out of the ordinary came up from Apollo (I wasn't expecting it either), much basking in the all-encompassing presence. More affirmation that I'm on the right track with the whole Apollo/Dionysus intertwining, whatever it is thing and that there's far more to come.

When I finally went to sleep, I only initially slept for maybe three hours in which I had a dream that I was doing the same ritual, had just finished the Dionysus bit, and was about to move onto Apollo when one of the roommates walked in and insisted on sitting in the room while I did this. I wanted to continue, I wanted it to not matter, but I couldn't. I woke up for a short time after that, and then fell back to sleep til after 2pm.

I'm going to make myself some food, and then clean up a few things around here. Gotta run to the store and pick up some cat litter and food so that Dominic can take care of the felines til Thursday. Going over to [ profile] pagandenma's sometime this evening for a cookie-baking marathon and will go to the grove from there tomorrow.

I should probably go ahead and pack my stuff to go to PA awhile too.
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Chelle's not doing Christmas at her house, apparently that was just Thanksgiving. My aunt Nadine is doing all day Christmas eve at her place. Now Ashlyn's going to be in Lancaster Sunday night to Monday afternoon and I'm trying to finagle seeing her somehow- and will probably only be able to do that Sunday night. and that all hinges on Mike (my brother Mike, that is) not being an ass. mom's working all day Christmas day, so I'm going to go over to Chelle's during the day..I guess that'll be my time to try and teach Samantha how to knit (Chelle bought her a kit some time ago thinking it was crochet for some reason, and thinking that she could figure it out herself. Chelle, it seems, was wrong. More likely, I'll be able to teach HER to knit and let her contend with Child. I'll have to take along some extra needles just in case.) Christmas night I may very well end up going to karaoke unless I decide I really want to spend the night bumming around Grandma Jane's by myself. (Not an entirely unattractive idea when compared to the alternative. But then on Christmas night, it will probably be really dead and not full of annoying people so who knows...I think they're working at a place close by the house so if it gets really bad, maybe I can just walk home. I'll try to see about seeing Kathy, Heather...someone, anyone on Wednesday morning before I leave to come back to Baltimore. We'll see I guess.
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Just changed my travel plans...I'm going up to PA on Sunday night instead of Monday afternoon.

Just found out that Mom's working all day Christmas day- bartending, then they have a karaoke show *grumble* and apparently there's not Christmas day at Chelle's which I swear I heard from three different people. guess I'll need to call Chelle to check on that.

Mom suggested that I spend Christmas day with my grandmother. I can barely spend an hour with her, I'm not spending the day with her.

Oh. And my mom decided to buy me clothing for my birthday and Christmas. The last time she did that, I swore she must have hated me because she bought me a velour track suit. I'm scared. I didn't expect her to have shopping done so soon and was going to tell give her a list of books, or ask her to just grab a Borders or Barnes and Noble gift card.

and in other news, Roland seems to have vanished into the aether...


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