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Question that came up from some discussion at the grove today...

Spiritual growth:

What personal responsibility does it bring with it?
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Does religion change you or does it bring to the surface things that were there but hidden?

Have we actually freely chosen to worship the god/s we do or have we chosen to answer their calling to us?

Does it matter?

I don't have a clue.
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If Fred Phelps et al are protesting funerals of soldiers because the millitary supposedly has a pro-gay position, or allows gays, or is protecting our country which harbors gays or whatever it is...why don't they protest at recruiting centers or millitary bases? Why only funerals?
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Here's how it works:

1. Leave me a comment saying, "Interview me."
2. I will respond by asking you five questions of a very intimate and creepily personal nature. Or not so creepy/personal.
3. You WILL update your LJ with the answers to the questions.
4. You will include this explanation and an offer to interview someone else in the post.
5. When others comment asking to be interviewed, you will ask them five questions.

1. you have well-thought-out ideas and opinions and such. ever thought of writing political/spiritual articles? like, for money and not lj? why or why not? and on a related note, what draws you to spiritual topics in general (and christian topics in particular, when you arent a christian)?

I've thought of writing stuff for other forums, heck, I've thought of writing books. It's a daunting thought...but actually, I think I may have started on somethign today for an article on another site. I need to gather some info first before I start ranting

As for what draws me to Chrisitan topics when I'm not Christian...well...

It's common. It's everywhere. I can't get away from it. Auuuuuugh! Ehm, yeah. But seriously. While I gave up trying to be a Christian myself when I was 19, it's still everywhere and while I don't have any plans to uh, reconvert? I do see many advantages in being able to discuss and understand where people are coming from. Even though I don't believe that Jesus is my Lord and Savior, there is a lot to be learned from Christianity, and from other religions as well. Christianity comes up a lot more often because...well, like I said, its everywhere. But I also have been trying to learn more about other religions also. I just borrowed these books from the Grove, How To Be a Perfect Stranger, which is sort of a cliff notes guide to the super-basics of the services and ceremonies of a lot of different religions (most of them are Christian sects, but not all)

For spiritual matters in general, I simply feel that that's what I am called to work on in this world. Sometimes it's a nudging or a tapping on the shoulder, other times it's a massive whack from the cosmic clue-by-four that makes me see stars.

And politics? No. I don't think I would write well for politics.

2. please remind me again why you liked texas. people all be tellin me 'dont judge it just because of the bushes.' but i cant help it and i want to spit whenever anyone mentions the state. help me out, luv!

i was happy there. I liked the city of Dallas, There was fun stuff to do. I had a lot of friends, I was far, far away from my family. People ddn't look at me funny cause I was weird. It was nice and warm in December. I took some really great classes, most of my professors just rocked the world. I got to DJ and work on the radio station I joined Alpha Phi Omega....should I go on?

3. tell me youre CRAZIEST/naughtiest pdf memory.

that assumes that I have a crazy or naughty PDF memory. PDF for me has mostly been "hang out with friends and play with fire" which is really quite happy and wonderful but not especially crazy or naughty.

4. where do you see yourself in, oh, ten years with your druid training program? what are you hoping it will lead to? do you look forward to herding your own little flock of pagans as they follow you about like cute (and tasty) ducklings?

Producing a "How To Be A Druid In Ten Easy Steps" CD-ROM set, complete with a Real Druid Cloak(TM) and making a kiling on the profits.

Just kidding about the cloak part.

No seriously, just kidding!

I don't know. I haven't seen the requirements and all the fun stuff that the clergy training program entails, so I can't even begin to estimate how long that might take me to work on. I'd like to think though, that i'll be finished with it in 10 years. I *hope* they're not folowing me around like ducklings? That could be inconvenient when I want to work on secret stuff like the sequel to my first best-selling CD-ROM kit, "How To Be A Master Druid In Ten Easy Steps" complete with Real Master Druid Cloak (TM).

Just kidding about the cloak!

5. what kind of wedding ceremony do you see yourself having? ok, step back... do you *want* a wedding ceremony? do you *want* to get married? ok, now, regardless of whether you want one or not, tell me what kind!! cause i'm sure it would be mad cool and involve lots of fun. and fire.

I have no idea if I want to get married. I have yet to meet anyone that I could even think of getting maried too. No, wait. There was one guy that I'd have married in a second if he'd have asked me. But i think that was infatuation and I haven't talked to him since before I moved to Baltimore, so....yeah.

Um...okay, I'll humor you. What sort of wedding would I have? Ummmmm.....ooh, ooh! I know! It would be at Disneyworld, at Cinderella's Castle and I'd be dressed up like Cinderella! And the guy would be all Prince Charming! yeah!

Oh, come could see it. No?

Okay, how about on the big staircase in the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC? It would be candlelit. Candles like whoa. And believe it or not, I actually know what dress I'd wear if I were to get married, at least I know what I like at this point in time, which is a coral-pink (yeah, I white. Everyone wears white. I'm such a rebel) 2-piece dress with a long, tafetta ballgown-type skirt and a fitted corset-style top. There wouldn't be able to be any fire I would imagine, but hey that's what the reception is for. The flowers would be bronze and yellow irises. The reception would be some big crazy warehouse party that lasted all weekend.

Weddings are the last thing on my mind, so yeah....
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Do not answer this question: If someone has never heard of Jesus, God, Chrisitanity, The Bible, they still go to hell for not being saved?

Okay...I'm not looking for an answer to this question.

Answer this question: Is this a valid question? If no, why not?

Just curious. Question prompted by a discussion had with someone in another community. I know that just about everyone I've talked to in the past thinks that it's a valid question to ask, no matter what they may believe the answer is. This would be the first person that I've ever talked to who's pretty much said "that isn't a valid question."

(ok, if you really want you can tell me what your thoughts on the first question are but what I'm really looking for is a yes or no to "is this a valid question?", and if you say no, then why you say so.
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Reading this story- safe for work. )got me thinking...again.

The ACLU. Does anyone think that sometimes maybe they really go too far? Like about a year and a half ago, they went and threatened to sue a city in CA (forget which city...yes, i'm being lazy at the moment) to remove an image of a mission building with a cross on top from the city's seal claiming it was a matter of Separation of Church and State. As I recall, it wasn't an issue that anyone had ever complained about. And an image of the Roman goddess Pomona stayed where she was, also on the seal. The city voluntarily changed the design rather than have a lawsuit. The mission building was a reference to some of the local history. But if the mission building with the cross had to go, why was the Roman goddess okay?

It seems that everywhere you turn around, the ACLU is suing someone over something. Now the article that I cut into this post has a lot of its facts insanely wrong. The Darla Wynne case was brought about because the town of Great Falls, SC would not allow opening prayer for town council meetings from anyone of a "minority religion", and they were quite insistent on praying in the name of Jesus. This particular resident wanted to offer another, general prayer but was denied on the basis of being "of a minority religion". There was one point in time where she was making a presentation or speaking at one of the meetinsgs...something like that...where she said she objected to the prayer...she was told to stand outside until the prayer was over...she did and then was not allowed to make the presentation because she was not in the room when the prayer was given and the meeting was opened. She sued, she won and the city appealed to higher courts.

This is the sort of thing that needs to be fought.

But little things...a city's seal with images that reference history? If nothing else, it's a ridiculously frivolous waste of taxpayers dollars for all of the instances in which the city would need to change their seal. ( thanks to the magic that is Wikipedia..the city is Redlands, CA. They also did the same to Los Angeles County. The Wikipedia article on the ACLU is quite informative.)

I really do wonder sometimes if they don't have people purposely looking for stuff to sue over as the article cut in above alleges.

So yeah...down with frivolous lawsuits. And while my personal opinion is that the writer of the above article is smoking some Really Good Crack (TM), he gives a point or two to think about.
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So I'm listening to Billy Joel. Specifically the song Keeping The Faith.

What in the hell are ditty-bop shades??????

Googling "ditty-bop shades" only returns sites with the lyrics for the song.
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why did they pick the "e" to be the silent letter at the end of words? who has this sort of authority? why don't we have silent a's at the end of words?
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Okay...this is an old topic, I know.

I'm not arguing a point here, there's something I'm very curious about.

I think TOE was mentioned once or twice very briefly in any class where the question might have come science, biology, etc...and it was "Some people believe in evolution in varying degrees, other people believe in creationism. Now we've mentioned it, we're going to put that one down and back carefully away and go about the business of dissecting frogs." As many of you know, this was in Lancaster County, PA where attempts to teach creationism would be expected.

Did anyone else not really learn anything about evolution in reference to the origins of the universe- at all- in school?

Note: I never actually dissected a frog either.
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I posted these questions to the ADF Druidry list...more stuff to think about. A little less practical than previous questions, but no less interesting...this is just copied and pasted from my email...

What's more important- actual experience, or the memory of an experience?
I was just thinking of the movie Blade Runner. The replicant Rachel doesn't know she's not human. She has memories of piano lessons, a spider outside her bedrom window, a picture of her with her mother when she was a little girl. This was what made her unique from the other replicants- memories and no defined lifespan. The memories were not real, but they were real to her.

Does my memory of the college classes I've taken and the things that I learned from them matter more than the fact that I actualy took those classes? In respect to teaching the lesson of not touching a hot stonve- does a child's memory of getting burned on a matter more, or the fact that he was actually burned?

If you believe in certain deities, or a certain what extent should you believe in their particular myths? Or is it okay if you see them as parables, metaphors or some other non-literal teaching tool?

If you had the chance to know the absolute truth about everything- how the world really came to being, how humans became humans, who or what really controls everything, does anyone actually already have it right... Would you take that chance? What if you had the chance to know the absolute truth about any one question- would you take it? What truth would you want to know?

Where do you draw the line between life and existance? Or is there a line?

What if the hokey pokey really is what it's all about? (Okay, now I'm just being silly.)
How many licks does it take to get to the tootsie roll center of a tootsie pop? (Sorry, couldn't resist...)
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(to be ransferred over to my other journal later)

-Why have you chosen to undertake the Dedicant Program? I joined ADF in September after being active with the Grove since January. It took me a while to decide if I was going to join or not, though I had known for some time that I wanted some sort of semi-structured approach to spiritual/religious study whereas there may be specific requirements to complete but there is not a required structure to the execution of said requirements. I just used some form of the word "require" far too many times. Essentially, ADF and the DP is what I have been looking for. Another, not at all insignificant reason is that I

-Is this a step on your path, or will this become the path itself? it is a path and it is a step on the path. there is only one journey. the end of one journey is only the first step on the next journey so they are all one.

-What do you expect to learn?

-What would you like to get out of this journey? specifically referring to the DP, what I would like to get out of this is a better understanding of myself and my connection to..well, the world. Nature, community, divinity

-Do you know where this path will take you? I know where I expect it to take me. I know where I hope for it to take me. I do not know that what I hope and expect is what will actually happen.

-If you have just joined ADF, why have you chosen to work on this immediately? See "Why have you chosen to undertake the Dedicant's Program"

-If you have been in ADF for a long time, why are you starting only now? n/a

-Does it look hard or easy? It looks hard and it looks easy. Part of me wants to jump at it, knowing that if I really wanted to, I could complete the requirements well above and beyond what is required in a matter of a week. I could crank out pages and pages of writing and I'd be finished with it.

I'm not doing that because it's not about "getting it done". It's about the doing and the learning and the taking the time.

Part of me sees the program as a whole, sees what needs to be done and while recognizing that the requirements themselves are easy in theory, the end result is a much bigger thing. This is very important to me...and therefore, somewhat intimidating and if I think a lot about it, a bit overwhelming.

-Which requirements appear to be difficult to you now, and which appear to be
easy? Yes. See "Does it look hard or easy?"

-Do you have doubts, questions, or concerns that you need to ask about? not at this time
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...meaning, in the sense that once you die, the ultimate destination is heaven, there is no progression past that. Be it Christian or some other idea of heaven.

If so...answer me this.

What do people do when they get to heaven? I understand the Christian idea of basking in God's love forever. But once you get there, do you just sit there and bask? Or Is it like being on the ultimate eternal vacation? Or is it like living another life where you have your familiy and a house and all that jazz, without the bad parts?

What do you think? Just curious.

No, no particular reason. Other than the fact that the thought occured to me a few days ago. The idea of reincarnation was brought up in some conversation, but I wondered what people believe happens who believe in an afterlife, but not reincarnation.
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Here's one to wrap your brains around...came across it on another web forum.

If the Bible were to be made into a movie/gigantic not-so-miniseries/ book to movie translation, line by line...

What would it be rated?
Would the sex and violence be decried as smut and gore? Or would it be okay cause it's the Bible in picture form?


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