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This prayer antenna was invented so as to better communicate with God. In other words, all you got to do is strap your head to one of these helmets while you're in the midst of prayer, and your thoughts will be broadcast more powerfully back and forth towards the Almighty. Do note that this helmet doesn't come with just one antenna, but many antennas so that one can access the omnipresent more readily.

This is just effing hilarious. I'm sure it's a joke, but I don't care. It's that funny.
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Amusing, short bit about runes and "Viking graffiti"

It doesn't give references for its information, so I can't speak of its authenticity, but it is amusing.
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First off...i posted this without reading completely clearly, but have sience edited my own comments appropriately. There's an article posted in the comments to this....this is not really as disturbing as I initially thought.
Second...I'm reasonably sure I have my HTML fixed., I don't but I give up. Every time I try to fix somehting, something else winds up all messed up. (That's what I getfor playing around in rich text instead of using HTML I guess.)

Is anyone able to get the full text of this article? Only the top graphics on the page will load for me, I think because of the pop-up blocker here in the office.

I see this much of it in an RSS feed:


Proponents of same-sex marriage have introduced an initiative that would put a whole new twist on traditional unions between men and women: It would require heterosexual couples to have kids within three years or else have their marriages annulled.

Initiative 957 was filed by the Washington Defense of Marriage Alliance, which was formed last summer after the state Supreme Court upheld Washington's ban on same-sex marriage. In that 5-4 ruling, the court found that state lawmakers were justified in passing the 1998 Defense of Marriage Act, which restricts marriage to unions between a man and woman.

Under I-957, marriage would be limited to men and women who are able to have children. Couples would be required to prove they can have children to get a marriage license, and if they did not have children within three years, their marriages would be subject to annulment.

All other marriages would be defined as "unrecognized" and people in them would be ineligible to receive any marriage benefits.

I think it's ludicrous to believe that anyhitng like this would be passed.'s scary that anyone should even be proposing it.  <lj user="blackpaladin"> has pointed out my oversight of the "Proponents of same-sex marriage" bit and <lj user="zahirablue"> posted a link to another version of the article on the same website that makes more sense...not quite so disturbing now.

Here's the text of the initiative: I cut it in case you don't want to visit the website. It's pretty long. )
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Does the character on this shirt actually mean "shirt"

If so, I think I want one.
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For [ profile] acousticdryad (And anyone else interested too.)

Encyclopedia of the Goddess Athena
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After work I am going to get my tattoo started. It's not very convenient to work til 530 in Hunt Valley and have an artist doing your work that only works weekdays, and only til 8pm in Fells Point. So this thing is going to be done an hour or two at a time. I would need to do that anyway though to spread out the cost.

So tonight he will be doing the outline of the tree, and if there is time, reworking the lines of my old tattoo (they just need to be evened out in spots, and the ones that need it are very small line segments.)

I'm somewhat nervous. My first tattoo was seven years ago now. I still remember how that one felt, but that one wasn't placed straight up the center of my back. I'm going to try not to think too much about it til the needle actually hits my skin tonight.

I haven't seen 24 since the first season, but I was in the room when it came on on Sunday nght, so I watched. And then I watched last night. The end of the second hour last night....damn. You know, I didn't think they'd actually do it.

Next week, Heroes starts again. But at the same time as 24. Gah. Okay, first of all I've just gotten hooked on 24 I think. I was already hooked on Heroes. But they air at the same time. (Good thing Nicole's taping 24 I guess.)

I think I'm used to watching TV again though there's not much that I'm interested in on other nights.

I must remember this site:
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Had a Grove budget meeting today which was actually reasonably painless as far as such things go. There were only 7 of us there and I think we all wanted to get through it all as quickly and smoothly as possible, I think we were there maybe 4 and a half hours. The only real sticking point was easily clarified and resolved. And I got copies of a CD by Gjallarhorn and one by Garmarna from Crystal. Yay! Oh, and my main mission (Having the Spring Equinox celebrated on the weekend of March 17th because I won't be in town the next weekend due to having to go to PA for Mica's wedding) was accomplished. This makes me happy. looks like there's a high possibility I'll be going to the Washington-Baltimore Plagan leadership Conference at the end of next month. I've been interested in this since I first heard of it, so I'm happy for the chance to go. (On a related note, it was a bit of an exciting thing at Yule to have been introduced to a rather large group of ritual attendees as one of the Grove's new liturgists.)

In keeping with the agreement of the Grove payig for the class that I took in October, I have to do a lore meeting/workshop/something on the ancient Greek and Roman religion. Gah, that means I have to decide what will be covered and make it fit into the time. I made up a little questionnaire to give to folks tomorrow and actually get an idea of what topics people care about listening to me blather on about.

I just slammed my aichilles tendon against the wheel of my chair. For those of you who have never done such a thing, it is an experience best avoided.

At some point I should consider sleep.

Random thought: it's headless and armless, but I love the Nike Of Samothrace statue.


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